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Redwall Orphanage

Mother Leliita


Sister Dianne

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Chapter 1: The Orphanage (Avatar Neo Revolution)

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Redwall Orphanage is a spiritual institution where orphaned children are raised by Mother Leliita, Sister Dianne and other nuns. It is situated in Gao Lin Province, however is a day's travel from the main town. It is surrounded by marshy grasslands and grey crags of rock.

Layout and Description


The path from Redwall to Gao Lin.

Redwall Orphanage is named after its fading red and orange bricks that contrast the grey and pale green of the mountainside. The building consists of sleeping and eating quarters, where children's sleeping quarters are separated by gender and the nuns' sleeping quarters are separated from the children. Mother Leliita's room looks over downhill moors to the East, while a pebbled courtyard leads North to a large paddock. The building also has a modestly sized stable.

The paddock, containing long grass and a small brook on the West end, is surrounded by a fence and thin, windblown trees. The climate is described as windy and almost constantly wet, with rainstorms and grey skies frequenting the area.

The path between Redwall Orphanage and Gao Lin's town centre is rough and rarely used. The downhill slopes and craggy mountainsides are tough to descend and mist often lingers in the valleys of the lowering terrain.


Leliita, her son Erik having already been born, received Sedgley and Dover on her doorstep within a week of Avatar Lynn's death - with Sedgley arriving before Dover. After altering their birth certificates to help keep them safe, she raised them as her own until they, including her son, were seventeen years of age. Sometime in this period, Leliita's health declined, and a spirit visited Redwall Orphanage, telling Leliita the truth about the Avatar. A day later, she told them, and a week later she died. Following her funeral, the three boys left Redwall Orphanage and headed to Gao Lin.

Flora and Fauna

Ostrich horse

Peggi - Redwall's youngest Ostrichhorse.

Grasses surround Redwall Orphanage, and there are a few trees located in the area - though not many as the wind inhibits their growth.

Ladybugs and grasshoppers are common in the grass and Foxhares have occasionally been found in Redwall's paddock. Otter-eels have been known to live in the stream and there have been rare sightings of Squirrel-gliders in the trees of Redwall Orphanage - but the wind deters them. There are also three Ostrich horses - named Peggi, Jong-Jong and Dulé - that live in the building's stable.


  • In the main Avatar series, this area is characterised by hot, dry climate. However, in this series, due to environmental change as a result of human activity, the climate is now cold and wet.
  • Redwall Orphanage is based off a Christian monastery or abbey. However, spirits are worshipped instead of the Christian beliefs.
  • Though set four generations after Avatar: Legend of Korra, Redwall Orphanage, and many other locations, do not seem as technologically advanced as would be assumed. This is most likely due to economic factors and availability to resources.

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