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What Remains

It took a whole hour to lose the spirits. After they left the arena, a small group of them began to follow Remar and the others. It took seventeen alleyways and multiple stops till they lost them in the Spirit Wilds.

Aryeh, who was still carrying Katie some how, called for a break and they took shelter in an abandoned building. Upon arriving they found that there wasn't as spirits as there used to be, nor the amount of sound emanating from the city. It seemed the entire was deserted. After setting up a makeshift camp, they gathered what they could gather and returned to the building.

Levy began, "I'll start, I found two water canteens, one cabbage, and four eggs. What about you Remar?"

"I found two apples, a half of a fish, and six dumplings."

They both faced, with desperation, Aryeh. "You had better luck?"

Smiling, he showed them his pack, one duck, one lobster and a bunch of fire flakes. "Obviously a firebender's home!" They exploded into smiles.

Night fell before they knew it. Remar volunteered for first watch while Aryeh tried to feed the unconscious woman. I should ask Levy who the gal is, when he turned to her, she was passed out. She didn't even bothered taking off her worn pro-bending gear. "Try tomorrow Rem."

Aryeh whispered to him, "Wake up me when the moon is halfway to midnight." after that he settled against a wall and hung his head.

During those hours, he heard multiple explosions and felt numerous rumbles, causing the others, besides the woman, to shift uncomfortably. His mind wandered, Where were the explosions coming from? The spirits or the officers? Both.

Another large explosion. It was almost tempting to wake up everyone. His uncle shook him back to the present. "Way past midnight my boy." Laying against a wall, Remar passed out.

Aryeh spent the rest the night on top of the building, observing the area for any signs of refugees or enemies. None came. He sighed, and floated back to the ground. Morning came, Levy woke up on her own, Remar followed soon after. Aryeh laid his gaze on the woman who still lay unconscious. "Is she dead Uncle?" Remar asked.

"No. But something is happening to her, I just don't understand." Levy was holding back tears.

"I believe we deserve an explanation about who this is young lady." Aryeh turned to Levy and plopped to the ground.

She hesitated, but Remar with looking at her intently she began, "Katie Belof, that is her name. She was a police officer who found me in the cargo hold of the ship that brought me here. She vouched for me, then got me a fake ID until I could a real one." Out of the corner of his eye, Aryeh saw Remar shifted uncomfortably in the corner. "Any other questions?"

Levy asked voice cracking, "None. Thank you."

Levy didn't want to go on about Katie. That was enough, considering the fact that she was the closest thing she had to a mom after she left. Katie always helped her in troubles, now it was the other way around. Only Levy couldn't do anything. "We should see what happened to the city," Remar said, "we need to know what happened after we left."

"I'll stay here. You two go ahead," Aryeh replied and began to meditate.

Not straying too far away from each other, they walked side by side. They both remained silent for a duration of their journey, it was only when they reached the end of the wilds when it broke. Remar stepped in front of Levy and took a moment to find his words. "I have one question. Why didn't you tell me all this? I mean you're basically an illegal immigrant here."

"Listen I know I wanted to tell you but, it's just that I didn't know whether to trust you or not."

"Not trust me? Levy, we were a team! We're supposed to trust each other!"

Growing slightly irritated, she pushed Remar out of the way and pushed away some vines. What was on the other side wasn't any better. "Hey! Co-" he stopped mid sentence to bask in the horror of what lay before them. The entire block was completely destroyed, houses, markets, restaurants. Just gone.

Katie stirred then opened her one eye. She wasn't in the pro-bending arena anymore, it was an old building with vines growing everywhere. She was laying against a wall with a large vine just jutting through the center, she pushed herself up against it.

"Ah good you're awake." she turned left to see a monk, in their traditional robes, with a small goatee on his round face. He handed her a bowl of rice with a small dumpling on the side, "My name is Aryeh, an Air Nation representative, you fainted during the start of pro-bending." Aryeh kneeled next to her, "Then the Avatar showed and-"

"And wrecked everything?"

He raised an eyebrow, "Yes. How did you know?" Katie stopped eating and put her food aside, she looked him right in the eye.

"You wouldn't believe me."

"Try me."

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