By Gingalover Part of the Era After Gods continuity.
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Red Eye Kite
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The Red Eye Kite Clan (赤目カイトクラン) is an organization developed within the physical world, and the main antagonistic group in Era After Gods.


The clan's exact origin is unknown, though rumors say that they're the 'successors' to the Red Lotus. The main story the public had to quell suspicions, was that the clan was just a group of criminals originating back to 193 AD, and nothing more than that. However, the story began to become more of a cover-up claim, thanks to the reported 'mystic beliefs' the clan share with one another, making some believe that the clan's motives are far more deep than the stories claim.


The Red Eye Kite Clan is very secretive, strict with information and who to give it to. Most members are free to do as they please outside clan's activity but are to keep any information about the clan and its workings to themselves and to not share under any circumstances. The clan follows specific rules in order to keep their secrecy, which include death to whomever outside of the clan catches them in the act.

Members within the clan mainly consist of dangerous criminals, which include assassins, mob bosses, serial killers, or escaped refugees (just to name a few).

Notable figures

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