A new series of The Black Shadow is on its way written by SSJ Trunks and special thanks to MightyBrit for some good ideas/inspiration.

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Red Dawn
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Into the Storm

Book 2, Chapter 1- Red Dawn

The skies now returned to normal across the world as the world rejoiced over Aang's victory. This was not the case in The Northern Water Tribe. The fountains ran red with the blood of the dead, while people cowered where they could as a man his armor torn and destroyed walked through the center of the city. He smashed into the spirit oasis his skeletal body clanging with each step. As the man reached the oasis he walked into the pool and sunk, the spirits moving away, scared of this dark force. The man rose his face and body partly regenerated, the skies went red over the Water Tribe. As screams were heard from each part of it.

Fire Nation War Camp- Eastern Coast

Aang was in a Fire Nation tent being healing himself, his battle with Shinzo only minutes ago. He felt a pain come through him but not from his wounds but from the spirit inside him, like it was mourning. Zuko was saved as Aang used some of Shinzu's ancient healing techniques to put him into a coma where his wounds could be treated while keeping his body stable.

Waku was sat on the cliffside reflecting on the events that had unfolded. His anger was gone when Shinzo left his body yet his demon powers remained. He looked out onto the sea, his body trembling as he looked North, and let the air flow through him as his hatred of the world seemed to drift away.

Northern Water Tribe- 30 Minutes after the Incident.

Arnook was chained against a wall his body hurting all over as two of his deformed guards watched over him. They guards stood to attention a man dressed in a Fire Nation Admiral Suit walked in. The man looked over Arnook assessing his body taking in everything in an instant height, weight, reach, power. The man held his hand signaling the Guards to walk out. Arnook tried not to look at the man's face yet a temptation in his mind forced his head up. Arnook's body was petrified in fear his warrior spirit was shattered at the sight of his face. The man reached out with a bony hand barely covered with skin and placed it on Arnook's forehead. The man chuckled as Arnook felt weak as he saw himself aging rapidly, his body turned to a skeleton in seconds. The man released his grip and admired his hand, it now looked 'human'. He chuckled as he walked out ordered the guards to come with him and leave the skeleton.

The man walked out to the now destroyed Water Tribe, the bodies of the tribe littered the floor men, women and even children cut down by this monster. The energy he harvested had not even come close to satisfying his hunger. He needed to complete himself he thought, the needed the other half of himself. The man looked to the west, towards the Fire Nation and his murderer. The man clenched his fist as he thought of his embarrassing defeat.

He walked towards the destroyed training area where all the Waterbenders had been kept alive. He raised his hand firing a dark beam at the 3 strongest. The men turned into monsters barely recognizable to their former selves. "It seems we are going to need more" the man muttered "What we need is a master...Pakku." The man walked out onto destroyed outer wall and raised his hands opening a whirlpool with a single ship suspended in ice rose from the depths. The man smiled as he reclaimed his former flagship, he looked on as a team of converted Waterbenders prepared to drop the ship. He jumped down onto the floor as he Firebent a path to his ship, as he climbed on the deck of it he looked back towards the remnants of the Water Tribe he smiled as he muttered "A shame, wish they didn't go down so easy". The ship departed over the horizon as the sun rose to illuminate the dead.

Zaibatsu Headquarters- 3 weeks later

Zuko walked into the central square of the base accompanied by his new allies Waku and Akuma. Zuko had chose not to disband the Zaibatsu but rather keep them as a secret task force for internal issues. He thought that they needed the resources as, unlike Aang, refused to believe Shinzo could be defeated so easily. He walked through to a meeting room and the men sat down and discussed the recent rebel attacks by rogue Zaibatsu members still loyal to Fire Lord Ozai. As the meeting reached its second hour Akuma talked about a new subject.

"Lord Zuko, If I may ask is it true the Northern Water Tribe has had no communications with the any other nation?" Akuma asked concerned for his old home.

"Unfortunately it is true General I was hoping you and Waku could lead a scout team to see what happened" Zuko responded his tone of voice of great concern.

"You don't think it could be Zaibatsu my Lord?" Waku asked.

"No," responded Akuma. "There is no way they could mount a attack that organized with the resources they have."

"True but if they had backing, there not the only rebel faction in our nation" responded Waku.

"Indeed Waku, rogue Earthbenders and Waterbenders and some idiots called the cult of something," said Zuko he was hardly interested in the people out to kill him he discussed it too often.

"You suspect something more my lord?" asked Waku taking note of Zuko's uninterest.

"Yes, but it's nothing; just a hunch," said Zuko. The men later left as Waku and Akuma got ready for their scout mission Zuko looked at the Fire Nation banner hung on the wall and then stared down as his burn wounds. "What have you done Zuko" he muttered as he hung his head down still loathing himself for the death of Mai.


Yes, there is a reference to Child of Destiny in there, but seriously, it's great; click the link to read it.

Chapter 2 out now!

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