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Liu Xing
Ren Xu
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Earth Kingdom


Isu, Earth Kingdom in 890 BG

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Spear of Justice

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Earth Kingdom Commando


Earth Kingdom



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Allies in the Earth


Ren Xu was born in 946BG to a rich warrior family renowed for the soldiers it produced. At birth Ren was declared a non-bender and as such took up the art of the spear. He later discovered he could indeed Earthbend but took little interest in it preferring the spear to the element.

At age 18 Ren enlisted in the Military and was sent to the front lines of Isu which was under attack by rogue sandbender tribes. The attack came in the winter of 928BG and the sandbenders used their mastery of the sand to ambush soldiers as they couldn't tell the sand from the snow. The Event was mostly known as the 'Winter of Sorrow'. He defended his home heroicly and it earned him a great deal of respect from his peers. In celebration of Ren's triumph the Governor of Isu declared him 'The Spear of Justice'.

Ten years later Ren encountered Shinn and challenged him to battle. Ren was shocked by Shinn's skill and assisted him in reaching Isu. On the way Ren discovered Shinn's status as the Avatar and his desire for vengeance over Xu Ki. Ren then allowed Shinn to join his unit and he wasted no time as he quickly impressed Ren's commander by putting him on the floor without effort.

Later Ren and Shinn fought a mysterious assassin who knocked Ren out cold effortlessly. Shinn managed to prevail in the end but they still had no ideas about the assassin's motive or his identity.


Spear of Justice (Weapon Name)

Ren's mastery of the spear is unmatched and could decimate hordes of enemies without breaking a sweat. Ren would use the spear in unison with his Earthbending which could allow him to launch himself into the air before coming down with a devastating attack.


Although only discovering this ability later in his life, Ren could pull off some impressive techniques. However he preferred to use his spear and is rarely seen using Earthbending in a battle by itself.


Ren had an honourable personality and will help his allies without question. He was able to tell someone's personality just from a single look and would never attack without reason. He was a very proud man who valued his heritage. He had a great passion for battle and would enjoy every moment of a fight.

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