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17 December 2011

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Reeaki's Arrival is chapter eight of "The Weatherbenders".


Team Avatar's search for Reeaki is short-lived when he finds them. Reeaki tells his bizarre story and explains his position. Meanwhile, Zorro sets up his final plans for attack.

The Story

Southern Earth Kingdom

"You already know?" Reeaki asked of the three that now stood directly in front of him.

"Yes," Zuko replied. "Three spirits told us of you. As you said, you're not of this world, and you don't know exactly why you're here, or how."

"Spirits?" Reeaki was perplexed. However, his look changed when he realized the visions he was given while in the Mo Ce Sea. "Wait a minute...these spirits...are they named Zentai, Pokai, and Algaion?"

"He's right," Katara said to Aang.

"How did you know?" Aang addressed the young world crossover.

"Because," Reeaki said. "They came to me shortly after I left from the Southern Water Tribe when I had found you originally."

Team Avatar was now surprised. As they were passed out, they could not remember who had brought them following their first encounter with the Meteorologists ended in a devastating defeat. It looks like they now had their answer, but could not believe it.

"You can't be for real," Sokka said. "Of a different world, and now claiming to have saved us? Get out of here."

"Sokka!" Katara snapped at her brother. "Will you give him a chance? He seems to fit the same description of what the spirits told us."

"Only seems," Sokka added with emphasis. "We don't know if he's being real. For all we know, he's a spy sent by Zorro and his gang to wipe us out. I mean, saying you're a former member of the Meteorologists?"

"It's all true," Reeaki said, remaining confident in the face of Sokka's suspicions. "I am telling you, I was a former member, but once I heard what they intended to do, I backed out! I would not let any of you be defeated!"

"Just how did you hear of us?" Toph asked.

"In my world, there was a way we followed your entire journey, all your ways of reaching this point, and how you all saved your world," Reeaki explained. "It is something you likely have never heard of. However, I knew of all of you, and I could not fight against any of you."

Sokka shook his head. "This is outrageous. Get out of here before we take you out!"

Reeaki still stood strong. "If you want, I can prove to you I am not of your world. Come aboard my boat, and I will show you everything you have not heard of."

"No," Sokka declared. "We are not getting on board your silly boat so you can take us back and have us killed by Zorro!"

Katara was now aggravated at her brother. Aang decided to find a way to break the tension that was now surfacing, and unite their thoughts. "All right guys, let's talk."

The various members of Team Avatar gathered, as Reeaki took a seat on the ground, hoping for the team's acceptance.

"I'm telling you guys, this is all nonsense!" Sokka said, his voice dropped to a whisper. "Give me a break, you don't really believe this guy, do you?"

"Look," Zuko said. "As Katara just said to you earlier, Sokka, he matches the descriptions of what the spirits told us. He's not of this world, he's a Firebender, and he's a deserter of the Meteorologists. His looks all seem legitimate."

"Boomerang Boy," Toph began. "Remember back in Ba Sing Se when I explained to you I could tell if someone is lying? If this guy was lying, I would be able to feel his shaking within the ground. I felt nothing at all."

"Sokka, I love you," Suki added. "Sometimes, however, you are a little paranoid. Why not give this guy a chance before we shove him away?"

"I agree," Aang said. "Besides, Sokka, if it turns out he's not on our side, just be ready to attack then. We'll support you."

"I see no reason to think he's on the wrong side," Katara said. "I agree with Aang, though. I don't want to assume full trust, but I am 99% sure he's legitimate."

Sokka sighed. "All right. I do trust all of you."

The team broke their meeting. Sokka decided, since he was the least trustworthy of Reeaki, he would explain the situation. "Okay, Reeaki. We'll get on your boat. But no funny stuff, okay? I'm keeping my eye on you."

Reeaki nodded. "Very well. I promise you, however, that there will be no funny business. Now then, right this way." The young man led the way to his small boat, to show Team Avatar that which was foreign to them.

