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7 November 2011

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Regathering the Team is chapter two of The Weatherbenders.


After a meeting with the generals came up empty, Fire Lord Zuko requests that Avatar Aang and Katara come to the Fire Nation, along with Sokka. Sokka then leaves to re-gather the Team while Aang, Katara and Zuko engage in discussion.

The story

Fire Nation

Aang brought Appa towards the Fire Nation Capital, flying just above the Great Gates of Azulon. It had been six hours since him, Katara and Sokka had left the South Pole.

"So, what does Zuko think he can accomplish by calling us to the Fire Nation?" Sokka asked, clearly skeptical.

"I don't know, but the order was urgent," Aang said in response. "Sokka, you won't be with us long. We want you to fly Appa to Kyoshi Island and Gaoling so we can get the rest of the group together."

"That means I get to see Suki again!" Sokka exclaimed, his face now lighting up with a smile.

"Yep, and you get to deal with Ty Lee and Toph as well," Katara chuckled. "Have fun!" Katara still enjoyed teasing her brother when the opportunity presented itself.

"I still can't believe how cold it is," Sokka remarked, still wearing his fur coat. As it stood, despite the sunshine, temperatures were near 0°C that morning, the coldest summer morning in the Capital's history.

"Well, from what Zuko told us," Katara began, "this is going on all over the world. Our blizzard, and apparently there was a significant warm up in Ba Sing Se."

"Here we are," Aang pointed down to the Capital. He landed Appa in the Royal Plaza, just yards shy of the Royal Palace. The trio dismounted Appa and began the short walk towards the palace, where two guards stood at the entrance.

"Avatar Aang, Katara, Sokka, welcome to the Royal Palace," the guard to the left of the door stated. "I understand Fire Lord Zuko has called you here on an important matter." The three nodded their heads.

"Well, I shall not hold you up any longer." The two guards took one hand on each door handle, and opened the mighty door which led to the palace interior. The two then made their way upstairs towards the Fire Lord's war room.

On the other side of the door, Zuko awaited.

"Sir, your friends should be here in a few minutes," Bujing said. "I do believe they got your messenger hawk yesterday."

"Yes, they did," Zuko said, "if Tizou is accurate."

With that, the large curtain which led to the war room opened. In stepped the trio, Aang in his Air Nomad attire and a tan fur coat, the Water Tribe siblings each with large blue coats around them and ungloved hands, Katara wearing her hair down in the style she adopted two years ago.

The Fire Lord stepped down from his throne and made his way over to the three. "Aang, Katara, Sokka, it's good to see you again, though I wish the circumstances were better."

Aang nodded his head. "Indeed, Zuko. How are things holding up here in the Fire Nation?"

Zuko looked to his left before laying his eyes back on Team Avatar. "I don't have a report from last night yet, but apparently it was below freezing this morning, so I hope all of the crop-protecting measures were properly put in place. We can't afford a killing frost right now. Where's the rest of you guys?"

Sokka took over the talk. "I was just leaving to get them right now. We figured we would come here first, then get Suki, Ty Lee and Toph. So, I will be back in about a day."

Zuko nodded. "Okay, Sokka. I'll see you tomorrow, then."

The Water Tribe warrior gave Zuko the Water Tribe handshake and turned away, moving back towards Appa. It was late in the morning, and chances were it would take at least ten hours for Sokka to reach his destinations. Knowing that, he had packed away sleeping bags and camping materials, to allow his eventual pick-ups to get some sleep overnight. He made his way outside, back to the waiting sky bison. "Yip yip!" He commanded, and he and Appa took back to the skies, setting a course for Kyoshi Island.

Kyoshi Island

Four hours after departing from the Fire Nation, Sokka and Appa had finally landed at the legendary Avatar's namesake land. The temperature was a more reasonable 18°C, allowing Sokka to remove his fur coat.

"Sokka, welcome back to Kyoshi Island!" Mayor Oyaji walked up to him, returning a bow, a few villagers in tow. One started to get excited, showing some slight foaming from his mouth, but he quickly stopped when he noticed that Aang wasn't present.

"Hi, Oyaji. I need to see Suki and Ty Lee," Sokka explained his business. "Are they here right now?"

"Most likely they are training. What's going on?" Oyaji responded.

"Well, there have been some interesting events happening over the past couple of days, and Fire Lord Zuko wants to get Team Avatar back together, including those two. Besides, I haven't seen Suki in a while..." Sokka drifted off a little bit on his last sentence, excited to see his girlfriend again.

