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Rebellion Against the New Reign


Siege of the South (Chronologically in terms of start date)


The Tri-National Showdown


The Second Weatherbending Conflict


7 - 15 September, 102 AG


Fire Nation


Fire Nation Rebel Army victory; Tizou briefly becomes Fire Lord before passing the throne back to Zuko, Ezan captured and eventually executed


Fire Nation Rebel Army

Military of the Fire Nation


Fire Lord Zorro

Forces involved

Fire Nation domestic forces


  • Several Rebel forces
  • Several domestic forces
  • Fire Lord Zorro


First appearance

TWB Chapter 7 (First mention)

Last appearance

TWB Chapter 16


The Rebellion Against the New Reign was an internal offensive launched against the reign of Fire Lord Zorro by the Fire Nation Rebel Army late in the summer of 102 AG.


When Zorro took the throne following the Capture of the Fire Nation in 102 AG, he launched a new era of militarization and re-plotted the imperialistic ways of Ozai, Azulon and Sozin. Not everyone in the Fire Nation desired to return to these wartime ways, and as a result, rebellion began to be plotted.

Generals Tizou, Bujing, and Azai, all advisers of Zuko, met together and planned out a rebellion. They started with the formation of the Fire Nation Rebel Army, a force of about five hundred and citizens and military deserters. With the domestic forces vulnerable due to the primary military out carrying Zorro's imperialist plans, the Rebel Army elected to attack on 7 September.

The Battle

Initial struggles for the rebels

Early on, the Rebel Army's inexperience showed, with citizens having no military experience, and some army deserters having been new recruits. Although the domestic forces were vulnerable, they had an easy time against the Rebel Army. Quickly, the rebels lost 10% of their forces in skirmishes in the Fire Nation Capital. The generals then elected to change strategies.

Turning the tide

While new recruits came in, the change in strategy paid off. The generals decided to go after domestic forces in smaller towns instead of directly at the Capital, where the strongest opposition was located. Attacking these smaller towns, the rebels took them from the domestic forces, and began to gain more and more soldiers. This allowed the Rebel Army to gather more momentum and experience, preparing to attack the Fire Nation Capital. Further, this had successfully raised morale of the opposition, and encouraged more and more folks to join the cause.


When Zorro received word of the rebellion, he called some of his military back to the Fire Nation to defend the homeland, as he started to fear an attack from the Rebel Army. Indeed, on 14 September, the Rebel Army returned and attacked the Fire Nation Capital. A further help to the cause was that this time, the three commanding generals of the Rebel Army joined the battle in combat. With all their gains from the towns, they now were a match for the domestic forces. Encouraged and confident, the rebels worked to a stalemate with Zorro's men.

Intervention of Zuko and Aang

By 18:00 on the 14th, Avatar Aang and deposed Fire Lord Zuko had made their way down to the Fire Nation Capital, however, they were informed to hold off from the three generals of the Rebel Army, much to Zuko's discontent. Nevertheless, they were on standby.

Zorro had ordered the attacks stronger and stronger throughout the day on the 14th, but the rebels refused to yield. The battle continued through the night time hours, before the battlefield finally settled around 21:00.

At 07:00 the next morning, 15 September, the battle resumed anew, with the stalemate continuing between the loyalists and rebels. Each side knew they were going to have to do or get something to further their chances. Men were dying fast on each side as the battle really picked up on the 15th.

Finally, Aang and Zuko were cleared to enter the battle near midday, and this inspired the Rebels, giving them a surge forward. Soon, they were closing in on the Fire Nation Royal Palace.

Sensing danger, Zorro and Ezan elected to enter the battle themselves, deciding they would go after the new entrants. They were able to defeat some Rebels before eventually getting to their desired opponents.

Duel between Zorro, Ezan, Aang and Zuko

The fight between the four men was a harsh one, with several rounds of firebending involved. Every so often, one side would get close to defeating the other. However, neither side could get a clean advantage. Late in the fight, Aang and Zuko were caught on the run, and eventually found themselves surrounded by Zorro, Ezan, and several domestic soldiers. With that, they went to a devastating Weatherbending move they had learned days earlier, and were able to defeat their opponents.

Results and Consequences

As the duels went on, the Rebels continued to dominate the domestic forces, and eventually surrounded the Fire Nation Royal Palace, forcing a surrender. Zorro was later determined to have been killed, with Ezan barely alive.

Officially, as Tizou with the head of an overthrowing party, he became Fire Lord. However, he passed the title on to Zuko, leading to Zuko's re-coronation on 18 September.

Eventually, Ezan did live, however he was tried for his crimes. A jury convicted him of high treason and ordered his execution. This was carried out on 9 April, 103 AG. Other generals who worked for Zorro were convicted of treason and served anywhere from twenty years to the remainder of their lives in prison.

The Fire Nation Capital had suffered significant damage in the fight and had to go through a rebuilding process. However, by the end of 103 AG, it was back to its normal look.

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