Reeaki's boat

One-by-one, the members of Team Avatar stepped on board Reeaki's moderate-sized boat. As they looked around the exterior, they didn't seem to find anything unusual, it having the appearance of any typical boat. This was until Katara noticed an instrument with three open circles on the top of it, which were spinning slightly. "What is this thing?" The Waterbender asked.

"This device helps me to measure the wind speed," Reeaki explained. "You'll see where I get those if you just follow me below deck here."

On the way below deck, Aang, Sokka and Suki got notice of a small device mounted to the right of the wind-measuring instrument. They all looked at it with curiosity, and Reeaki, who was behind the team, saw these looks and answered them. "This helps me monitor the temperature, relative humidity, and dew point."

"The temperature and...what?" Sokka asked. "What were those last two things again?"

"The relative humidity and dew point," the Firebending Weatherbender repeated. "Each of those measurements help us understand the measure of the moisture in the air."

The three looked at each other with some confusion, having never heard of any of those measurements besides temperature.

As everyone made their way below deck, they found some rooms with several beds within them. Some even noticed that there was dried blood on the sheets. "What is going on here?" Zuko asked, having noticed the blood.

"It was here where I held all of you on the way to the South Pole," Reeaki said. "I moved you all below deck so no one would take notice of you. Also, given the heat that you had encountered, I kept it cool."

"That explains that," Mai said, shivering slightly. " really did find us?"

Reeaki nodded.

As some team members explored the other room, Aang and Katara took notice of Reeaki's most important device. "Hey, come check this out everyone," Aang said from down the hall way. "You've got to see this!"

The team took notice of a device mounted on the hallway's wall, which had as follows:

09:57 26-AUG

TEMP: 20.8°C DEWPT: 13.5°C

R-HUM: 63.0% PRES: 30.10


Some read out the exact readings on this device, confused as to some of the units. "K-T-S...what?" Sokka said. "What is that?"

"It's a reading of the wind speed," Reeaki replied, "in the measurement of knots."

"Knots? You mean like what we tie things into?" Toph said. "A knot?"

"Not quite," Reeaki said. "Where I come from, the 'knot' is also a measurement of wind speed. We also have miles per hour, or M-P-H."

The team members just looked each other, all of these units of measurement clearly foreign to them.

"So, just what exactly is this?" Zuko asked.

"It's called a weather station," Reeaki answered. "Somehow, the Meteorologists picked it off from me when they brought me to your world. However, for those of you who took notice of the instruments I had outside, those are the ones that give me the readings on this thing."

"I have at least heard of 'degrees C', " Suki added. "We use that to measure temperature around here."

The real world crossover nodded. "That is true, hence why I converted from the previous measurement I use where I come from, which is called Fahrenheit."

"Fahren-what?" Sokka asked.

"Fahrenheit," Reeaki responded. "Watch this."

With the flip of a switch, the 20.8°C and 13.5°C changed to 69.4°F and 56.3°F respectively, again confusing the team members.

"Why did the temperatures just increase?" Aang asked.

"That's what happens when you change from degrees C to degrees F. It's a mathematical thing, but with this weather station, I can go from C to F and vice versa instantly," Reeaki said another response. "You will see that degrees F is higher than degrees C, but the temperature does not change. Whether it's 20.8°C or 69.4°F, it's the same amount of heat."

The team nodded in some form of understanding, though it was hard for them to grasp the concepts of his weather measurement. Having enough confusion, Sokka decided to move to more important matters.

"Now that we did all of that," Sokka said. "It's your turn to give us some explanations.

"All right," Reeaki responded.

"So, how did you even get here?" Sokka asked him.

Reeaki's eyes turned away before they turned back to the team. "It's...I am not entirely one point, I blanked out. I'll tell you what I can..."

University Park, Pennsylvania
26 September, 2009

"Final score...the Iowa Hawkeyes 21, the Penn State Nittany Lions, 10. Fans, we thank you..." the P.A. announcer's voice drifted away as the fans left the stadium.

"Uggh...terrible loss," Reeaki said to his friend, Chris.