"All right then," Oyaji said. "I'll take you up to the Kyoshi Warriors."

The mayor and the Water Tribe warrior made their way up the long hill, where a small wooden hut was located. Inside, Suki and her Kyoshi Warriors were performing drill exercises.

"Ready! One...two...left!" The Kyoshi Warrior leader yelled, audible to Sokka and Oyaji.

The two made their way up to the front of the training facility. Sokka took a deep breath and made his way up the two steps that finally gave way to the opening.

"Sokka!" Before he could even say anything, Suki quickly noticed him. She ran up to him and threw her arms around him, locking him in a tight hug.

"Suki!" The Water Tribe warrior returned the hug, going further to engage her in a deep kiss. The two stayed locked in the kiss for a few seconds before pulling away.

"Oh, Sokka, it's so good to see you again," Suki said, her purple eyes looking deep into his blue eyes. "How have you been?"

"I've been doing just fine, Suki," Sokka began. "The last few months, we've really improved the Southern Water Tribe. You really should come see it. Right now though," his look quickly changed to a more serious demeanor. "We need you and Ty Lee for something."

Suki backed out of the hug. "What is it?"

"We're not entirely sure, but Zuko called Aang, Katara and I to the Fire Nation, and he said he wanted Team Avatar all together. That means you and Ty Lee. Also, we have to go pick up Toph in Gaoling."

Another girl, with brown eyes and her hair in a looped braid jumped out. "Wait, Zuko wants me to come too?" she asked, clearly identifying herself as Ty Lee.

Sokka nodded his head. "That's right, Ty Lee. He wants us all there."

Suki looked around at her fellow warriors. "Well, I guess this since seems to be an important matter, I should probably come. Ty Lee, yes, you too." She then directed her eyes on a taller warrior, who appeared to be a couple of years younger than her, though. "Mianna, I want you to lead the warriors while I'm gone. Hopefully I'm not too long."

Mianna nodded her head in agreement.

With that, Sokka, Suki and Ty Lee left the Kyoshi Warriors' facility, and made their way back down the hill. Sokka and Suki were hand in hand, while Ty Lee made her typical acrobatic jumps along the way, her moves she had learned through her time in the Fire Nation circus within her. Finally, they arrived at the sky bison in front of them. "Hey Appa," Suki said, going up to rub his fur. "Remember me...Suki?"

The bison roared slightly in admiration of the Kyoshi Warrior, remembering that she had helped him to escape during the War, not too long after he had been captured in the Si Wong Desert and shipped to the Fire Nation Circus.

The three warriors mounted the bison, with Sokka taking the reins. "One more stop here, then it's off to the Fire Nation. Appa, yip yip."


Appa took flight into the skies above, setting a new eastbound course for Gaoling. On the way over, the three engaged in their own talk. Suki moved down to Appa's head, placing herself to the left of her boyfriend.

"I wish you could come to Kyoshi Island more," Suki said, her look changing to one of semi-dejection, considering that it had been four months since Sokka had last visited prior to day. She wrapped her arms around him in a show of great affection.

Sokka moved his head down. "I wish I could too, Suki, but now as dad's successor, I have to be in the South Pole more often. I am being expected to greatly help in reconstruction. It doesn't help that we just had a blizzard two days ago."

Both Suki and Ty Lee's eyes arched up in curiosity. "A blizzard?" Suki was the first to ask.

"But, it was so gorgeous on the Island yesterday," Ty Lee explained. "I thought you guys had more or less the same weather there as we have here, of course just not with temperature."

"Apparently not so," Sokka retorted. "It literally came out of nowhere. One second it was sunny, the next it was snowing heavily you could barely see that far in front of you. Then apparently in the Fire Nation, it suddenly got cold."

"What?" Suki wondered out loud. "This is so weird..."

"I know," Sokka nodded his head. "I don't know why Zuko would call us all over though. I mean, does he think there is something suspicious going on? It would seem so hard to control the weather..."

"Yeah," Suki said. "Maybe he just wants you guys to help everyone stay safe as long as it is ongoing. After all, Zuko does have a lot on his plate as the Fire Lord. Remember when we visited a year ago, and they were fresh off of a riot?"

"I remember that," Ty Lee spoke, "and Zuko couldn't even sleep for almost three days after that. I think Suki's right, Sokka, though it will be exciting to see Katara again!"

