By Gingalover Part of the Fauna continuity.
Fox antelope
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Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Limber farm

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Mr. Limber

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First appearance

Fauna Ch.1

Last appearance

Fauna Ch.12

Red is a Fox antelope of Limber farm and very close friend to Tyler. He is pretty much useless on the farm, only kept there by someone other than Mr. Limber himself. He remained rather cheerful and pretty great and the Evil days didn't change him too much. However it did signify when he and Tyler first met, so that's a start.

Fauna involvement

The fox antelope remained where he was, with the other animals, until Mr. Limber went into his house. He went over to Tyler, to signify him that it's safe to come back out. After that, he and Tyler follow the pigs into the barn house for the meeting that night. He didn't sit by Tyler during the meeting, slightly because of the ranking of pigs sitting in front of the platform.

Red stays by the farm the fallowing day when Tyler meets up with him again. seeing the fear in his eyes, he asks what happened to him. Before he got his answer though they see the animals talking inside the barn and listen to the talk of revolution. After Mr. Limber left, he and Tyler go off to talk about what's been happening lately. During the time, he asks again about what Tyler had seen, but then noticing his discomfort, he drops the subject right away. He goes back to the barn to find everyone eating in the shed. He joins soon enough and was the only other animal aside from Tyler to not only sneak out from the farmers, but also to avoid the battle that took place. He and Tyler got the same thought after seeing the humans leave that things are about to change.

Red went over to Tyler on the next day to check on him when Horn came by with the paint bucket. He asked about it, obviously confused and impressed, when he got the explanation.

Red met up with Tyler over by the exit, asking him about the original plan to run away. Red decided to make a deal with him, to run away if things get too bad in Limber farm. The deal had been made and they both head to the meeting later on that day. After the turn of events though had him thinking hard on their decision.

Red was made into working on the windmill with Tyler over the time taken. When the news came that another raid was coming, he was forbidden to simply hide, the farm needing everyone's support.

He was only mentioned when seeing the body with Tyler.

Red showed up after the execution, over by the barnhouse commandments. He and Tyler decided to leave, but changed their minds when Horn said it was too risky due to the weather, so they decided to stay until spring had arrived.

He wasn't seen nor mentioned.

A few nights after the meeting over deceased Henry, he and Tyler were awoken by the pigs' party, and decided to investigate. The details to him were told from Tyler as he held him up to see. When Spike came out, he immediately tries lying out of it but became very confused when they were given the apples. He sees the commandment on that when Shawn came to alter them. He admits that it was rather funny of their behaviour, but changes his mind when seeing Shawn collapse from the ladder. The next day he tells Horn about the details as he finds Shawn still on the ground.

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