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Rebel Lessons, Part 2 is the twenty-fourth chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


While Chen is training with Ray, Kaila and Mina suffer from total boredom, so Kambi decides to give them respective teachers too. Meanwhile, Chen finally learns what makes Ray and her Waterbending so special in comparison to all other Waterbenders.


The chapter begins with Mina and Kaila sitting in the shadow of a tree, watching Momo's desperate attempts to reach a moon peach, high in a tree. Mina complains about how bored she is, and asks Kaila where Chen is. Kaila says he went off with Ray to learn Waterbending. Mina then asks where Giu is, and Kaila says she saw him following Ray and Chen. Mina smirks, and then turns back to Momo, who still hasn't been able to fetch a moon peach. After a while, Kaila sighs and throws a Kunai at the tree, making a moon peach drop. As Momo begins to eat, Kambi appears behind the two girls, congratulating Kaila for her aim. He then says that he heard the girls were bored, and signals them to follow him.

The trio then arrives at the practice range, were an about-25-year-old man with strange tattoos is shooting arrows. Mina and Kaila gaze upon his skills, and Kambi explains that this is Arrow. Mina is a bit confused by the name, and Kambi explains they don't know his name, so they just call him Arrow. Kambi continues and says that Arrow came in the Yu Yan archers at a young age, but he didn't agree with Supreme Fire Lord Azula's ways, so when his training was done, he ran away. Since then, he has been teaching students in archery here. Kambi then turns to Mina, and says he will talk to Arrow so he will teach her. He then walks to Arrow and has a short conversation with him. Arrow nods, and Kambi signs Mina may come. Mina, excited, grabs her bow, waves at Kaila and runs to Arrow. Kambi walks back to Kaila, telling her they will go somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Ray, Giu and Chen are walking back to Kein Forest. Ray and Giu are in the front, talking to each other, while Chen is a few meters behind. Ray suddenly notices that, and turns around to call for Chen. However, suddenly she freezes, turns back and slaps Giu hard in the face. Giu asks what he did, and Ray shouts to him that he should stay away from her butt. Giu laughs and says "Oh, that". Ray however, is not happy and pushes Giu so hard, he ends up falling behind Chen. Giu stands up and quickly runs to Chen, asking him what he did. Chen shrugs his shoulders and, at first hesitating, asks Giu advice. Giu asks about what, and Chen responds girls. Giu laughs and says Chen's at the good address. Chen then says that there is a girl... but Giu silences him and says he knows exactly who, while he looks at Ray. He then says that he should make her jealous, flirt with other girls while she's watching. Chen nods, thanks Giu and runs to Ray. Giu, a bit amazed, shakes his head and says: "Avatar or not, he certainly doesn't know how to handle the ladies."

Jeong Jeong's camp

Lee's camp

Meanwhile, Kaila and Kambi are walking through the outer corners of the rebel base. Kaila asks where they are going, and Kambi says her master likes to be alone. Kaila keeps silent until they arrive at a small lake, with several small huts next to it. There, they see an old man meditating on a small island in the middle of the lake. Kaila laughs and asks Kambi if that old man is her new master. Kambi just responds that she should watch out. Kaila laughs again and looks back to the island, but the old man is nowhere to be seen. Kaila asks where he went, but is then attacked and bonded before she can react, and falls unconscious.

Later, Kaila awakens, only to see Kambi and Lee drinking a cup of tea together. Kaila shouts at them to untie her, but the man ignores her and asks Kambi if he should really teach this little, defying brat. Kambi wants to respond, but the old man puts a piece of cloth in her mouth. Kambi then tells the old man that he should really consider it, as she is traveling with the Avatar and, although she needs practice, has great potential. Lee then walks to Kaila, unties her, but then says that he will teach he on one condition: that she will do anything he says. Kaila, angry, agrees, and the old man smiles, saying: Well, shall we begin?