"You can say that again," Chris answered. "Last year, these guys destroyed our national championship hopes, and now they did it to us again. So much for our number four ranking in the polls..."

"At least it happened early in the year," Reeaki said. "Not like when it happened in November last year. We got a lot of time to recover."

"I just hoped...but you're right," Chris nodded and said. "Well, I guess I'll see you in three weeks for the game against Minnesota, man."

"Yeah...I am going to get back to my apartment," Reeaki said. "I will indeed see you then. Take care, Chris."

"You too," Chris responded, and the two shook hands and went their separate ways.

Little did Reeaki know he would not be going back to his apartment that night.

Southern Earth Kingdom
26 August, 102 AG

"Hold up," Sokka stopped the story. "Football? What is that?"

"Just a sport we have," Reeaki answered.

Aang nodded. "Like Sky Bison Polo!"

"Yeah, or Kuai Ball," Zuko added. "Am I right?"

Reeaki nodded, though he was not sure of the other two sports. In any event, he resumed his story.

University Park, Pennsylvania
26 September, 2009

The young student continued west down College Avenue, anxious to reach his apartment and get out of the rain, and the overall downbeat mood of his fellow students as a result of Penn State's tough loss.

Near the Bryce Jordan Center, two hooded figures walked down the street. They were covered with the ponchos that several other students had on that rainy night. Quickly, they saw their target.

"Let's go, Kianna," Zorro said. "There is no time to waste."

The two crossed the street, onto the western side of College Avenue. They began to follow Reeaki as he made his way past the parking lots and clearing more and more student tailgates. The two followers waited for a chance to capture Reeaki conspicuously, out of the sight of the multiple campus police that were directing traffic.

About fifteen minutes later, Reeaki was cleared of all the events that were taking place, and nearing a more deserted area towards the apartment complex he was calling home at Penn State. He was nearing dark alleyways, when he could hear the murmurs of two people behind him. Curious, the young student turned around, and there he saw them, dressed in the white ponchos, their heads hanging down.

"Hey there, strangers," Reeaki said. "Are you guys students here too?"

Zorro and Kianna each said nothing, lest their cover-up be blown.

"Hello?" Reeaki again asked, but once more they did not respond. Reeaki just shrugged and walked away, heading back towards his apartments. This time, the two followers did not continue their pace, waiting from him to stay enough of the way so he did not catch them again.

Nearing his apartment complex, Reeaki was again at an alleyway, but did not look behind him as Zorro and Kianna ducked into it. He began to hear the voices again, and turned his back once more. However, he did not see them.

The rain got heavier, and fog started to appear in the path of the student.

"Can't see anything," Reeaki said to himself.

Suddenly, he heard a deep voice, similar to what he thought he was hearing just moments ago. "There he is, get him!" Reeaki looked left and right, before he found his mouth and eyes being closed.

The next thing he knew, he again saw the two hooded figures. "You're coming with us," a voice more feminine spoke. Then, this person put a napkin to his mouth, subduing Reeaki, causing everything to fade away.

Fire Nation
Late 101 AG

The young man woke up in confusion, tied to a chair. He looked around and saw things quite strange, such as a Fire Nation flag and maps of the Avatar World. "This doesn't look like State College at all," he said.

He looked at himself, and saw that he was no longer donning the white jersey, shorts, and body paint he had on for the game, but rather red-colored clothing. As he felt around his head, his hair seemed unusual. It had been pushed up and tied into a knot. He looked at himself and it confirmed what he was thinking. His entire look was different. It was not long before he realized the world he was in. He had seen it before through other media, but never up close and personal.

"I'm in the Avatar's world!" He exclaimed to himself. ""

"That's for us to know and for you not to find out," Zorro said, entering the room. "Greetings, young man."

"Who are you?" Reeaki asked.

"I am General Zorro of the Fire Nation," his captor answered. "We have taken you from your world for a mission I think you would be interested in."

"Go on," Reeaki responded, his curiosity peaked.

