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30 November 2011

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Recovery and Disasters is chapter six of "The Weatherbenders".


Team Avatar is defeated, and Ty Lee is dead. They later find out even worse news, and can only hope to recover quick and get going before they lose the world.

The Story

Mo Ce Sea

Reeaki had left the South Pole, just hoping for whatever the next bit of news would be on Team Avatar. Three days had passed since their defeat, and he was not sure what to do. He realized that the Meteorologists had made their way towards the Capital right then and there. Knowing he could not fight them alone, he was back to wandering again. Suddenly, he received a vision.

"What are you thinking?" A man in red Fire Nation robes appeared to him. "Why have you left the South Pole?"

Reeaki was confused. "Wait, what...who are you?"

"Young man," he started. "I am Avatar Zentai, who was the Avatar three thousand years ago, and the first one capable of Weatherbending. You must return to the South Pole as soon as possible!"

"What can I do?" Reeaki asked. "Team Avatar is hurt, and I am left useless!"

"They will recover," Zentai responded. "You must return, and teach them."

"You, an instructor?" Reeaki looked around nervously. "But...I don't know all the arts..."

"That's why we're all here," Zentai said. "I also have with me, Pokai of the Southern Water Tribe, a Waterbending Weatherbender who lived in my time. Further, I also have Algaion, an Airbender of the Northern Air Temple, with the same characteristics."

Two other spirits, one clad in a blue coat with dark pants, the other in monk's robes, appeared before him.

"We will help you teach Team Avatar the other forms," Pokai said, nodding. "We are your spiritual consultants, and we shall be within you."

"If you shall need our attention, we will be in waiting," Algaion further explained. "Don't hesitate if you have a problem."

Reeaki was overcome with the sight of the spirits, but he simply nodded and bowed. "All right....just what is the story of this art?"

"As expected, the Meteorologists deceived you, young Reeaki," Zentai said. From there, he re-told the age-old tale.

Fire Nation Capital

The Meteorologists made it. They had accomplished their goal. Zorro and Ezan combined to reduce the temperature to a chilling -15°C, and Kianna and Baktan combined to create another blizzard. The Capital was buried under nearly thirty inches of snow, and all crops had been eliminated. The military could not move, so domestic guards tried their hand. However, these four folks defeated all of them and stormed the Royal Palace.

A short battle ensued, and the Meteorologists defeated the generals with ease. They wiped them all out, and brought acting Fire Lord Tizou to his knees.

"If you want the blizzard to stop, if you want to see the warmth of the sun ever shall surrender to us," Zorro threatened. "Otherwise, we take the rest of this nation down."

Tizou grew fearful. "W-W-W-What is this? Who are you?"

"A group who wants nothing to do with a plan for peace," Zorro again spoke with a stinging tone. "Further...we can change your weather in the blink of an eye. Now...STAND DOWN. Surrender this nation and we won't have your people ruined."

Tizou did not want to give up the Fire Nation, but knew that he was clearly dealing with something weird with this group of four. He stood up and bowed his head in defeat. "I surrender."

Zorro grinned mischievously. "Move over! The title of General is dead to me now. I am...Fire Lord Zorro. Now, all of you generals who serve under that spoiled brat Zuko...please leave."

All the still-surviving generals left the palace. Zorro took great pride in their departure.

The Fire Nation had fallen again.

Quietly, on his way out, Tizou addressed a messenger hawk to Zuko, wherever he was.

Southern Water Tribe

Team Avatar remained in a stunned and downbeat state. They had suffered their worst defeat since Ba Sing Se fell, and one of their own was dead. After some discussion, it was agreed that Ty Lee's body would be returned to Kyoshi Island for her funeral, as she was a Kyoshi Warrior and it would be most fitting for her. Team Avatar knew they would not be able to attend her funeral, instead hoping that they could see her at a later date. For now, it was recovery, both physically and mentally.

Toph sighed as nurses worked on her feet and hands. "This will be a few days, Miss Bei Fong," one of the nurses said. "You got burned quite badly."

