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The following is a list of characters not important enough individually to be considered main characters. At least not yet. Though some have stayed on here since their "upgrade" due to not having character pages yet.

Republic City Police Department


  • Name: Chan
  • Description: Green eyes, round face with chubby cheeks and pronounced lips/nose, and dark side burns. Presumably balding, he has silver fillings in some of his front teeth.
  • Role: Cop, sergeant
  • Ethnicity: Earth Kingdom, Metalbender
  • Notes: Reads self-help books about improving specialized Earthbending skills. Has children, revealed in Book -1 to be (at the time) a mid-teenage boy and a preteen girl.
  • Chapters: Void=13, 18, 19 (mentioned), 24. Blood & Steel=7 (offscreen), 15, 16, 20, 22.

  • Name: Helen Barbatos
  • Description: Dark-skinned woman with red eyes and hair. Hair worn long. "Hawkish" facial expression.
  • Role: Cop, specialized in violent offenders.
  • Ethnicity: Earth & Fire, Metalbender
  • Etymology: Named for Helen of Troy and the demon Barbatos.
  • Notes: Frequently in trouble with internal affairs. Reputation for being aggressive with criminals.
  • Chapters: Void=11, 19. Grief=Main cast.

  • Name: Kane
  • Description: Slightly shorter than Euryale, brown hair cut just shy of his shoulders, face looks hard & angular like a rock carving.
  • Role: Cop, occasionally guards Thiera & Aroma when Euryale is unavailable.
  • Ethnicity: Earth, Metalbender
  • Etymology: The Biblical Cain.
  • Notes: Considered unfriendly by many--but not Euryale--as he frequently scowls & rarely speaks to coworkers.
  • Chapters: Void=4 (mentioned), 9, 19. Grief=Main.

  • Name: Dong
  • Description: Man in his 20's with brown eyes & auburn hair in a tight topknot.
  • Role: Cop, "paper-pusher"/low ranked Metalbending Officer
  • Ethnicity: Earth, Metalbender
  • Etymology: Chinese for "excellent," a typical name that takes on double-meaning due to his attitude, & yes the pun with the English slang term for a certain male organ is very much intentional. I like to keep things classy, here.
  • Notes: Arrogant, believes himself superior to non-metalbending personnel, but not very skilled in the art.
  • Chapters: Void=13, 24. Grief=Main.

  • Name: Kali
  • Ethnicity: Fire Nation, Firebender
  • Etymology: Named for her sticks and the Hindu goddess.
  • Description: Pale skin, brown eyes, and dark hair that's usually worn in a loose, frizzy ponytail.
  • Role: Cop.
  • Notes: Rather deadpan, laid-back attitude. In addition to more typical firebending techniques, she uses kali sticks that she can channel electricity through, which Amon eventually seizes and modifies for use by a nonbender.
  • Chapters: Void=24. Grief=Main.

  • Name: Lian
  • Description: Pale skin, lavendar eyes, and jet black hair, of an unknown style save for a curl peeking out from her helmet. Relatively thin for a metalbending officer.
  • Role: Cop, lieutenant.
  • Ethnicity: Unknown, Metalbender
  • Etymology: "Graceful willow."
  • Notes: Not much known.
  • Chapters: Void=24

  • Name: Sobek
  • Description: Blue eyed, round-faced young recruit with shaggy black hair.
  • Role: River Patrol Cadet
  • Ethnicity: Unknown Water Tribe heritage.
  • Notes: Works under Inspector Matsu.
  • Chapters: Blood & Steel=7, 10 (mentioned), 19. Grief=Main.

Other: Unknown metalbending officer with "bushy black eyebrows" who participated in the sting operation against the Purists Headquarters.


  • Name: Naakée
  • Description: About 5 feet tall, pale skin, black hair (short & messy in Void, straightened with wolftail & framed bangsi in Blood & Steel), blue eyes.
  • Role: Assistant Healer in the RCPD
  • Ethnicity: Water Tribe, Waterbender
  • Etymology: Name means "north" in Tlingit
  • Notes: Polite, eager to please bosses. Saanya's sister.
  • Chapters: Void=13, 21-22, 24. Blood & Steel=2. Grief=Main.

