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Reeaki is a character from the real world, hailing from the United States. However, in 2009, he was transported to the Avatar World under mysterious circumstances, just after the War had ended. It turned out that he was a Firebender and he joined the Meteorologists. Later, however, he would betray them and become the Weatherbending instructor to Team Avatar's Weatherbenders.


Real World (1988 - 2009)

Reeaki was born to his parents on 11 March 1988, the second of four children. Early in his life, he developed a liking of the weather, growing it into a passion and eventually planning to make it a part of his future.

He graduated from High School in 2007, in the top 10 of his class. That school year, he elected to attend Penn State University to pursue a degree in meteorology.

Reeaki succeeded greatly throughout his first two years at Penn State, becoming one of the top students in meteorology.


On 26 September 2009, while making his way home from a football game, Reeaki was taken by two unknown people. After not returning to his dormitory, Campus Police began a search for him which remains ongoing.

Reeaki later discovered he was in the Avatar World, in the Fire Nation.

Avatar World (2009 - 2011/101 - 102 AG)

In the Meteorologists

Reeaki had been taken captive by General Zorro and Kianna, who explained their plans to him, and revealed to him that he was a Firebender. He grew fascinated when they told him of the long lost art of Weatherbending, and decided to follow them on their trek to reveal it.

Reeaki barely escaped Wan Shi Tong's library, actually winding up in the spirit's clutches briefly before Zorro saved him. He began training with the Meteorologists and quickly mastered Weatherbending.

However, he found out later that the Meteorologists were intending to track down and eliminate Team Avatar. Due to an admiration Reeaki built up in the real world for Aang and his friends, he decided he could not stay with the Meteorologists.

During the late night of 17 July 102 AG, Reeaki left the Meteorologists, stealing some of the Weatherbending scrolls. He set out on a global journey in an attempt to track down and help instruct Team Avatar in the art of Weatherbending, while trying to avoid the tracking Meteorologists.

Finding Team Avatar

Reeaki initially located Team Avatar in August, 102 AG. By the time he had reached them, however, they were defeated by the Meteorologists. He took them on his boat to the Southern Water Tribe, where they received healing. Afterwards, feeling useless, he left the South Pole.

Later, Zentai, Pokai, and Algaion appeared before him on his boat. He was given the full history of Weatherbending, and learned he had to be Team Avatar's Weatherbending instructor. With that, he turned back for the Southern Water Tribe.

He later found the team again in the southern Earth Kingdom. However, because of a Fire Nation flag on his boat, the team first believed he was sent by Zorro to capture them. After explaining part of his story, everyone except Sokka trusted him. Reeaki then told more of his story, and Sokka then trusted him. The rest of the team then welcomed him in.

In the Earth Kingdom

Reeaki got to work training Aang, Katara, and Zuko. He also taught Aang and Zuko successfully in lightning generation. All the meanwhile, his instruction was a success for the three members, giving them sufficient knowledge in Weatherbending.

Later, the team shuffled off to Ba Sing Se after Zuko was called there by Iroh. Iroh informed Reeaki of a man named Hashidi who was in the Avatar's world under similar circumstances. Reeaki met him and Hashidi explained he had come from Maryland in 1979, and had also been tracing where real-world transfers had come from. Hashidi also explained to Reeaki that people who were crossed over had a destiny, and that their bending (In Reeaki's case, Firebending), along with strength, was determined by what their specific destiny was. After it was filled, Reeaki would have two weeks to decide if he would stay in the Avatar world or return to his world.

Not too long later, Team Avatar was summoned before the Council of Five for an update on the world's affairs. After this, Reeaki joined Aang, Katara and Sokka on a trip to the Spirit World, where they were explained to by the three spirits that they had to stop the Meteorologists soon or Weatherbending's effects would turn irreversible.

Some time later, on the Council of Five's word, the team was traveling towards Fong's base. During a camping rest one night, a fight broke out between several members of the team. Reeaki tried to break it up, but failed to do so, so Toph did so. After this, Reeaki gave a speech in which he said the team needed to get it together, as exhausting their energy fighting themselves would be want the Meteorologists wanted. The involved team members then apologized, to his delight.

Later, Reeaki instigated the meeting to decide where every team member would go in The Tri-National Showdown. Reeaki agreed to fight for the Earth Kingdom with Toph, Mai and Suki. The counter-offensive against Fire Lord Zorro's Attack on the Earth Kingdom launched from Fong's base on 14 September.

Prior to this, Reeaki told Aang and Zuko of a devastating move that merged Weatherbending and Firebending. If they used the heat they absorbed quickly enough, they could make it into a large attack. However, it was highly risky and it was meant to be used only in a dire situation, as it could drain bending energy.

Fighting for the Earth Kingdom

Reeaki fought with Toph at Senlin Village on day one. After an easy victory, they met with the rest of the forces at the Mining village. He fought valiantly, but his and the Earth Kingdom side's forces couldn't hold, and the Fire Nation got the first victory.

On day two, Reeaki fell back with several forces to defend Fong's base. While the battle was away from the base, he told Fong his intent to return home when the fight was over.

The fight did reach the base, and seeing the Earth Kingdom losing the fight, Reeaki turned to his devastating move. It was a success, as the Fire Nation forces were wiped out to essentially nothing, and they had to surrender. However, the strain on the attack caused Reeaki to pass out, and he had to recover at the medical ward.

Present at the fight was Hashidi. After Reeaki recovered, he spoke to Hashidi, and informed him of his decision to return home.

Last moments with Team Avatar

Reeaki stood by as the rest of Team Avatar returned from victories in their battles. After that, he told them of his decision to return home. The rest of the team wished him well, and Reeaki did the same. He said the time he spent there was a fulfilling experience but knew he was meant to finish his time in his world.

Return to Penn State

Reeaki went with Hashidi to the portal just outside Ba Sing Se. After a short talk with him, he went through the portal and found himself back in State College, the date turning out to be 6 February 2012. Once back, he re-met his close friends Lauren and Chris.

Lauren informed Reeaki of several events that occurred during his time away, including that he had been stripped of his student-ship at Penn State due to being missing for so long. However, he successfully re-applied and was told by the dean of admissions he could return to instruction in the fall of 2012.

After this, Lauren confessed to Reeaki she had developed a love for him, and Reeaki also confessed he had mutual feelings. The two then kissed, starting their relationship, to which Chris responded with a laughing approval.


Reeaki is a friendly person. He is willing to help others when needed, and also works towards great causes. While in the real world, he contributed towards THON, a charity organization by Penn State. For however long he is in the Avatar World, he aims to continue this work if possible.

However, he can have a short temper, especially if his ire is drawn. He gets very defensive of his friends, not taking any attacks on them.


Reeaki, despite only living in the Avatar World for a year, is a highly-advanced Firebender. However, his notable skills come from Weatherbending, which he has mastered fully under Fire. He is an excellent fighter, able to counter Meteorologist moves.


Hailing from the real world, Reeaki possesses technology foreign to the Avatar World, including digital thermometers and weather stations. This technology enables him to take accurate readings of the weather around him, which would come in handy while training Team Avatar in Weatherbending.

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