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The Lost Air Temple


Book 2: Rise of the Deathbenders


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Last Season on TLAT Avatar Gatton lived a peaceful life with his family in the Fire Nation ruled by the sages. These sages included Amax, Halois, Raingeous, Bard, Pytharus, and the Avatar's own son, Sven. A failed assassination attempt on a sage and a successful attempt on his servant forced the sages into a situation. Only a few days later the sages were infiltrated by assassins and betrayed by some of their own. The sages were thrown into prison, and it was discovered Raingeous and Bard were the leaders of the asssasins. The Avatar was captured as well, but broke out with help from Smoke, a spirit spawn. The Avatar's grandchildren came to the rescue. One took out the assassins in the city and the other freed the good, imprisoned sages and killed Bard. The one grandchild, the sages, spirit spawn, and the Avatar led a final charge against the evil sage, Raingeous. They succeeded and Raingeous was sent to the Spirit World, guided by Smoke. Peace came to the Fire Nation and Pytharus was crowned the first Fire Lord. Everything was well with the nation, but the Avatar is plagued by dark visions, knowing the evil Avatar and his death is only a little over a year away.


The Fire Nation Carnival was today and everyone was getting ready. Gatton has agreed to take the kids, while Grandma stayed home and rest. Finosa has gone over to Sala's house, while Baizken was practicing with the Black Dragon Backbiter in the backyard. Gatton watched Baizken through the window.

"Baizken, it's almost time to go," Gatton shouted.

"Okay, Grandpa, I'll be in in a second," Baizken responded.

Baizken sheathed his sword on his back and runs inside.

Gatton is impressed by how much his grandson has improved in fighting, in the past few months, with his smoother style.

Finosa and Sala are having a snack in the kitchen. Finosa popped a fire flake in her mouth and looked at Sala.

"I can't wait for the carnival tonight," she said with food in her mouth.

"Me either. When are we meeting up with Baizken?" Sala said after swallowing her flake.

"Why?" asked Finosa.

"No reason," Sala said as she looks to her left.

"Oh really?" Finosa wondered while arching her eyebrow.

"Well..." Sala's voice trails off.

"It's alright; I kinda figured," Finosa said.

"Okay, so when are we meeting them?" asked Sala again.

"Around dusk."

"Cool, shouldn't we get ready to go?"

They go and make it to the festival early to watch the people set up and practice with the fireworks.

Baizken and Gatton said, "Goodbye," to Grandma and headed out the door.

"Is Grandma feeling all right?" asked Baizken.

"I think she'll feel better after she rests. She normally feels bad during this this time of year," said Gatton.

"Okay, Do you know where we are going?"

"Yes, to the carnival..." said a confused Avatar.

"No, where are we entering at. West, East, or North Street," Baizken explained.

"Why not South Street?" Gatton replied.

"Because that's where the royal procession is. It'd be easier to take West Street."

"Let's go that way then," exclaimed a chipper Gatton.

They make it to the carnival main square, where the parade will come through, when Baizken spots Finosa and Sala.

"Hey look there they are," said Baizken.


Baizken points at them.

"Ah look they are there. Are we going over there?" Gatton asked.

"Why not," Baizken said as he walks away.

Gatton followed Baizken as he crosses the street.

"Are they here yet?" asked Sala.

"No I can't see them," Finosa said with her hand above her eyes to block the setting sun.

Baizken walked up to them, but they didn't realize he was behind them.

"Hello!" Baizken exclaimed a bit to loudly, because when he said this it frightened Sala and Finosa. Sala jumped back and Finosa looked like she was going to bunch who ever was behind her. She turned around and looked at Baizken.

"Baizken! Why did you have to sneak up on us?" yelled Finosa.

"I didn't mean to, but boy you should have seen the look on your face," Baizken chuckled.

"That wasn't funny," said Finosa.

"Well..." Sala paused.

"What?" asked Baizken.

"Hey kids," said Gatton. This time Baizken jumped back a little.

"Grandpa, what took you so long?" said Baizken.

He held up a bag of fire-flakes "I went to one of the vendors," said Gatton.

"Can I have some, Grandpa?" asked Baizken.

"Maybe later," said Gatton.

The kids and the watched the parade roll through. There were magicians (fake ones unlike Smoke), jugglers, and other entertainment on floats, drawn by camelephants. Finally, guards, mostly sages, came marching through. They had straight faces on; they were not like the entertainment. Their goal was to protect the new Firelord. At last the royal coach it was opaque so people couldn't see the Firelord Pytharus. The crowds walked down the street, trying to follow the coach to wear the Firelord would make his speech.

"Should we follow," asked Gatton.

