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Rebel Lessons, Part 1
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Rebel Lessons, Part 1 is the twenty-third chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


After a while, Ray finally fulfills her promise, and decides to start Chen's Waterbending lessons. After some exercises, Giu shows up and tells Chen Ray's big Waterbending secret. When Ray finds out that Chen knows, she then decides that he might as well also know how to do it.


Secluded hot springs

Ray and Chen come across the hot springs

Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray and Giu are sitting around a campfire, each of them quietly drinking a cup of tea. After a while, Mina breaks the silence by coughing. Chen asks what they will do now, and Ray stands up and asks Chen what he would think about learning Waterbending from her. Chen is very excited, but Ray says he should wait until tomorrow, because they all need a good night sleep. They all agree, and Giu puts out the campfire and they go to their bedrooms. The next morning, Chen is woken up very early by Ray. When he asks how late it is, Ray tells him that the sun is just coming up. Chen wants to go back to sleep, but Ray sarcastically asks if he doesn't want to learn Waterbending anymore. Chen immediately jumps up, and Ray says he should follow her quietly, because they shouldn't wake anyone up.

After walking a long distance, Chen gets tired and asks Ray, who's still in perfect condition, how far it still is to their goal. Ray says "just about 15 more kilometers". Chen is flabbergasted by this, asking if they aren't going to train in the forest. Ray says they certainly aren't going to do that, as there is too much distraction there. Chen asks were they are going to, and Ray points at a nearby mountain range. Chen is amazed, asking what they are going to do there. Ray says he'll see, leaving Chen very confused.

A few hours later, they finally arrive at the mountains. When they arrive there, Chen sees why they came: hot springs. Ray explains that, when she first arrived at Kein Forest, she immediately began scouting the surrounding areas. Chen asks what he'll do first, exhibiting the desire to learn about very advanced techniques, such as creating tsunamis and whirlpools. Ray laughs and says those things are for later. She then gets serious and says, because he's a Firebender, Waterbending is going to be very hard for him, so they'll start with basic techniques. She then demonstrates how to pull and push water, and then asks Chen to do it. To Ray's surprise, Chen is immediately able to do the technique, without any trouble. Ray thinks, and then mutters it must be because he's such a soft Firebender. Chen hears this and gets angry, but Ray insists she didn't say anything.

Ray then says, because Chen apparently has a natural talent, he will try something harder: walking on water. Chen is shocked, and asks if he can really do that, and Ray says he sure can. She then steps on the water of one of the hot springs, explaining water is the element of change, and the water in these pools is continuously changing. In order to walk on it, a Waterbender must bend the water he's standing on continuously. If he loses his attention for a moment, his control is lost and he will, in this case, fall into the water. Chen then asks how she can talk when she's standing on the water, and Ray explains that a master like herself does this automatically, giving her the ability to do anything while she bends the water. She then steps back on the ground, and tells Chen that he has to try now. Chen is very eager and rushes in the spring, but immediately falls in, burning himself. Ray giggles, though Chen he is not amused. He then climbs out of the water, rests for a moment, and tries again, but fails again. While Chen keeps trying, Ray leaves, telling Chen she'll be away for a moment, but that he should keep trying.

Katara wringing her hair

Ray bends the water off of herself after putting her clothes on

Hours later, Chen is still trying, and eventually succeeds in standing on the water. He calls for Ray, but there is no response. He keeps yelling her name, but is suddenly pulled into the bushes. Chen is surprised and wants to attack, but then he sees it's Giu. Giu silences him and points to a nearby spring, where Ray is bathing. Chen wants to protest, but Giu silences him and says that "the best is coming, she's going out". Ray stands up, with her back to Chen and Giu, and then suddenly launches a wave of hot water at the two. Giu and Chen roll out of the bushes, screaming about their burn marks. Ray remarks she had expected this from Giu, but not from Chen. Chen wants to protest again, but then realizes what Ray did and asks her how she knew he and Giu were hiding there. Giu wants to respond to Chen's question, but Ray quickly silences him.

Giu protests, saying Chen has the right to know. Ray sighs, and says she will tell him, after she has put on her clothes. She grabs her clothes and walks to a big rock, but then turns around and points to Giu, saying that if he would dare to "peak at [her] again, then..." Giu says he understands the message and promises he won't peak anymore. Ray then goes behind the rock to change clothes. After a while, she returns and says Chen probably wants to know what Giu was so eager to tell him. Chen nods, and Ray continues by saying she's deaf. Chen is stunned, asking how she can participate in their conversations. Ray then says she can read lips very well. Chen is still confused, and asks how she knew he and Giu were hiding in the bushes.

Ray hesitates, but then says she can 'sense' the water around her. Chen doesn't understand, and Ray tells him it's kinda a sixth sense. She can see all the water around her in her head, and is able to read lips by sensing the moisture movements on them, and gives Chen some other examples. Chen is very excited, asking if she can teach him that technique. Ray hesitates, saying she could teach him how to master it, but then quickly says he'll never be able to control it at a level she does. Chen is still excited, and Ray sighs, saying they'll have to go back. As Ray begins to jog away, Chen dawdles behind her, complaining about the journey home.

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