"We have recently discovered a lost bending art," Zorro explained. "Rumor has it you are very interested in the weather. Well, what if I were to tell you that you could manipulate the weather at your own choosing? If you were to join my small group, we would be able to find the information we seek to perform this art, Weatherbending."

Reeaki nodded, though confused that he was captured. Nevertheless, he grew excited. "I'll do it!"

Zorro returned the nod. "Welcome to the Meteorologists."

"Thank you," Reeaki shook his hand. "My name is Reeaki, and it feels good to be able to gather up this art."

"I am sure you will enjoy it. Now, come with me to meet our other members," Zorro said.

Reeaki later introduced himself to Kianna and Baktan, and then the group of four gathered for a meeting on how to re-gather Weatherbending. Reeaki was seated by himself at the table, prior to the arrival of the other three.

"Listen," Zorro whispered to his other allies. "No one tell him of our plans. He is an admirer of Team Avatar. If he finds out we are wiping them out, he will leave us faster than we can say 'wait'."

The other three nodded and made their way to the meeting room to explain their plans.

Southern Earth Kingdom
26 August, 102 AG

"So you willingly followed them," Sokka said. "Are you kidding me?"

"I didn't know what they were planning at the time," Reeaki explained. "If I had known earlier I would have left them the second I came into this world!"

"The fact that you were captured didn't make you suspicious?" Zuko asked.

"I'll admit, I didn't dwell on my capture too much," Reeaki responded. "I was overcome with the excitement of being able to manipulate the weather at will, and for that, I feel a little guilty."

Katara placed a hand on Reeaki's shoulder, as did Aang on his other. "It's okay, we all make mistakes sometimes," Katara assured him.

"Katara's right," Aang said with a smile. "You made that mistake and you got past it."

"I did, yes," Reeaki responded. "My only regret is that I didn't find out sooner."

"How did you know we were in trouble?" Suki asked him.

"Eavesdropping is a powerful thing," the crossover responded.

Fire Nation
16 July, 102 AG, 22:30

Reeaki walked through the small Meteorologist headquarters, happy to be around after several months. Occasionally, he dreamed about returning to Penn State, but for now, he was relaxed with his group of allies, excited that he knew how to at least manipulate the temperature.

That night, he walked by General Zorro's office, and heard him speaking with Kianna.

"When do we begin our strike?" Kianna asked. Curious, Reeaki stood outside the office, out of the sight of the man and woman.

"Soon enough," Zorro responded. "I have our plans all in place. We will first bring this nation to its knees with stinging cold temperatures, then we shall paralyze the Southern Water Tribe with a blizzard. The final blow will be levied to Ba Sing Se with an extreme heat wave. Team Avatar, seeing the dangers, will be drawn out of their homes. Then, we can strike them, bring them down, and take the world for ourselves!"

Reeaki gasped silently in distress, but stayed quiet enough so he would not be heard. He made his way back to his room, a wave of guilt now consuming him. "Is this...what I signed up for? To defeat the heroes?" He looked around the room and laid down on his bed, staring at the ceiling, now needing to think of a way to abandon the Meteorologists.

Southern Earth Kingdom
26 August, 102 AG

"That must have been hard for you to find out," Katara said. "Those who you thought were blessing you were actually trying to defeat us."

"The admiration I had built up for your entire group would not allow me to continue with the Meteorologists," Reeaki said, his head hanging down. "I needed a plan, however, and fast. That's how I had to escape."

Fire Nation
17 July, 102 AG, 02:45

The members of the Meteorologists had all gone to sleep, but Reeaki lay awake. It had been four hours since he found out that the group who had granted him something the young man could only dream about were actually on the wrong side of what he had hoped for. But he did not know what to do, he knew he would have to get to Team Avatar before they did, and also he felt he might have to offer them instruction in Weatherbending. It had been several months since he began his Weatherbending training, and was now well-versed in the art of Fire. He knew it would be impossible for him to teach the other arts, but he had to do something.

The real world transplant packed his things up and decided he would have to do something he would avoid under normal circumstances: theft.

