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This page contains an overview of all the chapters of the story Red Truth.


Title Publishing date Chapter # Overall #
"Dour Streets" October 3, 2016 1 1

Young Zaheer and his friends Xai Bau and Jao are outliers, so they have to steal food to survive. However, this time they are caught by the police. In attempt to escape, Jao is killed, though Zaheer and Xai Bau are able to get away from the cops. Xai Bau cannot stand living in the world like it has become anymore, so he decides to travel around the world to find people who can help him build a secret society, dedicated to restore what they believe is true freedom to the world. Zaheer wants to help, and he is asked by Xai Bau to stay in the city of Yee to find new allies there.

"Silent Screams" October 5, 2016 2 2

Young P'Li is discovered to be a combustionbender and is sold by her parents to a warlord, who takes her to his home in the city of Yee. There, Zaheer frees her, they share a kiss and promise each other that they will stay together forever.

"The Allies of Destiny" October 7, 2016 3 3

Young Ghazan lives in the Earth Kingdom city of Han Tui, and goes to an Earthbender Academy for skilled boys who tries to find out if they have any hidden powers. After discovering his power to lavabend, he is picked up by Xai Bau, and they leave Han Tui to search for more new recruits.

"The Enemies of Destiny" October 10, 2016 4 4

Young Ming-Hua finds herself in the Northern Water Tribe. After multiple strange happenings, including a vision of herself, probably in the future, a nightmare making her realize that her spirit is divided into two; one light and one dark, and an invitation to join Xai Bau in his mission, Ming-Hua has her final battle with herself, causing her to kill her mother Mai and run away with them.

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