Suki chuckled somewhat. "You girls have become pretty close friends since the War ended. Hey, that's a good thing though. You two used to pretty much hate each other. Now, you come in, Ty Lee, and you almost always have a message from Katara."

Sokka also laughed slightly. "Yeah, Katara's writing a lot to you girls. It's good though, we can send our letters to Kyoshi Island at the same time. By the way, Suki, how come you don't talk to Katara as much?"

Suki gasped slightly. "What? We talk a lot, too. It's just that Katara and Ty Lee talk more. I do hope to see your sister more though, you are right. Of course," she moved her head under his as she resumed, "not as much as I have wanted to see you, Sokka."

Sokka rubbed his girlfriend's hair. "Same here, Suki. Same here." He kissed her on the cheek, then re-focused himself into the eastern sky, Gaoling still a few hours away.

Fire Nation

With evening approaching, Katara and Aang pondered amongst themselves where to find a dinner. "No need," Zuko said. "I have already arranged for my servants to prepare a dinner with yourselves, Mai and I."

"Thanks Zuko," Aang said.

"Yeah, we really weren't sure where to go," Katara added.

"Anything for you two," the Fire Lord smiled and added.

Moments later, the two couples had made their way to a small table in the dining hall. Zuko and Mai sat next to each other at one vertical end of the table, Aang and Katara at the other. Out came a komodo chicken for most, with a dish of steamed vegetables and a salad for the vegan Avatar. All four were served glasses of sparkling water.

Aang started up the conversation. "So, Zuko, why did you ask us to be here? I don't know if I am sure about where this odd weather came from."

Zuko took a bite of chicken and then turned his head back towards Aang. "Well, my Uncle once told me, that sometimes weather is controlled by the spirits. They decide where things go. I was thinking that, maybe, you would know something about this."

"The monks used to tell me," Aang began, "that the weather was to be left on its own, and that no one, not even an Avatar, should figure out ways how to control it. I may be the bridge between the human world and the Spirit World, but I can't ask for any type of weather either, nor can I manipulate it, unless chosen. I don't know what else is behind it."

"Are you sure?" Zuko asked. "You can't go into the Spirit World and ask?"

"I'm afraid not," Aang replied, shaking his head. "The only way I could do that is if Roku or another past Avatar asked me to see them about that. Now, I did see a blue-colored spirit go across the sky during the blizzard Katara and I were caught in, so there may be a chance."

Zuko nodded. "I see. What did the spirit look like?"

"I remember it having a fur coat, like the one Sokka had on this morning," Aang recalled. "That's about it. It looked like an older man as well."

"I didn't see anything," Katara said.

"Well, we didn't see any of these spirits either," Mai responded. "So, I don't know about this 'spirit' stuff you're going on about."

"Mai," Zuko turned towards her. "Only the Avatar can see the spirits."

"Well, that's not always the case," Aang said. "Some of the spiritually enlightened can see other spirits. It depends though."

"Didn't Iroh have a rumored trip to the Spirit World?" Katara asked.

"I remember hearing about that," Zuko said, "but never anything about him seeing the spirits themselves. He might know something, though. I wonder..."

He was cut off by the approach of General Bujing. "Sorry to interrupt, Zuko, but I just got a message from your Uncle in Ba Sing Se."

Zuko took the message. "Oh? Thank you, Bujing. It's okay."

Bujing bowed and left the room.

Zuko opened the message hastily, worried about his Uncle. There, he read it out loud.

The message read as follows:


I just wanted to let you know that we seem to be experiencing some big trouble here in Ba Sing Se. Recently, as you may have heard already, temperatures have gotten very warm. It was quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I am fine. I assume you would be concerned about me, so I am sending you this message. Also, I saw a blue figure go across the sky yesterday. He was wearing a robe with the Fire Nation emblem on it. I don't know what this means, but it appeared to be a spirit. Something might be wrong. I hope you are holding up well, nephew. Perhaps though, the Avatar might hear something soon. Sincerely, Uncle Iroh."

Aang gasped at the last line of the message. "Iroh saw a spirit too."

Zuko nodded his head anxiously. "Yep...looks like we do have a spiritual problem."

Aang dropped his head down, knowing he likely was about to be called into action again. "When will everything be peaceful again?"

Katara placed a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry Aang. You ended the worst war in world history. I know you can do this."

"I guess I should be ready for Avatar Roku at any time," Aang said, picking his head back up.


Night was setting in on the small city, as Sokka, Suki and Ty Lee began their descent to the city center onboard Appa. They were setting out for the last at-large member of Team Avatar: Toph Bei Fong, the blind Earthbender who had become the best one of her kind in the whole world.