Quietly, he sneaked by Zorro's room and entered his office. Within one of the wooden desk drawers lay several of the Weatherbending scrolls they had picked off from Wan Shi Tong's library in that break-in. Next, he noticed he saw all of his technology locked away. He burned down the door that separated him and these devices and grabbed them. Reeaki then packed the scrolls and devices away, and, with all of his belongings in several bags, he made his way out to the same boat that Zorro had granted him. Under the cover of the night, he began sailing away from the Fire Nation, from the Meteorologist headquarters, and began his search.

Southern Earth Kingdom
26 August, 102 AG

"I sailed for weeks, then of course came when I found all of you after your initial defeat," Reeaki finished his story. "Obviously, we know the rest of it now. The spirits told me I had to find you all and told you I had to instruct you."

Aang, Katara, and Zuko, the weather-capable members, each nodded.

"I understand," Aang said.

"I'm glad we didn't need to search that long," Zuko added.

"Well, then I welcome you in," Katara further commented. "Everyone, it's become clear we need this guy. So, does everyone accept him?"

"Again, I don't feel anything that would indicate to me that he's lying," Toph said. "Let him in."

The Kyoshi Warriors' leader was the next to speak. "Well, we do need someone to fill Ty Lee's spot, and we need an instructor, as well. I agree with Toph, he's clean. Bring him in."

Mai added on to the support. "If we are going to take back the Fire Nation and crush these guys, we'll need a Weatherbender of our own, not to mention, of course, someone to teach these three," she referenced Aang, Katara and Zuko. "He's cool."

It all came down to Sokka, but there was nothing to worry about when his words began. "Look," he addressed Reeaki. "Everyone seems to agree, and well, Toph would be the best one to tell if someone was lying."

Toph idly smiled as Sokka spoke.

"I'm sorry I didn't trust you," the Southern Prince continued. "You seem like a good guy, and definitely someone we will need for our mission."

Reeaki happily nodded. "It feels great to be on board with you all! We will, together, help take down the Meteorologists! However, time is short. Aang, Katara, Zuko, we will need to begin training as soon as possible. I suggest we stay here no more than tonight."

Everyone agreed to Reeaki's plans.

After some doubt, Team Avatar was set.

They had their guy.

Would time be on their side?

Fire Nation

The generals made their way into the throne room. Some were new appointments, others decided to submit to their new Fire Lord. They sat around the table which contained the large map of the Avatar World which had been made many years ago for the old war strategies.

Zorro, Ezan, Kianna, and Baktan all made their way into the room, with Zorro sitting on the throne once held by Zuko. Ezan, Kianna and Baktan took their seats at the front of the table, just in front of the new Fire Lord.

"General Fuang, your report," Zorro demanded.

"Sir, today, I am pleased to announce that we captured three deserters of our army," Fuang said. "They had escaped shortly after you overthrew Zuko's reign. We found them and they are now on death row."

Zorro nodded. "It's about time we captured some of those brat's loyalists. Now, what of the training? General Zin, I believe that is your authority."

Zin was in high spirits, which meant only one thing. "Our training of the new military has gone over well. About 85% of our Firebending soldiers are now versed in Weatherbending, able to produce similar stunning changes to the temperature within moments."

Zorro grew his evil grin once again. He then hopped off the throne and made his way in front of his original allies. "That is a perfect report, General Zin. What about rebellions? General Shang, I believe I put you in charge of those."

Shang, unlike Zin, was a little more concerned. "We still did not find the last generals of Fire Lord Zuko. Azai, Bujing, and Tizou are all still at large as of this meeting. Our interior forces are trying their best, but these men are still on the move."

Unlike past days, the Fire Lord was able to shake this off. "No matter. We have done what we have needed to do. All our forces are is time to plot our global attack. General Zin, myself, Kianna, Baktan, and Ezan have all formulated the plan. Ezan, care to explain the first phase?"

"The first phase is pretty much complete, and that was to get 90% of our military's Firebenders trained in Weatherbending. At 85, that should leave us just 48 hours of more strict training to finish up," Ezan explained. "Once that is complete, our attack will begin."

