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The Legend of Korra


A series that looks at the lives of some of Republic City's inhabitants without focusing on the Avatar. Amount of stories depend on how many plotlines I feel I have time to complete and have something interesting to say. Said stories will not necessarily all be set in the same time period--for instance, some may be before the series while others are during, between seasons, or even after. Listed in release order, numbers denote chronological order, & also relationship to Legend of Korra's timeline. Currently includes:

Book 0: Void (虚), which starts 7 years before the Legend of Korra series and follows a nonbending healer, Aroma, who suffers from feelings of inadequacy. A chance encounter puts her at odds with the Purist Leader, also a nonbender, and exposes her to the dangers of Republic City's underground.

Book -1: Blood & Steel (血与钢), which starts 6 years prior to Book 0, but mostly takes place during the latter 3 years. Follows Euryale, who becomes a detective and tritagonist in Book 0, and Senthose, a Southern Water Tribe warrior who falls in with the Red Monsoons.

Book 0.5: Grief (悲伤), which starts a few weeks after the end of Book 0. Follows Thiera, previously the deuteragonist, as she and her friends try to cope with loss and arrest the remaining Purists. But they may soon discover that the monsters they know are always better than those they never even expected.

...As well as a few vignettes, which are described in the appropriately labeled table. Special thanks to Avatar Chi and a friend off-site for providing me with the Chinese characters and some other resources, as well as Tono555 for the character and chapter tables.


I release character pages whenever I feel that the lag between chapters is dragging particularly long. I avoid spoilers to a point, but it is not advised to read them if you are not caught up. Formatting is subject to change and the infobox colors don't necessarily match the characters' ethnicity. I couldn't keep up the lack of last names, so I apologize if anyone particularly liked that about Avatar.

The tables below may contain mild spoilers for the previous book(s), if applicable.

Republic City Renaissance Minor Characters


Note: "WT" stands for "working title," and denotes chapters not yet released.


The status of the upcoming installments, as well as the subscriber list.


Prequel updates: "The Felon" was added on 7/13/18, & is the penultimate chapter. It contains what I think is my best action scene yet. The final chapter will be uploaded probably just shy of a month from now. Once the climax is aired, I'll probably wait about a week to update the character pages. There may be one other thing after that before Grief continues, but we'll see.

Sequel updates: "Things Get Serious" was updated on 5/1/18, Chapter 8 is done, & Chapter 9 is about 1/3 complete.

General updates: I don't know why you'd read this on mobile, but if you are, I'm aware that it's not displaying properly & I have no idea how to fix it. Though it's proceeding at a snail's pace, I haven't yet abandoned my attempt to create art to go along with the story, & would still appreciate feedback.

In addition to all of that noise, I decided to try making the dates on the character pages a bit more specific, to hopefully make tracking continuity easier. I'm convinced that every edit I make to those damn things is only messing up the timeline even more.


As of Chapter 17, if you add yourself here, I'll send you a message each time I add a new page. Simply start a new line of text and use the format # {{wall|<username>}}. Of course you can remove yourself at any time, and I'm also willing to add/remove you if you encounter me and tell me to.

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