  • Name: Saanya
  • Description: About 5 feet tall, dark skin, black hair cut short and messy, blue eyes.
  • Role: Assistant Healer in the RCPD
  • Ethnicity: Water Tribe, Waterbender
  • Etymology: Name means "south" in Tlingit
  • Notes: Little known. Naakée's sister.
  • Chapters: Void=21-22, 24. Blood & Steel=2. Grief=Main.



  • Name: Vyanna
  • Description: About 5'4", light skin with blue eyes & black hair drawn into a ponytail. Has a burn scar on her face.
  • Role: 2nd in command
  • Ethnicity: Northern Water Tribe
  • Etymology: Derived from the Sanskrit word "vyana," a "vital air that causes the circulation of blood."
  • Notes: Fights with dual dao swords, concealed in the forearms of her sleeves. Burnt by a bank robber, lacked money for a face lift, & unceremoniously fired over her disfiguring. Met the Purist Leader while on the edge of Kyoshi Bridge.
  • Chapters: Void=13, 15, 17-19, 20 (mentioned), 21.
  • Trivia: Named "Vanessa" in some of my other stuff.

  • Name: Ivan
  • Description: Tall, sallow, blue eyes & dark hair in a turtleduck style.
  • Role: 3rd in command
  • Ethnicity: Unknown
  • Etymology: Apparently "Gracious gift from God," but I literally chose it on a whim.
  • Notes: Accomplished archer, formerly with the United Forces, master of the new "Firebow."
  • Chapters: Void=20 (mentioned), 21, 22, 23 (mentioned).
  • Trivia: He was supposed to have an "Asianized" name, like Vanessa-->Vyanna, but I forgot about it. Unlike her, he has no prior history in other works, he's just a guy I made up based loosely on a minor Bleach character (who was named Ivan, until Kubo apparently said it was supposed to be Ebern), whose style I felt fit the setting.

Others: J'nani, a young boy with a bowl cut, and Lee, a thus far unseen man who frequently plays the Leader's assistant.

Miscellaneous Trivia: Keen readers may notice that Amon's outfit is not exactly accurate to Book 1: Air...but may not catch that it's identical to his early appearance in promotional materials. The implication being that he updated his wardrobe to fit his new status once he formed the Equalists.

Red Monsoons

  • Name: Songak
  • Description: Initially appeared as a hulking man with blue eyes a great white mane, consistently described as looking like a talking polar bear dog. He's apparently fallen on hard times since then, & his flesh is thinning on his massive build.
  • Role: Exiled for trying to cheat the Voland casino.
  • Ethnicity: Mixed Water Tribe
  • Etymology: Random Water Tribey name.
  • Notes: As mean as he is big, dishonest & shrewd, though not enough in the end.
  • Chapters: Blood & Steel=3, 15 (mentioned)


  • Name: Hikari Hayashi
  • Description: A vision of a little girl who appeared to Aroma in the Spirit World.
  • Role: Presumed daughter of Purist Leader
  • Ethnicity: Presumed Kyoshi Islander
  • Etymology: 1st name "Light," 2nd name "Forest" in Japanese.
  • Notes: Much of this information based on Aroma's & Euryale's speculation.
  • Chapters: Void=10, 11 (mentioned), 18, 20 (mentioned), 24 (mentioned).

  • Name: Shānshén
  • Description: Seems like a gray wolf at first glance, but her front legs are replaced by 2 pairs of translucent white wings, the largest of which stretch to a span of at least 10 feet. Her tail is long & wispy, as if made of clouds.
  • Role: Spirit Guide
  • Type: Wolfdove
  • Etymology: Chinese for "mountain spirit."
  • Notes: Inhabits the Spirit World counterpart of the mountain range outside of Republic City, her task is to guide spirits that find themselves there to their proper destinations.
  • Chapters: BS=8, 9 (mentioned), 15 (mentioned), 21
  • Trivia: She's intended to have sort of a Native American feel to her design.

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