The blind Earthbender sighed sadly. "I'm just thankful to still be could have been worse..." she thought about the fallen warrior.

"And you should be thankful for every day," the same nurse responded. "You never know when it will all be taken from you."

Zuko was in another ward, having his ankle being wrapped in a cast, while other nurses worked on his burns. Mai was in the same ward, but her head hanged down in sorrow. The Fire Lord looked at her with worry, knowing she had never been that sad before. However, he too felt the loss. Although he wasn't good friends with Ty Lee, he knew what she meant to Mai and himself as well. If it weren't for her, Mai could have died at Azula's hands two years ago. He did find some comfort in the healing acts, the burns simmering down.

The two remained silent, processing the shock and silence.

Sokka was quiet as his healing was administered. He let Suki leave his side as she had another matter to attend to. One nurse finished up closing up the cut with some stitching. "There you go, Prince Sokka," she said.

Sokka seemed confused. "Ummm, no one has ever called me /Prince/ Sokka..."

"You are Chief Hakoda's son and successor, yes?" She responded. "Technically, that makes you our prince, and your sister our princess."

"No one has ever referred to us like that...I guess it was because for so long, we've been in a state of disrepair here," Sokka said. "Only one person up north referred to us as prince and princess."

"Well, I am sure you will make a fine chief," the nurse said happily.

"Yeah....sure," Sokka was despondent. "If we can get past this mess..."

The nurse nodded with a smile. "You all did it before."

Aang and Katara's home

The remaining three members of Team Avatar had left the healing huts, all agreeing to meet up later there. Neither Aang, Katara nor Suki had suffered serious external injuries, so they were dismissed.

Katara had wandered home in a daze, getting time to herself to think about things, while Aang and Suki decided to pick up supplies for the next round of the trip, whenever it would be. At the very least, some of those supplies could also be saved for a stay at the South Pole.

When they returned to the home, they did not find Katara in the living room, much to their shock. Aang dropped some of the supplies on the floor. "Katara?" He yelled out. "Where are you?"

"Katara, it's us," Suki said. "Come on....where are you?" After no response, the two agreed to split their duties. "Aang, you go upstairs, I'll look down here."

Suki roamed the small downstairs. "Katara?"

Aang made his way upstairs. While searching down the halls, he heard someone crying. His face grew to a look of worry. He then opened a door, and saw her, crying on her pillow, her head turned away. "Katara..." he said softly.

She turned around, wiping some tears off her face. "Aang..."

"There you are," Aang responded. "Suki...come on up, I found her."

The Kyoshi Warrior leader heard the Avatar's call, and came upstairs. The two then sat on the bed next to her, their seats on opposite sides of the young Waterbender. Aang wiped lingering tears from her face with his thumb. "You want to talk?"

Katara sat up. "I wish she was still here..." she murmured under her breath. "I can't believe it...why? Just...why?"

Suki looked towards her. "Katara, I know...but we have to move on...she was my friend too, but, we still have this problem. Crying all day won't help it."

Katara looked away from Suki. "Ty Lee was my best seems everyone I close too keep dying...I don't get it. First my mom, then Aang, if just Ty Lee? And the worst part is....they're all dying to protect me! It's all my fault!"

Aang held his finger to her lips. "Shhh...Katara...they're all there for you. It's not your fault. They're the people who love you. None of us want to see you go away from us. You can't blame yourself for others...if anything, Ty Lee dying was sort of my fault. If I didn't ask you to turn around, Kianna wouldn't have attacked you..."

The young Water Tribe girl looked at him confusingly, tears still dropping from her eyes. "Aang, that's ridiculous...don't blame yourself."

Suki took hold of Katara's shoulder. " blame yourself for having to make her defend know how ridiculous that sounds?"

Katara stopped for a second, taking in the Kyoshi Warrior's words. She nodded a little. "I guess...I just didn't want her to go. I just felt like I was responsible...."