Meanwhile, Ray, Chen and Giu have arrived at an open spot in Kein Forest. Giu sits down, and Ray tells Chen to stand in front of her. She then takes a fighting stance, and tells Chen to do so too. He asks what they're going to do, and Ray responds they're going to fight. Chen is amazed by this, and Ray says she's going to test his skills. Chen then asks how they're going to fight, and Ray says that they're going to do it with Waterbending, of course. Chen sputters out that he can barely do it, and that there's no water. Ray laughs and says he'll be fine, and that there's plenty of water. Chen wants to ask another question, but is suddenly attacked by Ray. He can hardly defend himself, and is driven back by Ray as she draws water from the air and the plants around her and launches them and Chen in various forms. Chen can't keep up, but Ray shouts at him that he should try harder. Chen then runs away from her and hides behind a tree.

Katara stops her attack

Ray defeats Chen, with Giu standing next to her

When Chen sees the water being drawn from the tree, he closes his eyes and deeply concentrates. After a while, he suddenly opens his eyes and turns around, in a new fighting stance. Ray smiles as she sees this, realizing he has mastered the technique, but suddenly she stops smiling, and cries out, in heavy pain. She falls on the ground, screaming. Giu runs to Chen, while a drop of blood comes out of Ray's mouth. He runs to Chen, lifts him up and shakes him, trying to make him normal again. Suddenly, Giu too falls on the ground, in heavy pain. Chen watches, but is suddenly stopped by many ice spikes, piercing the area around him. Chen loses his concentration, and Giu stands back up, seeing Ray holding many ice spikes in the air, pointing at Chen. She then drops the ice spikes and helps Chen up. She says to him that he should be careful when he concentrates on the water around him, because there's also plenty of water in the people around him. Chen is stunned and ashamed, and mutters to Ray he couldn't control himself, but Ray is already back with Giu, asking if he's alright. Giu says he is, and then after a short silence says to her that she has some blood on her chin. Ray wipes it off, thanks Giu, and then turns back to Chen, who is very discouraged. Ray comforts him and says that it was just a mistake, that he just needs practice. The trio then says nothing to each other for a while, but then Giu suggest they should have a look at the others. Ray and Chen agree, and together, they leave the open spot.

When the trio arrive at Lee's camp, they see Kaila standing in the middle of the open spot, with a new armor on. Chen waves and runs at her, but Kaila screams at him not to. Chen immediately stands still, but is caught by a trap. In that short time, a dark figure, moving only as a blurry shadow, approaches Kaila, knocks her to the ground and takes a pair of small bells from her. Kaila then calls Chen an idiot, yelling to him she was training. Chen apologizes, and then asks if she could untie him. Kaila sighs and throws a Kunai at the rope holding the trap, making Chen fall. Chen then wants to asks if Kaila wants to go out with him that night, but a meaningful look of Giu quickly makes him change his mind, and he asks the same to Ray. Ray is stunned, and says she can't. Chen looks over to Kaila, only to see she's furious. Chen then walks back to Giu, telling him he thinks that making Kaila jealous isn't that of an good idea. Giu shrugs his shoulders and tells Chen that it's his decision, and the four of them walk away to Mina, boys and girls apart.

When they arrive at the practice range, they see a heavily sweating Mina practicing at high level. She is facing ten targets with her back, but suddenly turns around and shoots arrows after each other at very high speed, and almost all of them hit a bull's eye. Kaila, Ray, Giu and Chen cheer, but Arrow shakes his head and signs to her that she can go. Mina arrives with her friends, and she explains to them that she has been trying this exercise the whole day, and her teacher always thinks it's not good enough. She then asks how the lessons of Kaila and Chen went, whom quickly respond they went quite well.


  • This is by far the longest non-final episode.
  • The idea of Giu touching Ray's butt came from Miroku, a character from Inuyasha, and also a womanizer.
  • Giu giving Chen bad advice about the wrong girl came from Sokka doing the same with Aang in 'The Fortuneteller'.
  • The name 'Lee' was chosen for Kaila's teacher because it's such a common name, you wouldn't expect it would be someone like him. (And also be cause the author couldn't make up a name)
  • The idea of taking bells from someone as a training came from Naruto.

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