The three made their way in front of Toph's Earthbending Academy, previously belonging to Master Yu. It was acquired by the Bei Fongs following the end of the War, due to Yu's still-unknown fate to the people of Gaoling. Toph was getting ready to return to the Bei Fong estate when the sky bison landed near her in front of the establishment. She was standing alongside The Boulder at the time.

"The Boulder is confused as to why a giant bison has landed in front of the academy!" The former Earth Rumbler exclaimed.

"Sky bison!?" Toph blurted out. "Is that..."

"Toph!" Sokka exclaimed, setting himself on the Earthbender again.

"Hey, Sokka," Toph said. "What are you doing here? What's going on? that Suki with you?"

"Yeah, it's me," Suki replied. "We brought someone else along."

Ty Lee jumped on to the ground in a spin.

"Oh, it's Acrobat Girl," Toph said, referencing Ty Lee. "So, what brings you all here? Is something wrong?"

"Toph," Sokka began. "Tell me, has the weather in Gaoling been normal lately?"

The blind Earthbender grew confused. "Uhhh...yeah, we have had nice sunny days. It did get a little warmer the other day, but other than that, yeah, it's been the usual, from what I know."

"I see," Sokka responded, nodding. "Well, it hasn't been normal everywhere. We had this freak blizzard in the Southern Water Tribe a couple of days ago. In the Fire Nation, it got very cold all of a sudden. Zuko is confused, and he said he wanted the whole team back together. So, we need you to come to the Fire Nation with us. Are you in?"

Toph looked around in confusion. "Well...I don't know. I would have to let my parents know that I'm leaving, and then I would have to leave the Academy in someone else's hands..."

The Boulder formed his right hand into a fist, pounding the fist into the palm of his left hand. "The Boulder would be happy to become instructor at the Academy while the Blind Bandit is away!"

"Looks like that's solved," Suki chuckled.

"Fine, Boulder, you've got it. You run the place while I'm away," Toph said, pointing at him. "For now, I assume Twinkle Toes and Sugar Queen are already there, Boomerang Boy? I don't 'see' them anywhere."

"Yeah, they're with Zuko in the Fire Nation," Sokka nodded. "Since it's late, we're going to camp out somewhere, then we're off to the Fire Nation in the morning. We should be there by early tomorrow afternoon. Make sure you bring something warm, Toph."

"I'll be fine," Toph said with an exasperated sigh. "Don't worry about me so much!"

"Okay. Let's get to your parents' house so they know we're headed out of here," Sokka said, re-mounting Appa, along with the two Kyoshi Warriors.

Toph bended out part of the ground, launching herself on to the bison's saddle, next to Ty Lee.

They all made the short distance to the Bei Fong estate. All four arrived at the door, knocking at it. Lao Bei Fong answered the knock, Poppy right behind him. "Toph? Why are your friends here? With that...thing?" he referenced Appa. "Are you going somewhere?"

"Yeah, Dad," Toph replied. "Why are you so worried? I'm fourteen...if I could travel the world at twelve, why worry now? We're just going to the Fire Nation, because the Fire Lord needs us for something. I'll be back in a few days. I just need a coat or something." She walked into the house, right to her bedroom.

Poppy gasped, holding her hand over her mouth at first. "A coat in the Fire Nation, at this time of year? Toph, you'll roast!"

"Not quite," Sokka explained. "See, there's been these weird ongoings with the weather lately throughout the world. At the South Pole, we had a freak blizzard, and in the Fire Nation, it randomly got really cold."

Lao quickly remembered news he got from Ba Sing Se the other day. "Say, there was some freak heatwave in the Capital. I wonder if this is connected..."

"We're not sure," Suki said. "I guess we'll find out once we get there."

Toph came back downstairs with a small green jacket, ready to brace the Fire Nation chill. "I'll be back in a few days, Mom, Dad. Don't worry too much about me."

"All right Toph," Poppy said, bending down to hug her daughter. "Don't forget to write."

"Good luck Toph," Lao said, performing the same action. "We love you."

"I love you both, too," Toph said. "Hopefully this won't take long."

Again, the four friends mounted Appa, and took off towards the western sky, into the night ahead of them. Team Avatar was about to be re-united in full.

Fire Nation

Aang sat on his bed, bowing his head down as the night grew later, wondering why nothing could continue at peace. He had yet to receive anything from his spiritual guides, but had a feeling Roku would be calling him soon. A light knock came at his door. "Aang?" A girl's voice whispered. "May I come in?"

