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I do not own anything from TKoNLG! All rights go to Patrick Ness and Candlewick Press!

Author's Note

Yes, I know Combustion Man is dead, but work with me people; it's fanon! Happy Readings!


The Gaang encounters an old enemy who wants them dead and will stop at nothing to get the revenge he wants. Todd leaves the Sisters to find a way back to the Physical World.


Spirit World

I watched as Sen fell to her knees and held the girl in white to her chest and cried. The girl looked exactly like Sen, only everything was white-

Except the huge bloodstain on her heart.

"Kekka, Kekka, Kekka..." She keened. "I'm sorry, sorry, I'm so so sorry." She started rocking, still holding the girl to herself. Then the white girl vanished in a huge spray of sparkles that went up to the orange sky. As I watched them go, Sen screamed in rage and pain and grief,


Appa's Saddle

"WHO DID THIS!?" A voice screamed in my head-

Pounding against my entire being-

Felt like my head was going to explode-

I gasped and pulled the reins back in surprise. Appa went completely vertical and the girls on the saddle screamed. I quickly righted him and looked back. Katara was staring at me angrily, Toph was clutching the saddle and Todd's wrist so hard that her knuckles were turning white, and it looked (and sounded) like Viola was throwing up over the side.

"What was that?" Katara shrieked. "All our supplies fell off and we almost did too!"

"Please give us more warning next time you do something like that," Viola looked up from over the saddle with a green face, and then continued retching over the side.

"Sorry, sorry," I mumbled, holding my head as it pounded with echoes of sorrow. Katara's face softened.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you."

"It's okay." I whispered as the voice echoed in my head again and again, speaking of loss and pain and grief.

Something was horribly wrong.

Spirit World

I watched as Sen sobbed on the ground. I wanted to pat myself on the back for this wonderful prank, but the most I could do in my real body was hiss in excitement. When I heard a twig crack, I turned my head quickly and saw the real Kekka walking towards the clearing where Sen and the boy were.

Oh shit.

I slowly started to make my way up the tree, but then a voice called down at the bottom.

"Hey! Wangji!"

I cringed and started to make my way back up again as quietly and as quickly as possible.

"I know you're up there..." Kekka's voice sounded cold. "And I'm waiting."

Okay, forget caution. I slithered like hell up to the top of the tree, but I still saw a white haired girl looking up at me.

"You really don't want me to get you down myself, Wangji," she yelled. Kekka reached out a hand and a huge white tentacle of light came out of her palm. It wrapped around the middle of my body and almost pulled me down, but I slipped out of it and turned into a spiderfly, which flew away. The spiderfly watched from above as Kekka scowled and walked away.

I sat beside Sen as she cried and keened and rocked.

But as I watched her-

Her red hair turned black-

Her dress turned black-

And when she looked up at me-

Her eyes were as black as anything.

I'm sorry," she whispered. I could almost feel the grief and pain coming off of her in waves.

"It's okay," I muttered. "And I'm sorry too."

She laughed, a cold empty sound that made my skin crawl. "For what? You didn't kill my sister."

"What?" A voice shouted incredulously. When I looked up I saw the same girl that had been dead, but with a shocked expression on her face. When she noticed me, her face quickly turned to stone with no expression at all.

"YOU'RE okayAY!" Sen screeched. She bounced up and ran and hugged her sister. As I watched her, her color turned back to normal.

"Yeah... I was never not okay," Kekka pushed Sen off. Sen let her, but it looked like she was going to explode in happiness. Kekka walked over to me.

"Hey Todd. Kekka, Spirit of Consequence." She held out a hand and I shook it.

"Oh, so you'll shake her hand, but not mine?" Sen looked over Kekka's shoulder with a fake scowl on her face. I shrugged in reply and then walked away. Kekka was in front of me in a flash.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going back."

"But you can't yet! Viola and the Avatar need to come here too!" Sen said as she tugged on my arm. I glared at her and she dropped my arm and stepped away.

"Fine. It's your choice, and I know that better than anyone. But trust me; something bad is going to happen, you're not going to be prepared for it-"

"-and you're going to have to face the consequences." Kekka said, standing with her arms crossed by her sister. I stared at them.

"Okay... That's really creepy how you finish each other's sentences." I walked away.

"You won't be able to find the way out by yourself." Sen pleaded-

She looked sad to see me go-

I looked back at them one last time-

"Watch me."

And I walked off into the unknown.

Fire Nation

"Okay, we're setting down now." Aang said from the front. I groaned.

