By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Jump City

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Aquos (girlfriend)

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Tosa and X

RedX is a tough ninja that from some unknown reason ended up in Altonia with the other Titans. He's is also Robin's rival. As far as people knew, he's not good nor evil, preferring the title as rouge, given by Toube. Also before he got here he is Aquos's boyfriend. He always wears a skull mask with a red sliced X, giving him his name.

S.F.C Arc

He first appears briefly, spying on Krokhotep and Krokopathra, saying it's time for his entrance.

Later on he appears in the arena when he was spotted and chased by Toube. After a brief conversation he Left, saying he's only there for the prize.

RedX appears later during the semi-finals with Weed and Kyoushiro and meets Aquos again. He tells her that they can meet the titans but only until tonight. He gives her a quick kiss and leaves for them. RedX shows up later that night and shows Aquos back to the titans. While they were all talking though, he disappears and leaves behind a rose and a note saying "Good Luck".

RedX shows up moments after Raviente did, shooting his red X paint at it. He was giving a strong indication that he was gonna sacrifice himself so everyone else can escape, but in the end he went with them to safety.

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