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Avatar: The Legend Again





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June 30, 2010

Repeat is the first chapter of Avatar: The Legend Again.


Aang looked around, to check if the cost was clear. The gang has been hearing reports of trouble, theft, and sudden attacks on the Ti Wong village. "Guys, with all this trouble in the village, and even though it's right next to the Fire Nation Capital, I'm not surprised that Zuko asked us to take care of this. The town mayor told me that there was a kidnapping also, so it is a little spooky."

Katara was on top a roof, checking from the high ground. "It's all good from up here. I don't see anything unusual."

Toph was underground, just in case the person responsible was an Earthbender. She put her face up, visible enough to show her mouth, said, "All good from down here. I am gonna come up. Twinkletoes, do you feel anything?"

"No Toph, nothing at all." Aang said. Toph came up, but that wasn't the only thing that happened.

Suddenly, Sokka, who was standing next to Aang, shouted to Katara, "Look out!" when a bomb hit the roof Katara was standing on. Luckily, Aang shot an air blast at Katara to prevent her from getting hurt. Team Avatar looked around, but they didn't see who threw the bomb. Aang jumped to the top of the building to see what the bomb was.

"Sokka, I don't like the look of the bomb. It's Fire Nation material. I'm going to go to the Fire Nation Capital with Momo and talk to Zuko. I'll ride on my glider. Sokka, go with Katara and Toph and get to Ba Sing Se on Appa and talk to Kuei. Hopefully there will be news on Bosco, and try to prove to Kuei that Long Feng stole him. Good luck!"

Aang took off, and once he did, Toph came out from underground and said, "I know who threw the bomb at Katara. And I am guessing who sent it." Just then, Toph shot an earth line at an abandoned shop. Then, a Dai Li agent jumped out of the shop and sent a rock glove at Sokka. Toph was able to block it and shot the ceiling platform up, which the agent got hit by.

Katara shot him with a water whip and froze him against the wall. "Why did you try to attack me?"

"It wasn't me. I don't know who it was. But you people will never win. Just then, Katara made an ice spear, Toph lifted a huge mass of rock, and Sokka took out his newly made space sword from a new meteorite he found.

Back with Aang, things weren't turning out so good. "Why is everything so quiet over here? It's almost like the invasion."

"That's because it is the Invasion of the Fire Nation, except from the other side of the end!" said a familiar voice from above Aang on his glider. Aang turned upside down, and saw the most unexpected face he planned to see.

"Azula!" exclaimed Aang.

Azula shot Aang with a fire blast, but Aang was able to evade it. He raised a rock column and shot an air blast. Azula dodged it, and then used fire to propel herself to another column. Aang noticed something in her eyes, the sign of a calm deadliness. Azula had returned to her old self, calm and deadly. Once she reached the rock, she shot a blast of lightning at Aang. He redirected it, much to a surprise to Azula. "I see Zuko has thought you something. And as you have noticed, I have returned to my normal mental state. It took a long and hard process, but the doctors helped me. Maybe they could help Mai and Ty Lee because they betrayed me. And I have gotten this airship from, let's say, a "special" source. And with this, I am planning to return to my rightful place as the true Fire Lord." Azula shot a fire stream at Aang, which he blocked by shooting up a rock shield. He opened up his glider, then flew up and shot an air blast at the airship Azula was on. It only did minimal damage, but not enough to bring it down. He then knew he would have to go into the Avatar State to bring it down. "It's the only way". He went in and was just about to shoot a huge water slice to knock the engine off, but then history almost repeated itself, and in the worst way possible.

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