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'Reincarnation is the first chapter of Avatar: The Fallen God by the user Iyesus. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Reincarnation

It was raining that day as Tenzin stood on a balcony overlooking the main hall of the Southern Air Temple. Below being carried along the street was a coffin containing his father's body. The young Airbender watched as the coffin was about to be buried. Tenzin was Aang's gift to the world, a vanguard to protect them, Tenzin also shared Aang's title: The Last Airbender. Tenzin watched on as a single tear slid down his face, he had sworn not to cry and turned away. He walked back into a small room and sat down, he turned as a grizzled old man spoke.

"Your father was a great man Tenzin" the man said.

"Yes, I know he was I just wish death didn't have to steal him from me..." replied Tenzin in a sad voice.

"Do you think Aang would want you to be like this?" the man asked. "If I recall he gave you one last task."

"The task was easier said than done," said Tenzin lowering his head. "To protect the world until the next Avatar can take their place."

"And you can't do that while you still mourn Tenzin," replied the man.

"That" Tenzin said. "Is easier said than done."

The man frowned and stood and began to walk towards the door. He stopped and put a hand on Tenzin's shoulder.

"Never give up," he said. "Like your father never gave up on me."

"I know my friend, but I can't take on all this responsibility so suddenly," said Tenzin.

"You don't have to, remember your friends and allies as they will always be there for you," replied the man.

"Yes, Fire Lord Zuko," replied Tenzin.

Zuko raised his hand as he left the room, although they weren't related Zuko saw Tenzin as a nephew and always tried to point him the right direction. As Zuko walked the halls of the palace he looked at a portrait. It's image was of the start of a new era, the Avatar and the Fire Lord. Zuko gave it one last look before moving on, he had to be strong until a new Avatar could be found.

Tenzin turned and looked back outside, just in time to take one last look at his father. Tenzin felt a mysterious presence as he looked towards

Foggy Swamp Tribe, Around the same time

The tribesmen were having a moment of silence, although not as civilised as the rest of the world they still recognized Aang's passing as a moment for mourning. A group of men emerged from the trees as the tribesmen came out of their silence.

"Have any new children been born?" the lead man asked. His appearance indicated he was younger than rest, However he still had superior skill.

"Can't you leave us alone in our moment of sadness!" shouted an angry tribesmen grabbing the man by the top of his coat.

"I don't like to be touched," said the man.

He kicked the tribesman onto the ground and fired a jet of flame that narrowly missed his face.

"I'll ask again, have any new children been born?" the man said but in a much angrier tone.

The tribe looked on in fear, they were trembling. The tribe in its long history had been discovered few times, let alone by a mysterious group. It was silence until one tribe member plucked up the courage to say no. The lead man smiled as he dropped a dark black stone onto the ground.

"Thank you for your assitance," he said.

He and his accomplices vanished as quickly as they came but left their crystal and a few parting words.

"There all yours..." the lead had muttered as he left.

As the tribes people gathered round the stone a black mist began to form blocking their sight, unable to see all they had was their hearing. Instead of the usual banter as jokes that would spawn from such a situation all that was heard was the screams of pain.

The tribesman from before ran into the jungle as the black mist followed, as reached the river he was forced to a halt. He turned as the Black mist caught him, all he saw was two glowing eyes and then...nothing.

A Small Village, Southern Ice Fields

The young girl cried, she was but minutes old but her destiny was already set. The young girl was more important than any other before her. She seemed so fragile at this point, as if the tiniest disruption could end her.

Talk was spreading about how a new Avatar would be born soon, they were all completely unaware that it was happening right now.

Her mother cradled her as she spoke.

"Korra..." she said, blissfully unaware of her daughter's momentous task.

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