Suki turned her face towards her. "Katara...she died in an honorable way. A Kyoshi Warrior is meant to serve and protect. She went out serving not just our group, but the whole world. She was brave, strong, and we can't blame ourselves for her bravery. She died doing what was best, and just what the Kyoshi Warriors do. It's not very often someone like her comes along. We knew Ty Lee was brave, when she stood up against Azula...and that carried over. You will miss her, of course...just remember, if it weren't for her, you wouldn't be here."

Once again, Katara needed a moment to take in all of what was said.

The Avatar, her sweetheart, took her hands and looked her in the face. "Suki is exactly right. Ty Lee should be celebrated. We could mourn her all we want...but it's not going to bring her back. Just remember that she did go out properly. I would be without my love if it weren't for her..." Aang then kissed Katara on the cheek.

Katara's frown turned towards a smile. "You're right, Aang...I'll miss her. But...the thought of you being alone...I don't want to leave you in that position. I just hope, that some day, I can thank her." She buried her head under his, hugging him closely.

He put his arms around her and stroked her hair lightly. "We will. I promise...when this threat is over...when peace comes...we'll go to Kyoshi Island, and we'll say goodbye. For now...we fight for her."

Suki came up over to the hugging couple. "You will be welcome at any time. I promise that," she whispered.

Katara came up out of Aang's embrace and looked at Suki. She then hugged her closely. "Thanks, Suki...for all that you said. I hope we can make it soon," Katara spoke softly, her voice muffled in Suki's shoulder.

"Any time," Suki murmured.

Aang came over to the two girls, placing his hand on Katara's shoulder. Katara got up and gathered the Avatar and Kyoshi Warrior in a group hug. The tears resumed from her as the three were locked in the embrace. "I don't know what I would do without either of you two. It may be in different ways, but...I love you both."

"We love you too," Aang said, his head resting against the left side of Katara's.

"We always will," Suki responded, whispering in her ear.

Katara slipped in a cheek kiss to her boyfriend, and gave them both a smile.

For several minutes, the three remained there, hugging tightly, Aang and Suki ensuring that Katara would be okay. The Waterbender cried tears of joy, happy for what she had, and quietly thanking Ty Lee in the process.

Chief Hakoda's Headquarters

Hakoda sat in a room, addressing present matters. He was looking over the situation with the reconstruction project and the close of blizzard clean-up. Also, he was preparing for any further strikes from the Meteorologists, keeping plans handy.

At that time, one of his closest advisers, Hikoyi, walked in. "Chief, we have a messenger hawk from the Fire Nation. It's another black ribbon, sir."

Hakoda looked at his adviser with alarm. "Another black ribbon message? Very well...send it in."

As anyone knew, any black ribbon message from the Fire Nation signaled an important matter. Little did anyone know just how important this was going to be. Hikoyi brought the hawk in, and placed it on the Chief's desk. Hakoda opened the tubing that was protecting it. He read a message that had clearly been rushed, with a disturbed look. The message read as follows.


ATTN: Fire Lord Zuko "Sir, the Fire Nation has fallen. A group called 'The Meteorologists', led by ex-General Zorro, has come in and has destroyed our weather! Somehow, they made a large blizzard and extreme cold temperatures, paralyzing us. We were forced to surrender the nation. I am terribly sorry, sir, but I was forced into the option. Please extinguish this threat as soon as possible. I have to assume this is the group you spoke of that you had to leave to deal with. Well, somehow, they arrived here! I am sorry....but Zorro now controls our nation.

--General Tizou"

Hiyoki looked at Hakoda's disturbed look. "Sir?"

Hakoda dropped the message and looked at Hiyoki. "The Fire Nation....has the Meteorologists."

Hiyoki gasped, his mouth hanging down for some time. ""

"Well, they took advantage of Zuko's physically harmed state," Hakoda said. "The Avatar, the Fire Lord, they're all here, unable to proceed, leaving the door open for them...and that blizzard crushed any hopes of military resistance."

