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Welcome to Hellas

"Remembrance" is the 8th chapter of the Polybender Saga and the last of Book 1.


Team Avatar mourns the tragic loss. After Philip's victory speech, he goes to visit the Southern Air Temple and is followed by Jinora.


Shiro Shinobi speaks into his microphone in his usual tone, looking out to the grand scene. "This is a very special day, folks, riding in on horse and carriage is none other than his majesty, Philip Hellene, King of the United Kingdom of Nations. A year ago, through merging us with our great defenders in Hellas, His Majesty formed the United Kingdom of Nations. Let us see what he has to say."

Philip stands before the crowd, dressed in a blue frock coat with golden buttons and a flat, triangular hat. Philip stands silently before the crowd. He keeps his arms behind his back, clasping them together. "Two years ago, today, the Great War between us and the Earth Empire threatened to destroy us all together. Against all the odds, we defeated our foe and saved this great nation. Victory comes at a price and many men died in the process. Today, I shall honour the select few who served this nation with great distinction and bestow upon them a knighthood and polybender status."

"For her role in the creation of new weapons and victory in the land war, I would like to honour Air Chief Marshall Sato. The hero of the Battle of Omashu, she saved the Avatar from certain death at the hands of a brutish foe. Sato, would you please present yourself to the crowd." Asami, in her red, United Forces blazer, stands from her seat and walks to Philip. She then kneels to Philip on one knee, with her head facing his feet. She looks up and Philip places his hands on her neck and forehead. "Air Chief Marshall Sato, I now declare you Dame Asami, Polybender."

Philip bestowes numerous honours upon those who distinguished themselves, including Lin, Suyin, Varrick and Iroh. "And finally, I should like to call upon Kuvira. She was once a great foe and the greatest threat to the United Republic. She has since proven herself to be a great ally, participating in the Battle of Republic City, the Battle of Katara River and the Battle of Ba Sing Se." He once more places his hands on her forehead and neck, a slight red glow emanating from the point of contact. "Dame Kuvira, you are now a Polybender and a knight of the United Kingdom." Kuvira stands and salutes Philip.

Philip draws his address to its conclusion, finally saying, "We have one last person to honour, the keeper of peace and balance throught the ages, from the dawn of bending to the attack of the Fire Nation to now." Korra enters, clad in her formal dress and a rather expensive fur robe. She turns to the crowd, clutching a sceptre. Her upper lip quivers, she is certainly not used to this kind of treatment.

Korra slowly walks to the microphone, she stumbles on her words, but finally says, "As the Avatar, it is my duty to serve and protect the world. In not one life have I been able to do it myself. My gratitude goes out to my friends, the late Mako, Tenzin and His Majesty, Philip. If not for him, I do not think I could have stopped Ephialtes."

Philip takes a few steps forward, turns his back to the crowd and takes a long, deep bow. Still bowing, he exclaims, "Long live Avatar Korra. God save the Avatar!"

The military parade of men on horseback and infantry salutes, "God save the Avatar! God save the King!" They cheer.

All the new Polybenders - Iroh, Lin, Kuvira, Asami and many others, including Varrick, stand in a line. They all salute with a large, combined stream of fire. "God save the Avatar! God save the King!"

The day later, Korra, Tenzin and Jinora speak with Philip. They returned to their normal clothing, having discarded the military uniform in favour of civilian clothes. "I'm not very used to this ceremonial role," Korra says, scratching her hair.

"You mean, Raiko never did this stuff with you?" Philip leans on the wall in a lazy manner.

"Eh, he mainly did press conferences," Korra says.

"Paff, Republics," Philip scoffs, "no class at all."

Tenzin remains stiff as always. "My father couldn't pull a king out of nowhere."

"Why not?" Jinora emerges from behind her father. "Philip did."

Tenzin looks at Jinora and says in a stern voice, "There is no need to insult the man. He merged us with his kingdom, he didn't pull it out of nowhere."

Philip raises his eyebrow and index finger. Downing his drink, he says, "Actually, she's right. I had no claim to the throne of Hellas - there never was a throne of Hellas. Wait, are you Jinora?"

Jinora nods. "Yes, Your Majesty."

Philip waves his finger. "Forget the 'Your Majesty' bit, or I should have to bow to the daughter of the Air King. Anyway, Korra told me great things about you. The 11-year-old master, the first master in so many years! Saved the Avatar twice, that's impressive. You are quite intelligent, I heard. Korra says you could identify me."

Jinora subtly looks away and says softly, "Well, I recognised your image from one of granddad's history books."

Philip nods. "Remarkable. Would you like to know more?"

Jinora's eyes gleam as she moves closer. "Yes, what can you tell me?"

Philip grins. "So enthusiastic about learning. What do you want to know? History, science?"

Jinora rubs her arm nervously. "Both... anything... everything... if it's not too much trouble."

Philip places his glass on the table. "There is a bit too much to tell you. I do have books about it you can read... but... I have another idea."

Jinora frowns, but looks up. "Yes?" she said nervously.

"Come with me to my world. Study at my university, we'll make a great person out of you." Philip places his hand on her shoulder and she smiles. "Out of interest, how old are you, my dear?"

"Eighteen," Jinora says.

"Very good," Philip says. "My son, Alexander, is about nineteen. Maybe you should meet him some day. He's a bit of a rebel, very different to his father. So he thinks. Anyway, he's staying with his uncle in Skibbington."

"Rule, Britannia, Britannia, rule the waves," a man sings.

In a lush, green field, the shouts of men and horses overwhelms the song of birds. An army of men in dark blue uniforms flees from a massed charge of redcoated men on white horses. A young man, with gold straps on his coat, charges ahead and slashes down many defeated men. A man turns around and bends a large fireball at the mounted youth. The youth diverts the blast with a small ball of air.

The youth continues his song. "This was the charter, the charter of the land." He strikes down another man and rears up on his horse. "Awww yeaaahhh... take that you filthy colonial!" He turns his reins and leads his horse to another man with bigger plumes in his helmet.

"How are you liking your time in the colonies, Alex?" the older man says, holding his lance, complete with union jack.

"Ah, it's brilliant. Thank you, Uncle James," the youth says. "I fear my holiday shall end soon and I must return to Hellas."

"Such a shame, you have a certain fire that not even your father can match! Remember, there is nothing in my Duchy that cannot be solved by a cavalry charge. Rule Britannia!"

"Rule Britannia," the youth replies, charging back into the battle.

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  • Alex sings "Rule Britannia", implying the nations of the world are more or less the same as in our world.
  • James is the brother of Philip.
  • Alex and James were fighting colonials similar to the Americans in the American Revolution.
  • James is the Duke of Skibbington.

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