Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Rebellion: Final Hope in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

"Hope is final."
— Tagline of Rebellion: Final Hope
Rebellion: Final Hope
Hope is final.
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Rebellion: Final Hope, also entitled simply Rebellion or Final Hope, is a project created by SuperFlash101 and Zukofan123.


It is set during Book 3: Fire, which focuses on Sazuki Yuro and his group of rebels who try to liberate Ba Sing Se and free the Earth Kingdom from the Fire Nation. The story adds background to Avatar: The Legacy of Fire, because it also features Takeshi Sagara as one of the rebels. The first chapter has been released on and is planned to be released on Avatar: The Lost Age.




Sazuki Yuro

  • Sazuki Yuro: The 15-year-old rebellion leader. As a child, he family and arm were lost in a blazing attack by the Fire Nation on his village. Sazuki is determined to free the Earth Kingdom from the Fire Nation and end the war. He finds hope in the reappearance of Avatar Aang.
  • Mogra: Sazuki's fatherlike guardian. He is from the Fire Nation, though he turned his back from the empire when he witnessed the terrible Massacre of Siwang, as well as loosing his bending abilities. He is still an amazing fighting force, and a strict yet nice co-leader to the rebels.
  • Takeshi Sagara: Takeshi is an 11-year-old from the Fire Nation who stumbled upon the Rebellion by accident. As a small child, The Black Scorchers killed his mother in front of him, leaving him harsh and satanic.
  • Sakire Yuna: A 15-year-old sandbender girl who acts as a head of the rebels. She is a very brute force, a master at sandbending. While generally being a soft, kind, motherly-figure, she is very hot-tempered as well. Rebellion leader Sazuki is deeply infatuated with her.

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For the collective works of SuperFlash101, go here. For Zukofan123, go here.

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