Hiyoki looked at Hakoda worriedly. "So what do we do? Do we take this to Zuko?"

"He has to know...and it's addressed to him...but let me take it over," Hakoda replied. "After that...we'll have to establish a defense here. The last time the Fire Nation was our know."

The Chief's adviser nodded, knowing the circumstances of the past war. "Very well. I'll gather our military leaders as soon as possible."

Hakoda walked out, muttering under his breath, "Spirits help us all."

Healing Huts

As afternoon faded into evening, the team re-gathered itself after the wounded members received their treatment. Zuko was now on crutches because of his sprained ankle, with Mai still walking next to him. Sokka had his cut fully bandaged now, and Toph still had coverings over her hands and feet, restricting her usual sense of sight. Katara, Aang, and Suki met everyone in the waiting area, with the former two hand-in-hand. Suki went to Sokka and gave him a hug and a kiss.

"Zuko, how long do you expect to be on those crutches?" Aang asked, taking notice of the Fire Lord's handicap.

"The nurses said for just a few days. It's a minor sprain, so, we should be able to wait it out. I just can't put too much weight on my ankle until then," Zuko answered. "I hope we can get going soon."

"Did you leave the Capital safe?" Sokka addressed him.

"Yes," Zuko nodded. "General Tizou is one of my most trusted generals. He is very strong, and we still have our military if they do attack. As soon as we can get on the move again tough, we might want to go to the Capital to make sure everything's okay."

"Then what after that?" Toph asked with a slightly higher volume then the rest. "I mean, we still have to find this weather guy or whatever."

"Maybe this is that time of hardship the spirits told us about," Katara said, recalling the words of the spirits from just a few days ago.

You will find him when your journey reaches a tough point. The words of Avatar Zentai rang loudly in Aang's ears. "I hope so..."

As Aang finished this, Hakoda came in to the hut, holding the message he just received at his headquarter. He was out of breath, having run there. "A...message...for you, Zuko."

"Dad, what happened to you?" Sokka came up to see his breathless father.

"This is...important, son," Hakoda explained. He handed Sokka the message, who then walked over and gave it to the young Fire Nation ruler.

Zuko took the message in his hand and started to read. At the first words, his eyes grew large. "No...!" He continued to read it, his mouth opening in further shock. When he reached the bottom of the message, his anger finally boiled over.

"AAAGGGGHHHHHHH!" He yelled, and gathered up a fist full of flame, slamming it into the wall beside him. The blast created a small fire and a sizable hole in the wall. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!! THOSE---"

Mai grabbed hold of her boyfriend's fist. "Zuko! Calm down..."

Katara extinguished the fire with a quick water whip. After this, Zuko continued a deep, heavy breath. " won't believe this...everyone, I've gotten very difficult news." The message was on the floor. Mai picked it up and gave it back to him.

"Zuko...what is it?" Aang asked in worry of his angered friend.

"I am..." Zuko did not know the words to say, so he gathered up something informal. "I'm not the ruler of the Fire Nation anymore. The Meteorologists have taken over." He buried his face into his hand, now even a stray tear coming down his face.

The team gasped loudly, as did other people who heard the word. Everyone stood for a second, some just pacing around, not knowing how to react. Once again, the Fire Nation was now under the reign of evil.

Mai hugged Zuko tightly, providing any form of comfort. "Zuko...I'm so sorry..." she whispered.

" could our whole military fail? One storm, and they fell?" Zuko was still in disbelief.

Aang finally gathered up some words, after a heavy sigh. "This now means we have to move as soon as possible. It starts with the Fire Nation, now what? We know of their military prowess. They could go after any nation they wanted."

"Including here..." Katara muttered, water forming in her eyes. Aang gave her a reassuring hug. "We won't let that happen."

Hakoda came over to his daughter. "Katara...I have already prepared for that."

"But Dad...they took the Fire Nation...they're scary enough as is on their own! I don't want to see this place get's our home!" Katara was now crying.

"Don't worry about it," Hakoda assured her. "You kids just do what you need to do."