"Thank... God..." I muttered as I fell from the saddle. I looked up at the sky and as I watched, Katara's head came into view. She stared down at me for a while and I stared up.

"You sure this isn't your first time flying?"

"Oh, believe me, I'm sure." I said, sitting up.

"We're heading into town to get some new supplies, and to get you some new clothes." I looked at myself; I was covered in mud and blood and my clothes were completely different than what the others were wearing. I had to blend in.

"That'd probably be a good idea. I'll stay here with Todd." She nodded and followed the others leaving the clearing. I sighed and got back up on the saddle.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I opened my eyes, the sun had moved in the sky. I stretched and as I looked around I saw a man with a third eye and metal limbs staring at me-

But that was the only good look I got of him-

Because next thing I knew-

My head slammed against a tree on the edge of the clearing and I was aware of a dull pain in my stomach-

And everything went black.

When I woke up again, the sun was in the same place in the sky, but as I tilted my head up, stars danced in front of my eyes, and when I touched the back of my head, my hand came away covered with blood. I staggered to my feet and ran off in the direction Aang and the others had gone.

I had to warn them.

"Okay, we've replaced our supplies, gotten Viola some new clothes, and we have some medicine for Todd's back. Anything else?" Katara asked as she struggled to carry the large basket she had in her arms.

"That's everything. Let's go back now. It's getting dark, and we need to make it to the Capital in a couple days, tops." I said.

"Then stop talking about it and let's go!" Toph huffed. We headed back towards Appa when a hand came out of an alleyway and pulled my sleeve, making me drop everything I was carrying.

"Hey!" I turned towards the hand and took in the burnt hair, the scratched face, and the bloody hand-

"Viola? What happened to you? Why aren't you back at camp with Todd?" I asked. She shushed me and pulled me into the alleyway. I motioned to the others and followed her. Katara took one look at Viola, who was breathing like crazy, put her basket on the ground, pulled out some water, and immediately went to the back of Viola's head. I waited a moment, then asked her.

"What happened to you?"

"I... was attacked... by a... man with... a third eye..." she panted. Katara froze, and all the water she was holding around the gash on the back of her head went down Viola's shirt. She gasped, but continued talking. "I ran... all the way... here... think he's... coming... for you guys..." Katara ran, picked up our stuff, and I started pulling Viola back to the forest.

"Show us how you got here, because we need to move, and-" I stopped as I heard a loud breath behind me-

We all turned around-

And saw Combustion Man looking down at us with a clear hate in his eyes.

"Move!" Katara screamed as the first explosions rocked the alleyway.

The Fire Nation Asylum

Are you sure about this?" Mai asked as she walked beside me.

"Absolutely." We finally made it to Azula's room. The doctor was already there.

"Firelord Zuko; Firelady Mai; it is such an honor to have you in our facility," he said with a low bow. "You're here to visit the patient?" We nodded at the same time. "She's right in here." He opened the door and we went inside. Everything was exactly the same as before, with the white everywhere, and even the cat, which rubbed around Mai's ankles as we quietly walked in. Azula turned around and smiled, then went back to staring at the wall.

"Yes, I know they're here," She said in a sweet voice. She sighed. "I was gonna say hi! You don't have to boss me around." She turned to us and gave a huge smile. "Hi Zuzu! You kept your promise!" Mai sniggered when she heard my old nickname, but she abruptly stopped when Azula looked towards her.

"Hi! Are you Zuzu's girlfriend?"

Mai looked at her, obviously confused. "No, I'm Mai. Don't you remember me?"

"No." Azula said brightly, clearly not bothered by it, but Mai looked troubled.

"Who were you talking to when we came in?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"Mom. She's right there, you know," she said as she picked up the cat and started petting it. I shot a look at Mai, and continued talking to her.

"So... what have you been doing all day?"

"Talking with Mom, playing with Ta De, sleeping. I don't like the color of the walls," she said randomly.


"White's the color of death. I don't like it. It reminds me of Mom." I inhaled sharply.

"Why... Is she dead?" Mai asked.

"No! Haven't you been listening? She's right there. When's your baby coming?" She pointed at Mai. She covered her stomach protectively and didn't answer. Azula stuck out her lower lip and turned away. I glared at Mai and then touched Azula's shoulder. She started, but didn't turn to face me.

"Azula," I said softly.

"I don't know why you're mad at me." Her voice was small, sad, and utterly pathetic. "Mom didn't like me, but she loved you. Why did she hate me?" It sounded like she was going to cry. She turned towards me with wet eyes. "Why?"