They did follow, mainly because Gatton insisted. The Firelord gave a speech about the bright future, that the nation had. Also, how he would start diplomacy with the Sun Warriors. This got a somewhat mixed reaction from the crowd. The Firelord finished his speech by assuring the people that the nation that they were safe and that he would be upright to his final breath. Pytharus raised his hand high and made a flame appear in his palm. The guarding sages followed suit, and finally the citizen's did the same, non-bender had no flame. He exited back into the coach, guarded in full, on his way, back to the Capitol Building. The crowd cleared slowly, all of them going to different parts of the carnival

The group started to walkout of the crowd. Baizken, Finosa, and Sala in the front and Gatton watching them from behind. The first thing Baizken wanted to see was the glassblowers, so they went to the glassblowers.

"Isn't this so incredible?" stated Baizken in half-awe.

The glass blower used a metal pipe to blow into the glass, and he inflated it into a beautiful vase, using the breath of fire.

"Is craftmanship all you think about?" asked Finosa.

"No, I also think about food and swords and..."

"Not what she meant," Sala interjected while laughing. Soon Baizken was chuckling and so was Finosa.

"Where to next?" asked Sala.

"I think the fire jugglers," said Finosa.

Gatton finally caught up with them and said, "Shouldn't we take a break?" The Avatar did take a break, with the kids, but only after making the deal that he would have to share his fire-flakes. Then, they went on to see the jugglers.

Sala and Baizken thought the jugglers were pretty neat. Some of them had 9 flames going on at once. Finosa laughed, "I can do better."

Finosa, using purple fire, started with 1 flame and built it up to 4. The large purple flames flying back and forth were pretty impressive, but once she got to 5 flames she lost control and they burned out. One old guy tossed three silver pieces at her feet, which made her happy.

"The fireworks should be going off any minute," said Sala, hinting at something.

"Yeah, and where's Grandpa?" asked Baizken.

"Oh, I'll go find him," said Finosa. This made Sala mouth the words thank you. Finosa went, into the crowds, to find Grandpa.

Gatton knew he was a block away from his grandkids and their friend. The streets were filled with people, all looking for the best place to watch the fireworks. It was then, when Gatton saw Halois.

"Hello, Avatar Gatton," said Halois, in an arrogant tone.

The Avatar replied to this with, "Greetings Sage Halois."

"Listen, a need to talk to you about 'The Project'," Halois said, changing his tune.

"I all ready gave my opinion; no means no," Gatton replied.

"I know, but if another up-rising happened. Boom, they're right there, for all nation. Also, the Firelord liked the idea and..." Halois stopped.

"'And...' what?" Gatton questioned.

"Well, the Firelord has supported the idea and has already started rebuilding the White Lotus post all over the nation. In fact, I have to go to the Air Nomad Games and I need some security," said Halois talking as fast as possible.

"The Firelord didn't ask for my opinion. I don't approve after the First Lotus War the world was so divided. What's this about security? Do you want me to go?" said Gatton, sounding a little harsher than he would have liked to.

"I don't need a decision now," said Halois as he walked away, "Just by the end of the week."

The sage was soon out of view and the first test firework went off. Gatton continued walking, and he found Finosa or more like Finosa found him.

"Grandpa where were you? The fireworks are about to start," asked Finosa.

"I got caught in a conversation; where is Finosa and your friend?" Gatton answered and shot another question.

The first firework had been set off and all the crowd watched its blue colors rain down from the sky. Sala and Baizken found the perfect place to watch them. It was farther away from the crowd. Baizken was standing up and Sala was sitting on the ground.

"Great fireworks, eh," said Baizken.

"Yeah," said Sala.

"You know, fire works are..." Baizken continued to give a long speech about how fireworks work, "Sala?"

"What?" she said.

"You weren't even paying attention," he said.

"I'm sorry..." she said, but she was interrupted by the grand finale which drowned out what she was saying.

"Huh," Baizken said, his ears still popping.

"Never mind, I got to go," she said.

"Bye," was all he said as she walked away. Minutes later, he met with Finosa and Gatton and headed home.

Gatton was asleep in his bed, dreaming peacefully. He was in a field with his family, including his father and mother. Clouds, dark ones, rolled in to the field.

"Rest peacefully now, Avatar," said a voice all to familiar to Gatton.

"Leave, my dreams are my place," the Avatar replied.

"You mean they're our place," the voice said.

"You are just, so full of chaos," said Gaton.

"I am chaos! The Avatar was made to balance the world. I just decided to start from the ground up," said the dark Avatar.

"I will find you," said Gatton.

"Go ahead, try to smite me out. You will never find me. I am safe; beyond your world, hidden in darkness," the voice said.

"I will go beyond this world if it means saving it," said Gatton.

"I must leave," said the dark Avatar.

Images flashed in Gatton's dream. Death, destruction of cities, famines in all the nations. He saw the dark Avatar lift his hand and a man fell flat on the ground. The dark Avatar laughed as he did this. Gatton felt cold. He got woke up by a punch from his wife. She was asleep muttering something about getting the badger-moles. Yet another sleepless night, but Gatton now knew what to do now. He was going on the journey of a life time.

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