The Avatar quickly interpreted the voice as his girlfriend's. "Sure."

Katara walked in and took a seat next to him on the bed. "Aang...are you okay?" Her eyes wore a look of concern.

"'s like I said at dinner," he began. "It seems like every time things settle down, something else happens. Now this thing with the weather, we have spirits's so hard. I just hope this isn't as bad as it seems. I know I ended the War, but it seems wherever I turn...there's another problem."

"You are the Avatar," Katara said. "You kind of have to do this."

"I know," Aang responded. "I just wish we could have some time of peace. We had a war for hundred years, there as a revolt here last year, now the weather, and apparently the spirits are involved, I'm so worried. I just don't think this world will ever be at peace."

Katara wrapped her arms around Aang. "It's going to be okay, Aang...put it this way, we went almost a year and a half at general peace. It's getting there. It won't be too much longer before everything is okay...then we'll be able to settle in peace. I mean, Zuko hasn't had any problems with revolution since what happened last year. Come on Aang...we can do this."

Aang nodded his head, not saying anything. Katara proceeded to give her boyfriend a light kiss on the cheek and a reassuring hug. "We're all here...together. It may be though, but I promise...we won't fight this alone. Sokka will have the rest of our friends here soon. This is hard....but we're all here for you Aang. We won't let you fight this alone. I won't let you fight this alone." She tucked her head under that of Aang's.

Aang finally worked up the courage to crack a smile and say something. "You're right, Katara...I will always have you. We have worked together with so much in the past. If it's a fight we have...I would want no one else besides all my friends by my side...and my love," he finished by locating his grey eyes straight down into hers of sapphire blue.

"Aang..." she whispered lovingly.

She moved her head up and moved towards him, preparing for a kiss. She pressed her lips against his, closing her eyes and relaxing. He returned this kiss with great love, holding his arms around her. Seconds later, they separated from this deep, affectionate kiss.

"I love you, Katara," Aang said. "I'll make sure this world is safe for all of us."

"I love you too, Aang," Katara responded, smiling lovingly at him. "I look forward to that day." She then got up from out of his arms and made her way to the doorway, but not before turning her head back. "Good night. I'll see you in the morning."

He nodded and smiled with the same loving look. "Good night, Katara. Pleasant dreams."

Western Earth Kingdom

Appa was showing signs of exhaustion as the remaining members of Team Avatar found themselves nearing the seas again. It had been a long day of travel for the Avatar's bison, starting that morning in the Southern Water Tribe. He had not really rested in sixteen hours. Appa loudly yawned, signaling that he was ready to rest.

Sokka yawned as well. "I agree, Appa. Guys, do you think we might want to call it a night? It's getting late, and I don't think Appa can go much further."

Suki nodded her head. "'s been a long day. I think we all could use some rest so we're prepared for whatever happens in the Fire Nation."

"I agree with Warrior Girl and the Fuzzball. Let's rest," Toph replied, nodding.

Sokka landed Appa in an area of grass outside a forest. Not too far from the forest, they were overlooking a small town, as they stood at the top of a cliff. "Hey...this town looks familiar," he said.

"How so?" Ty Lee asked curiously. "Were you here before?"

Sokka nodded. "Yeah. Have any of you ever heard of the Freedom Fighters...well, except Toph, because she did meet them once?"

Ty Lee nodded. "Oh yeah, those...they had that guy Jet as their leader. I heard he died..."

"Yeah, well, they tried to flood this village once, because it was taken over by the Fire Nation," Sokka explained. "I was fortunate enough to get there in time and evacuate all the villagers before the flood. Looks like they rebuilt it pretty well though."

"Jet? Wasn't he Sugar Queen's boyfriend or something?" Toph asked.

"Well...she did have a crush on him, Toph," Sokka replied. "Thankfully, that didn't last when we found out just what he was up to."

"Oh...she told me that once," Ty Lee said. "I remember, she said something like that she didn't want him dead, but would never fall for a guy like that again."

"It's clear why," Suki said. "Jet was kind of a jerk."

"No kidding," Sokka joined in on the Jet-bashing. "I'm much happier that Katara got together with Aang. She would have been really unhappy with Jet."

"All that aside, Boomerang Boy," Toph said. "How do we know the Freedom Fighters aren't here? What if they don't want us here?"

