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Recapture of Omashu



Destruction of the Water Tribes





105 AG




Fire Nation victory


Fire Nation

Earth Kingdom


Fire Lord Azula

Captain Yung

Forces involved

  • Firebenders
  • Fire Nation soldiers
  • Earthbenders
  • Earth Kingdom soldiers


  • Few soldiers
  • Omashu
  • Many soldiers
  • Many civilians


The Recapture of Omashu was a great battle between the forces of Fire Lord Azula and the forces of Omashu. The Fire Nation was successful in the battle, and Omashu fell once more to the Fire Nation, and was once again renamed as New Ozai, after Azula's father, Phoenix King Ozai.



Main article: Capture of Omashu

In late Winter 100 AG, Omashu was besieged by Fire Nation forces. Instead of fighting them, King Bumi decided to immediately surrender. As a result, Omashu was taken over by the Fire Nation and King Bumi was imprisoned. Team Avatar attempted to free King Bumi, but Bumi turned them down, saying he was waiting for the right moment to strike.


Main article: Earth Kingdom Rebellions

On the Day of Black Sun, Bumi, taking advantage of the Fire Nation soldiers loss of Firebending, released himself from his metal coffin. The soldiers attempted to stop him, but Bumi's Earthbending proved too strong. He defeated all the soldiers around him, along with many Fire Nation buildings. He then destroyed the metal bridge connected to the city after all the men escaped. As a final show of victory, Bumi caused Ozai's statue to tumble down into The Governor's house. The Governor fled the city with his family and the rest of the citizens, escaping harm. Fire Lord Ozai, however, was furious at the loss, and fired The Governor from his job as a nobleman. King Bumi was later killed in an attempt to liberate Ba Sing Se, hurting Omashu's economy after such a recent capture.

Fire Lord Azula decided at The War's end that Omashu was to be conquered if the Fire Nation could really call The War a victory, and spent 5 years planning a massive assault.


Attack from the Sky

Azula's first step to conquer the city was to first lead a massive airborne invasion to weaken much of the city's defenses. Azula led a huge fleet of Airships, while she traveled in a Royal Jet. Yung, who was appointed General, ordered that his men cover themselves in thick barriers to protect themselves, and to shoot their boulders few times to conserve weapons for the land invasion. Azula, however, had ordered that the bombs include both nuclear and toxic firepower, and had special masks be produced for her soldiers.

Ozai's airship

Azula leads the airborne invasion in her jet

Azula's fleet soon reached the area above the city. She ordered the bombs be dropped on the city's weaker areas, as the toxins would leak into the stronger areas. The bombs were devastating and deadly, killing many soldiers and civilians. Yung's men were able to take out one airship, though it proved more of a mistake then a victory, as the ship crashed into the Royal Palace, killing almost all Yung's captains.

Seeing her chance, Azula ordered her men release all the bombs they have left. Azula ended the airborne attack by dropping the largest and most destructive bomb from her jet, killing nearly half of the men left. She then ordered her men to land the airships, release the tanks and trains, and attack on land.

Attack on the Grounds

Azula's foot soldiers marched directly into the city with their masks, gaining the upper hand with the poisoned and sickly Earthbenders easily. Meanwhile, Azula herself and a small elite group of Firebenders infiltrated the city to take out Yung. Yung was told of the attack, and when he was offered more protection he refused. He gave his soldiers the rest of the orders they would need to follow, and then waited for Azula. When Azula found him, she chose to spare him, but had him taken prisoner.

Despite the setback, the Earth Kingdom soldiers were actually advancing on the Fire Nation troops. Soon a battalion of troops was able to secure one of the airships, and attempted to use it to crash into many other troops. If this was to happen, Omashu would have actually won. Azula chose to pursue the rebels herself. She propelled herself over to the airship with Firebending, and challenged the leader of the group, Onsungi, to a duel.

Azula and Onsungi fought viciously, but Azula was inevitably gaining the upper hand. She eventually killed the woman by striking lightning at her heart. The rebels tried to kill Azula, but she was able to escape the airship and propel herself to a cliff.


Without Yung, Onsungi, or any other leaders, the men could not land or even crash the airship properly, or even fight back. The soldiers advanced to the center of the city, and were able to kill most of the men, taking the rest prisoner. Azula watched from the cliff, smirking evilly at the sight of the entire city falling once more to the Fire Nation.


After the Fire Nation's victory, Omashu was once again renamed as New Ozai. Phoenix King Ozai was very pleased with Azula, and rewarded her with an even more impressive Royal Jet. Due to Mai's helpful actions in The War, The Governor was reinstated in ruling the city. He, however would later be replaced with Ty Lee after Azula became the Supreme Fire Lord.

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