And I found I had no answer.

Fire Nation

The explosion sent me flying back into the wall. I struggled to my feet and then dodged another bolt sent at my feet-

"Toph! Break his stance!" I yelled.

"On it!" She stomped her foot and the foundations of the building Combustion Man was standing on crumbled, but he jumped to ground before he could fall, and as he landed, the ground rumbled-

I sent a huge fire blast at him, searing the stones of the building with heat, but he parted with his metal hands-

Then a small water whip came from Katara and aimed for his third eye, but he sent an explosion towards her feet, forcing her to retreat, but then the ground shifted and he stumbled and I noticed Toph with an expression of anger on her face shaking the ground-

Dimly in the background I heard Viola screaming "Run!" to the rest of the people in the market-

I quickly sidestepped another explosive jet and sent a strong wind at him, but he stood his ground and just kept firing bolt after bolt at Katara, Toph, or I-

"I need more room, and I'm running out of water to bend!" Katara yelled then a stone came out of no where and hit Combustion Man on his head and when I looked up I saw Viola and some other town kids throwing rocks at him from the rooftops-

We ran while he was distracted with Viola and the other kids but he soon realized that we were gone and he strode out into the town square-

And shot a bolt at Katara while she was distracted seeing if the others were okay.

It hit her square in the chest, blowing her back until she hit a wall and slumped to the ground, a pool of blood slowly spreading out from her head-

I hear a scream of rage coming from someone and as soon as I realize it's me, everything is blocked out by a shining white light-

And I don't remember anything-

(Blood and pain and suffering)

-after that.

Appa's Saddle

I woke up in Appa's saddle. The first person I saw was Viola. She was covered in white dust and half of her hair was burned off.

"Whoa, what happened to you?" my voice came out as a very faint whisper, but Viola started and looked back at me in fear. She had a fat lip and a black eye.

"You don't remember?" She said with a sad look on her battered face.

(death and destruction and fear)

"No, I don't. What happened?"

(slammed against a wall)

(Blood coming from her head)

"Where's Katara?" I whispered, fear and dread creeping into my head.

"I'm right here." I turned my head and saw Katara sitting at the reins. She didn't look much better than Viola. When she turned her head back, I saw blood clotting in her hair, which was singed like Viola's.

"Hey Twinkletoes." Toph was sitting at the back of the saddle. She had angry red burns on her fingers and arms. I sucked my breath in sharply, which hurt to do.

"What happened?" I asked again. Toph looked down and Viola looked away, but Katara came back in the saddle. She looked at me carefully and spoke in an overly calm voice.

"When I was hit by Combustion Man, you went into the Avatar State."

"And?" I whispered.

"You lost control of yourself," She bit her lip. "Half the town was destroyed, and Combustion Man..."

"Dead," Viola said in a flat voice. I felt a cold sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"And what happened to you guys?" I already knew what happened. Hazy memories of what I did clouded my mind and blackness swam before my eyes as everyone else avoided them-

"It wasn't your fault," Toph whispered as darkness takes over my mind.


  • Anyone recognize Todd's last line?
  • The fight scene was written the way all fight secnes were written in TKoNLG: Either one, very long, run-on sentences, or very short, cut-off sentences.
  • Viola once again references the crash in which her parent's died.
  • When Viola and the other kids are throwing rocks at Combustion Man, it's a teeny tiny reference ot how she fights Aaron in the book: she throws rocks at his face.

Production Notes and Other Notes

  • The link between this chapter name and the last one is a complete coincidence.
  • Sen's transformation was added at the last minute to show how much one Sister's death would affect the ther one.
  • This chapter has the first and only fight scene in the book. And the author's sorry about that, but this book is all about setting up the plot for the two middle books. After that, the gunshow starts, baby!

(And I'm dead serious about the guns)

  • You won't see Todd for a while after this, but don't worry, he'll be back in a few chapters.
  • Yes, Evatar knows Combustion Man is dead. But she didn't know that it was confirmed before this chapter was planned and written.
  • The events in this chapter snowball into the events of the next chapter and the ones a bit after that, so make sure you were paying attention...
  • The author made the last part of the fight vague on purpose because she was having a lot of trouble writing it.
  • Evatar114 believes that one of the reasons Azula was so messed up was because she thought her mother loved Zuko more. So she made it one of the things that bugs Azula the most. But beyond that, Evatar just made her crazy, creepy, and someone who's going to have a huge role in upcoming chapters.

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