"It's not likely they're here, Toph. Remember when we found them in Ba Sing Se? They were looking for a new life. Besides, with the War over, there's no point in them being here anymore," Sokka said, turning back to Toph.

All four slowly began to set up camp. Ty Lee and Suki laid out their sleeping bags, while Toph quickly crafted her typical tent of rock, making her own sleeping bag perfectly, showing an increased knowledge of getting her own camp together, as she had learned through her first travels with Team Avatar.

Sokka gathered some wood for a small fire. Using two sticks, he quickly lit the wood on fire, giving them all some light.

The four gathered themselves around a campfire, roasting various food stuffs as the night went on.

"So, do you think that something may be wrong?" Suki asked her boyfriend. "I mean, this weather thing..."

Sokka placed his hand on Suki's shoulder. "Look, nothing's wrong, though Aang claimed to see some kind of spirit during the blizzard. It's probably just some Avatar thing."

"Just some Avatar thing?" Toph said, looking kind of frustrated. "You do know it's Twinkle Toes' duty to keep the world in balance, right? If he saw some spirit, that doesn't alarm you at all?"

"Not too much," Sokka replied. "I think Zuko was just a little nervous about what happened in the Fire Nation and he wants us all there to help him. I don't think there's anything wrong."

Ty Lee looked concerned. "Well, the whole spirit thing during the storm is kind of freaky, don't you think?"

Sokka shook his head, smiling. "Again, it's probably just some Avatar thing. I wouldn't worry too much."

Toph shook her head, but showing a look of annoyance. "Don't be so fast to dismiss this, Boomerang Boy! Usually when Aang sees some freaky vision, it means something's going down. Like when he saw Roku and that whole thing about Sozin, and the lion turtle or whatever."

"I'm sure we'll all be all right," Sokka said, reassuringly. "Look, it's starting to get really late. Why don't we all get some rest?"

"All right," Toph grumbled.

"Don't worry, we'll be okay, Toph," Sokka again reassured the blind Earthbender.

The four separated away from the campfire, as Sokka extinguished it with a bucket of water. They all exchanged their good nights, with Sokka giving Suki a kiss before they went their separate ways.

Little did Sokka know just how wrong he was.

Unknown location

General Zorro sat at his desk, a map in front of him. He looked at it, plotting out his next series of moves. General Ezan entered his office, smiling mischievously.

"Ezan, this had better be important," Zorro said angrily. "I'm trying to figure out where we go from here."

"It is of vital importance," Ezan said. "Our plan has worked, Zorro. We have drawn Team Avatar into the Capital. Avatar Aang and Katara are now there, staying with Fire Lord Zuko in the palace. The warrior, Sokka, has gone to the Earth Kingdom to gather up those Kyoshi Warriors and Toph Bei Fong. They will be here at some point tomorrow. We have Team Avatar right where we want them, sir."

Zorro's angry frown turned into an evil smile, as he folded his hands, nodding. "Nicely done, everyone."

Kianna stood up and nodded. "Now, finally, is my chance to show that cocky Southern girl what for. She thinks she can just come up and take over Waterbending's legacy. It's time to show her she's not the only good female Waterbender."

Baktan drew his sword. "We shall take them out, right then and there. This world will soon be in our control."

"Easy, Baktan," Zorro stood up and said. "First, we have to find them. We're still quite a distance from the Fire Nation Capital. We have to find a way to get there as soon as possible. Then, we will confront Team Avatar. It's time for this world to crumble under its own weather. The Meteorologists are here to stay."

"Do not forget about the traitor, Reeaki," Ezan said. "For all we know, he could be on his way to warn Team Avatar about us."

"We will deal with Reeaki in due time," Zorro boasted. "Besides, the Team is clueless as to what Weatherbending even is. By the time Reeaki even gets there to explain it...we'll have eliminated them from the world."

All the members smiled at one another, excited and prepared to finish off what the Fire Nation failed to do two years ago.

The seas

On the Fire Nation's western coast, Reeaki continued to look around the skies, hoping to see Team Avatar. Alas, this was not the case. Pulling out his thermometer, he saw the readings of temperatures.

"2.4°C. They're still around," he whispered quietly. "I have to get to the Avatar and his friends before it's too late...but...who knows where they are?"

Reeaki could only desperately search the seas, hoping to see a sign of them soon.

Author's notes

Well, I was back and forth on my plans for this chapter. However, I decided I would get Team Avatar over to the Fire Nation before proceeding with later business.

Here come the Meteorologists.

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