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Sozin's portrait
Regrets Of A Fire Lord
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16 May, 2011

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Regrets Of A Fire Lord narrates the inner turmoil of Fire Lord Sozin after the Air Nomad Genocide .


I was on a dragon, seeing the whole temple burn. I can hear people, screaming for their lives. I can see children, dead and burning. I can see my soldiers, some of them are celebrating this "victory". Most of them, however, are dead. For me, it was anything but victory. The Avatar has escaped. Then, I saw my parents, also riding a dragon. My father told me this, " Sozin, are you proud of your accomplishment? You killed thousands of people so that, your so called prosperity can spread. Shame on you!". Guilt is eating me. I'm guilty.

I woke up, crying. I knew I did something wrong. I killed, I slaughtered, for self gain. I walked into my balcony, to see my son, Azulon, staring at the sky.

"Father, when will we burn the Earth Kingdom" asked my son.

I was speechless, I had not realized that my son has been turned into a cold-blooded man.

What have I done to my son! I have turned him into a monster!

I'm guilty.


And guilt...

eats you alive.

"Fire Lord Sozin, I congratulate you for your stunning victory. You wiped out the Air Nomads," said General Tao Lee.

"Thank you, general, but I failed to find and kill the Avatar."

Silence filled the room. I have not told them that.

"Then we must find him, my Lord," said Admiral Yuyan Shi.

"YOU THINK I HAVEN'T THOUGHT OF THAT ALREADY!!!!" I shouted, my frustration rising.

"Sorry, my Lord. I did not meant that as insult," said Yuyan Shi.

I quickly left the War Room, Let them plot the next move, I don't care! I briskly walked to the Messenger's Room. I retrieved my messenger hawk, Arrow, and I returned to my room. I took some paper and ink, then I began to write.

Captain Odai Gyashi,

I order you to gather the Elite Firebender Team. Do this as soon as you receive this letter. Do not fail me, captain.

Fire Lord Sozin

I quickly put the short letter into Arrow's holder. The bird immediately flew away. I walked back to War Room, and silence returned in the said room.

"I am leaving immediately after this meeting. I will personally hunt down the Avatar!" I shouted, " Azulon, my son, you shall take command of my armies until my return. Do you accept your task?"

"Yes father," answered my son.

I am now on a ship, with my chosen soldiers. Our task is to find the Avatar, and we must go all over the world for that to be possible.

I regret my decision to start this war. Forgive me Roku, forgive me. And for my son, I cannot change his attitude. The best I can do for him is capture and kill the Avatar, so that my son will have a stable, if bloody, reign.

I regret.


My second next fanon will talk about a soldier that fought in The War. And his name will be familiar.

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