After Zuko took a few minutes to get over his shock, he addressed the crowd. "If there's any good news I can give, it's that not everyone will follow Zorro and his cronies. Some of our military should be able to form a resistance to ease their rule up for whatever time we need. For now, though...Aang's right. We have to find whoever this guy is and learn Weatherbending. Then...we'll have to match up with these guys again."

The rest of the team nodded. Still, it was hard for everyone to get totally confident. "Wait...if the Meteorologists take control of the military," Sokka wondered, "Can't they all get to learn Weatherbending?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Zuko said. "I can't believe I let this happen...I promised Uncle that I would bring back the Fire Nation's honor...I promised everyone...and in two years, I've lost it!"

Mai once again wrapped her arms around Zuko. "Don't worry...we'll get it back."

"That's right," Aang said, with a more determined look. "We didn't come this far from the War to just give it up now." These words impressed Katara, who was very admiring of her boyfriend's growth since the iceberg. Aang was taking leadership in the face of adversity. "Let's just get out of here and look for this guy. We have to stand together...divided we fall."

"I vote for Twinkle Toes' plan," Toph said.

"Aang's right," Sokka added. "What are we going to get by just standing here and moping around? We have lost a lot...but that was just the battle. a war, and it's not lost yet!"

The team huddled together in a group hug, ready for the next test that faced them. The Meteorologists were still out there.

Team Avatar was down.

But they were not out.

Global reaction

Northern Water Tribe

"Chief Arnook, sir," one of the Northern Chief's advisers approached him. "We have just gotten word that the Meteorologists, the same group suspected in these changes of weather, has just taken the Fire Nation Capital. In addition, they killed Ty Lee, a Kyoshi Warrior."

Arnook sighed and shook his head. "Amazing...and in a very bad way."

"According to our sources at the Southern Tribe," the adviser explained, Team Avatar was defeated in battle by the Meteorologists, inclusive of Fire Lord Zuko. They were brought there for healing. During their healing, the Meteorologists marched to and captured the Fire Nation Capital. Henceforth, they now control the Fire Nation and its military. For now...there are no threats against us or our sister tribe."

Arnook nodded. "Do you know who is leading the Meteorologists?"

"The main leader is a former general in the Fire Nation Army," he answered. "However, two of their members are from right here in the Northern Tribe, including their secondary leader."

The elder chief could only shake his head. "What could possess someone to go against their own tribe? We had made peace with the Fire Nation as it is. In any can only wonder if the general learned from when the Fire Nation tried to attack us near the end of the last war. For now...let us move our homeland defenses up to warning level two. We shall have a meeting as well to explain the situation."

"That would be best," the adviser nodded.

Ba Sing Se

"Your majesty, a thousand pardons for the interruption," General How entered Kuei's throne room. "We have just gotten word that the Fire Nation has been captured."

Kuei gasped. "By who!?"

"A group called 'The Meteorologists', sir. They have been linked to the changes in the weather, sir, according to this notice we just got from General Fong," How explained.

"You mean there are people changing the weather?" Kuei said, in clear surprise. "And somehow, they have defeated all of Fire Lord Zuko's forces?"

"Well, it's a complicated story," How said. "Come with me to meet with the Council of Five. We need to prepare ourselves for any possible attack."

In the Council of Five's war room, the king sat at the same position he had taken a while ago when the situation first erupted.

"Per General Fong's report, which was acquired by our sources in the Fire Nation," Sung started. "Team Avatar had found out about an art called 'Weatherbending', which was what was being used to change the weather. The charge was led by this group, the Meteorologists, compromised of two old Fire Nation generals and two Northern Water Tribe citizens. They were on the move in the southern half of the Fire Nation, before they were encountered and defeated by the Meteorologists. They were moved by an unknown Fire Nation citizen to the Southern Water Tribe for healing. During this time, the Meteorologists moved in and changed the weather so severely in the Fire Nation, they brought its acting ruler to its knees, and took over."

