Katara frees Aang
Releasing Aang From That Blue Iceberg
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I Really Need to Upload A Video In Youtube



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April 25, 2013

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"Katara... We won a laptop!"

"Oh yeah!"

"Granddad Aang?"

"What is it, Ikki?"

"Can I see what are you doing with Gran-Gran?"

"I'm too old for that, Ikki!"

"Gran-Gran Katara, please welcome your grandchildren..."

"Shut up Sokka! Wait... GrandCHILDREN?!"

"Gran-Gran! It's me Jinora!"

"And Meelo. We brought Rohan. Daddy is a terrible father, you know that?"

"Ow.. Come in!"

"So, what did you do, Gran-Gran?"

"Stop calling me Gran-Gran!!"

"So.... Katara? That's not really polite, actually..."

"Jinora, it's fine.."

Ikki introducing her family

Ikki welcoming herself to Katara

"So what did you do?"

"Uploading a video on youtube..."

"Upload? What is an 'upload' means? Grandpa Aang! Your turn!"

"Don't call me a...."

"Well Aang, you're more than a hundred years..."


"Are you posting a video?"


"We're uploading a video when Aang was released from the iceberg!"


"What is it, Toph?"

"Help me! I can't post a video!"

"Of course you couldn't!"

"But... Never mind, Sugar Queen...


"Argh! I was so sad that Suki and I was the unhelping couple! I hate that!"

"But at least we won a laptop!"

"Let's upload a video..."

"Psst... Jinora..."

"What is it Ikki?"

"Where's Book 2?"

"Book 2? Oh! Book 2: Earth?"

"No, not that Grandpa Aang.."


"Book 2: Spirits!"


"Let's focus on the video..."

Everybody stares at the laptop...

"And... Done!"

"Yippie! Katara you're a great teacher!!"

"Better, Gran-Gran..."

"Yeah you're a great teacher, Gran-Gran! Yay! Whoooaa! Barrghhh!!"


"Look! 100 subscribers!"

"What is a subscriber?"

"I have no idea..."

"Look! 10000 views!"


"Look! Toph uploaded a video too!!"


"Err... Katara.. It's upside down..."

"Mpph.. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!"


"It's upside down isn't it?"

"It is Toph.. It is.."

"Oh darn..."

"Let's upload more!"


"What is it Zuko?"

"Can you help me uploading a video?"



"Let's upload more, Gran-Gran!"



"What is it, Jinora?"

"Look at that warning.."

Sorry, you're only allowed to upload a video in youtube each a day. Thank you for your cooperation.

"Well, that stinks!"

"You got it Meelo!"

"Although I never scream out loud and always read books.. But this time.. YEAH THAT STINKS!!!!!!"

"Hey! you're waking Rohan up!"

"Wey thek sink!"


Rohan disagree the YouTube's rules...

"Look! Baby Rohan can talk!"


"I agree with you, Meelo.. THIS STINKS!"

"Let's wait for tomorrow!"


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