By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
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The Rebel War was a series of conflicts taking place directly after The War. It begun with the deaths of Team Avatar, and is currently still being fought. The rebellion originally began during Phoenix King Ozai's reign with scattered interferences across the globes, caused by the still prominent Earth Kingdom soldiers and the dwindling Water Tribe warriors. The rebellions resulted in the buildup of the world's last anti-Fire Nation settlement, the Rebel City, led by Kambi.

The war resulted in a large number of skirmishes and even a few vicious battles, especially during Supreme Fire Lord Azula's reign. However, the conquest of the Rebel City resulted in the complete defeat of almost all organized rebellions. This left only one true path in the way of the Fire Nation and total victory: Team Rebel, consisting of refugees Mina and Kaila, former prince and Avatar Chen, and rebel advisers Ray and Giu. Since the conquest of Kein Forest, Azula revealed intentions of conquering the Spirit World.


The Rebel War began immediately after Princess Azula's decisive conquest of Ba Sing Se. With the newly allied Dai Li, the Fire Nation was able to secure Ba Sing Se and the rest of the Earth Kingdom. However, Earth Kingdom Rebellions began to plague the Fire Nation, and were successful in reclaiming Omashu. The newly crowned Phoenix King Ozai responded by burning down the remaining lands in the Earth Kingdom, leaving only Omashu and Kyoshi Island left to represent the once mighty kingdom. Concurrent to this, Azula killed the members of Team Avatar, annihilating hope.

Azula was subsequently crowned Fire Lord in honor of her performances in the war. Ozai and Azula were immediately thrust back into reality as they realized that, not only was the Earth Kingdom still standing, but the Northern Water Tribe and the recently recuperated Southern Water Tribe could pose a dangerous threat to the Fire Nation's presence in the Earth Kingdom.

Early Stages

Destruction of the Water Tribes

Conquest of the Earth Kingdom

Middle Stages

Late Stages

Return of Hope

Fall of the Rebellion

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