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Ren is a dragon researcher who helps to raise some of the first dragons born after Fire Nation nobles hunted them to near extinction.


Early life

The daughter of a notable Fire Nation scholar, Ren grew up on the tales of the mighty dragons that had once ruled their great nation alongside man. As the years passed, however, she grew more and more discontent with mere stories. History claimed that Lord Iroh, the Dragon of the West, had faced the last dragon and killed it. But dragons were the first true firebenders. Their ancestors gave mankind the gift of fire. Ren theorized that "Any animal clever enough to survive that long isn't going to just sit by while their entire species got wiped out. Some have to be alive, living in secret." Though her parents thought this a foolish notion and Ren foolish for considering it, Ren adamantly believed this was the case. She believed it so deeply that when she turned sixteen she set off, against her family's wishes, to pursue her dream of finding a living dragon. Her research led her all over the four nations until eventually; she traced a rumor of a civilization of "crazed dragon worshipers" and discovered the ancient Sun Warriors, alive and well.

Though suspicious of outsiders, the tribe eventually accepts Ren after she explains her purpose -- to help honor and understand the dragons that were the foundation of their culture. Ren lives among the tribe for two years, researching the masters and perfecting her firebending skills with dragon-movements. During this time Ren also falls in love with the warrior Stormrider. Against their better judgment the two begin a secret affair, knowing full well such a romance went against Sun Warrior traditions.

When the elders discover them together, the tribe demands both Ren and Stormrider be sacrificed to the masters in atonement. On the platform, Rider manages to free Ren from their bonds at the cost of his own life. Lost in sorrow and rage, Ren unleashes her fury on the masters. She is injured badly, taking a claw across her face during the fight. Miraculously, Ren's determination and ferocity impress the masters. Instead of killing her, they grant Ren the gift of their fire as a reward.

Though Ren's life is spared, she is banished from the tribe forthwith. Alone and brokenhearted, Ren contemplates giving up her dream of dragons after her injuries are healed and putting her skills to use in the Fire Nation military. But before she gets the chance, she discovers that she is pregnant with Stormrider's child.

In 96 AG, Ren gives birth to her daughter, Sien, and her hopes are renewed. It was dragons, after all, that brought her and Stormrider together. And dragons have given her a family.

Position as Dragon Keeper

As soon as Sien is old enough to walk, Ren resumes her dragon research. Eventually a string of rumors lead to startling results -- a juvenile red dragon that her daughter affectionately refers to as "Druk." Ren spends the next year tracking him, until she and Sien are a familiar sight to the young male. Trouble arises, however, after Druk is attacked by poachers and Ren is forced to seek aid in healing him from Firelord Zuko and Katara.

Following the successful healing of Druk, Ren and Zuko are taken (a bit forcibly) by Druk into his lair where they discover six unhatched dragon eggs. Due to her heroism, Zuko appoints Ren in charge of caring for the clutch, granting her land and funding to start a sanctuary and the honorary title Dragon Keeper.


Ren is what many would call a "true Fire Nation woman." Though conditioned to be loyal to the Firelord's authority, Ren isn't afraid to express her opinions about the royal family's choices, positive or negative, as bluntly and loudly as possible. She has a volatile temper as well, which many people find off-putting, thus Ren has almost no personal friends. Despite this, Ren has a softer, nurturing, side. She is completely devoted to her daughter, Sien, and to the dragons entrusted in her care.



Ren's quick reflexes and volatile temper make her a naturally gifted firebender and she masters the techniques by age ten (much to the shock and dismay of her sifu who she overpowers during a tournament in front of the entire school).

Dragon Fire

A firebending technique granted by the Master's Ran and Shaw enabling the wielder to exhale powerful, multi-colored flame. Ren was the first known firebender to discover and perfect it, however Lord Zuko proves to be more naturally talented executing the technique.

Dragon movements

Through the course of her study Ren was able to learn and incorporate the grace of dragons into the traditional firebending stances. This enables her to move with confidence among dragons even in combat.

Animal magnetism

Despite her less than personable nature with people Ren has a knack with beasts of all sorts—a talent that only grows after she begins management of the Fire Nation's first dragon sanctuary.



Like most Fire Nationers, Ren's scholar parents were believers in history, not whimsy. So, when their daughter announced that she was leaving home to travel the world in search of dragons, a species by all accounts known to be extinct, they disowned her completely calling her "an embarrassment to their good name."


During the course of her studies with the Sun Warriors Ren befriended and fell in love with a young warrior named Stormrider. A bit of a rebel himself, Rider was even bold enough to defy his tribe's traditions and propose to Ren, presenting her with a traditional tribe betrothal necklace made from a sunstone. He was killed some months later while trying to protect Ren from the masters.


The daughter of Ren and Stormrider, Sien was born in 96 AG, less than a year after Ren's banishment from the tribe. Due to family tensions, Sien never met her grandparents. She spent most of her early childhood backpacking across the Fire Nation with her mother Ren in search of dragons. At four years old, Sien and her mother encountered Zuko and Katara and during the course of their journey together she was given the honorary title Dragongirl by Zuko, which she kept for the rest of her life. Along with her parents' considerable firebending skills, Sien inherited her father's rebellious nature and her mom's quick temper, a fact which allowed her to fully master firebending by sparing one on one with dragons.


One of several up-and-coming apprentices to a renowned Fire Nation herbalist, Laythan was routinely recruited to make house calls to "those crazy women" at the dragon preserve. Laythan, though kindhearted, also had a bit of a roguish side, not taking any crap from his patients, least of all Ren or Sien. He also insisted on learning the formulas for poisons alongside those for medicine, "just in case." As the years passed Laythan eventually fell in love with Sien and the two were happily married.


The daughter of Dragongirl Sien and the herbalist Laythan, Mica grew up with her parents and grandmother on the family's dragon preserve until age five, when her family was killed in a mysterious attack.

Firelord Zuko

After helping Zuko in his personal quest, Ren continued to keep in contact with him via letters, sending him updates and photos every year or so. As time passed the two developed a strong friendship that went beyond their mutual respect for the other. They often acted as the other's confident in rough times, when blunt, honest, unbiased advice was needed.

It was at Zuko's strong urging, in fact, that Ren swallowed her bitterness and made contact with Sien's Sun Warrior relatives so that her daughter could gain a better understanding of her heritage. And in return, Ren sent a rare blue dragon hatchling to Princess Izumi for her sixteenth birthday, insisting that "if she's anything like her father, she'll be able to handle her."

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