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This page is a fanon story. For the city appearing in The Legend of Korra, see Republic City.
Republic City
General information







Alan Jack Halverson


Republic City is a beacon to the world, the legacy of Avatar Aang. But even the greatest of legacies have their darker sides. Private detective Li and his friends scour the Republic, ferreting out thieves, corrupt officials, and the occasional murderer all while trying to combat a nefarious and clandestine criminal organization bent on ruling the world from the shadows.


  • Li: A highly intelligent private detective who uses his wits, reason, and vast knowledge to uncover the truth.
  • Qing Ru: An orphaned and exiled Earth Kingdom citizen who uses his unconventional approach to medicine to treat the destitute of Republic City and, on occasion, aid in an investigation.


Book 1

  1. A Peculiar Situation
  2. Monetary Policy
  3. Murder By Moonlight
  4. A Trip to the Country
  5. Murder?
  6. Hold Your Breath
  7. Death's Door

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