Kuei held his hand over his face. "This is unbelievable. After two years, the Fire Nation is our enemy that what you're saying?"

"I'm afraid so," How replied. "At this time, there are no reports of any attacks being waged. Don't forget, however, they did get here in the War last time. As a result, I recommend moving some of our domestic forces to the outer wall. This will only be a small increase in presence unless the Meteorologists start up a more severe threat from the Fire Nation."

Kuei nodded. "Understood. I will approve this move immediately. We can not take any chances."

"Your majesty," Sung stated. "What of the Fire Nation?"

"Unless they become a severe threat to Ba Sing Se and our entire nation," Kuei responded, "we shall hold off on any attacks within the Fire Nation."

Fire Nation Capital

Zorro sat on the throne and grinned largely. "In one week, we have gone from total unknowns to the rulers of the Fire Nation," he said with an evil tone. "It's a beautiful week. I guess you may shut down this blizzard, Kianna and Baktan."

"When shall we stop it?" Baktan said.

"You may do it now," Zorro replied. "We've got this nation in our grasp, the acting ruler surrendered, and that joke of a Fire Lord is incapacitated somewhere."

Kianna and Baktan then nodded and stepped outside to begin moisture-draining moves. The people were now suffering as the result of the blizzard and severe cold temperatures.

After they left, Zorro met with Ezan. "First things first, you will be my top adviser," the new Fire Lord said to his close friend. "Second...we need to make our next plans for world domination, just as Ozai would want it."

"Well...we should head for the Water Tribes," Ezan said. "Especially the South. They are still reconstructing, and are the weakest. Not to mention they are already hurting from the blizzard that Kianna and Baktan gave them."

Zorro nodded. "Indeed. However, we must be careful, the North still sent some of their military to the South. We might need to set up a siege. Blockade the supply flow from the north, and strain their already thin supplies."

"We also have to deal with some resistance," Ezan reminded him. "Not everyone in the military will cut over to you so easy. Revolts will form."

"I'll be prepared for that," Zorro assured him. "Once we get the nation stable, we will send our forces to the Southern Water Tribe, and begin our siege. After the siege is in place, we figure the North will send reinforcements, weakening themselves. We then proceed to assault the Northern Water Tribe. With the Earth Kingdom's interests threatened, they will jump in, and we'll be back into war. While this happens, we'll train our converted military in Weatherbending, and we will use it to weaken the other nations, and take over the world." Zorro laughed as he finished his planning.

"What do we do after this?" Ezan asked. "What of Baktan and Kianna?"

"Simple, we unite the Water Tribes into one nation, and one of them takes over the entire nation, and the other will rule the Earth Kingdom," Zorro explained.

"Very well," Ezan said. "And Reeaki?"

"We'll have that traitor in our grasp in due time," Zorro said. "He'll go to Team Avatar sooner or later. We use our military to capture all of them, and execute them."

Zorro again looked ahead with a deadly look. "This world...will be ours."

Mo Ce Sea

"Do you understand the consequences of letting this go un-checked now, Reeaki?" Zentai asked with a harsh tone.

Reeaki nodded and bowed. "I do now."

"Turn this boat back to the Southern Water Tribe at once," Algaion demanded. "Time is short!"

"As the only pure-hearted Weatherbender at this time, only you can be Team Avatar's instructor," Pokai explained.

"Understood," Reeaki replied. He gave the spirits a bow of respect, and the three men left.

Reeaki re-directed his boat to a course parallel with the South Pole. "I guess things happen for a reason. I could only dream about being in this world before. Now...not only do I have my dream...I have to help save this world. I'm coming, Team Avatar."

Author's Notes

Ready for Reeaki? His intro to Team Avatar is getting close.

See just how dangerous Weatherbending is?

What you saw in the Kataang/Suki scene will represent a change in Katara and Suki's relationship -- if I planned this right, their friendship will come towards of a level of what Katara/Ty Lee had.

More Zuko angst, I know...over done...but this would be a bad one for him I'd think.

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