"Kianna, you will help us with phase two, as will Baktan," Zorro said.

"Correct," Kianna said. "Our second phase is to take down the Water Tribes. Baktan and myself will take care of the South, where the strongest members of Team Avatar call home. Avatar Aang, Prince Sokka, and Princess Katara each will likely meet us there. With our overwhelming military presence, we can wipe them out, the Southern chief, Hakoda, and take the tribe over."

"By using the South," Baktan added, "we can draw the Northern military down as well. Before attacking, we will siege the Southern Water Tribe. When the Northern Water Tribe takes notice, their chief, who is committed to rebuilding the South, will send his forces. Our military will take care of the North with our power. At this point, we can proceed with the invasion of the South. Once done, we take the South's resources and eventual commitments, and proceed to the North."

"Zin, you may explain the third phase," Zorro said.

"As the Water Tribes are falling," Zin began, "We will spread forces into the Earth Kingdom and bring it down as was done to it during the War. We know we can take out Omashu easily because of King Bumi's perception of jing, and the fact that no Day of Black Sun is due for years. Once Omashu falls, we will proceed with the resources to take out Kyoshi Island, and use it as a military base. From there, we march through all of the Earth Kingdom with constant colonization like Sozin, Azulon, and Ozai did. By this point, the Water Tribes will have fallen, and we will train the captured Waterbenders in their forms of Weatherbending. By killing their natural resources, we will make them submit to us. All this will culminate in one final Siege of Ba Sing Se, using the same techniques. We will have an unstoppable military, and thus will be able to take out the Earth Kingdom Capital. Our strong military will ensure no one revolts against us."

"That is the entire plan," Zorro wrapped it up. "Weatherbending will help to lead us to victory, along with the sheer military power we still hold because of the build-up that happened over the century-long period. Zuko was just too late in trying to deconstruct it."

"The last questions I have," Shang said. "How will we get the rest of Team Avatar? What of Reeaki?"

"It's simple," Zorro replied. "Kianna explained how we will wipe out the Avatar, and the Southern royalty. Needing to defend their friends, the rest jump in and we will wipe them out. It would be four against the world. As for Reeaki, we have search teams on him. He can run, but he won't be able to hide forever. When the time comes, we will deal with him."

The remainder of the generals got up and applauded Zorro's plan.

Fire Nation waters

Just off the West coast of the Fire Nation, Generals Azai, Bujing, and Tizou met, now with some military deserters on a Fire Navy ship.

"This rebellion needs to be swift," Bujing said. "We will have to act fast because Zorro will. However, at the same time, just sheer power won't get it done. We will need to be cunning, and potentially have to disguise ourselves and spy. Thus, we will need more members."

As of that meeting, only fourteen people had shown up, including the three generals.

"All we know," Azai began. "Based on our research, Zorro wants the same thing Zuko's ancestors wanted, and the exact opposite of what the former Fire Lord did want. If we waste any further time, the world will perish. So, do not wait. Once we are dismissed, find anyone you can who has dissent of Zorro."

"We can sit around and wait for the Avatar, the deposed Fire Lord, and his friends," Tizou said. "Sometimes, you have to put these things into your own hands."

The other members understood exactly what the generals said. They had not lost faith in those who had saved the world, but because they had been defeated, no one knew what they were going to do next. For now, in their own nation, they had to act to stop the new power from doing so.

Author's Notes

"Iowa Hawkeyes 21, Nittany Lions 10" refers to this game.

Beaver Stadium, as you've likely figured, is Penn State's football stadium.

College Avenue is the street a lot of the PSU campus is on.

The Bryce Jordan Center is Penn State's basketball arena.

Reeaki's equipment works! ^^" You'll see that stuff have its impact later.

You won't hear much more of the Meteorologists until chapter ten.

What do you guys think of the centered subsections? Keep them mixed like that? Convert to them totally? Stay with regular subsections? The idea I borrowed from the Eyes of Katara chapter, "Broken Promises".

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For the collective works of the author, go here.

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