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I Am the Solution


Part Two - Revolution



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July 2, 2015

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The Prisoner

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"The era of bending is over! A new era of equality has begun!"

The audience applauded. Every nonbender in the city seemed to be here to support Amon after his glorious victory over the benders. Iesen was standing on the stage, on Amon's right side. Spotlights were shining so bright that she had to look away from the crowd, even though she was wearing a mask.

And then one sentence that broke the atmosphere of victory.

"You're lying, Amon!"

One sentence furiously shouted from the gallery. There stood a familiar person. She was disguised as a chi-blocker but without any doubts, it was her. It was Avatar Korra.

"Should we get rid of them?" Lieutenant asked what Iesen was thinking. She slipped on her electrified glove, ready to attack just in case.

"'No," Amon exclaimed. "We have no reason to fear the Avatar. Tell me, what exactly that I said is a lie?" he addressed the Avatar mockingly.

"You know it very well, just as I do, Noatak!" Korra said, not shouting, yet loud enough for everyone to hear her. Uncomfortable silence filled the Arena. "Amon has been lying to you all along!" Korra continued. "He's a waterbender, and he uses bloodbending to take people's bending! He was taught that by his father, Yakone!"

Disagreement quickly spread trough the crowd, some even started shouting accusations at Amon.

Korra stood there in the gallery with a victorious expression on her face. "Did you see that Amon? Who is winning now?"

But Amon was not deterred. These people were under his control. They would listen to every word he said . He was their savior. But how? How did this girl found out his secret? The secret he was hiding so well, that everyone, everyone who knew it was dead. Except for one person.


"It's an amusing story you got there, Avatar," he said calmly, like he wasn't bursting with anger, fear, and panic as he was. "But it is a low punch to make up fake stories about me. Clearly, you are desperate. Dear Avatar Korra, I think it would still be me. But I will show you the truth," Amon addressed the crowd of nonbenders again. He pulled his hood down and untied his mask, and removed his mask, showing his scarred face. "This is the truth. The Avatar is lying!"

Nonbenders started shouting furiously again, but now it was for the Avatar. The panic filled her eyes, and using firebending, Korra dropped from the gallery and ran trough one of the many corridors in the back of the Arena in a useless attempt to hide from him. No one, Amon smirked, could hide from him.

Amon followed Korra to the dark, blinking a few times to adjust his vision after the bright lights of the spotlights were replaced with poor lighting of the arena storage. He was walking down the hallway, his footsteps echoing against the stone walls. His senses tensed. Someone was right behind him.

Amon was ready to attack, but he waited a few more seconds. Amon could hear a faint sound of footsteps. Amon was still waiting. But something was wrong. It seemed like the person behind him wasn't even trying to hide their presence.

The silence was broken by a quiet but clear voice.

"It's truth, isn't it?" Iesen's voice shivered just a little bit, but anger was bursting from her every word.

Amon turned to face her and started calmly, "Iesen, I can explain-"

"Explain? Explain what?" A tear threatened to roll down her cheek, but she wiped it away before it had a chance to. "Explain how you're a bender? Explain how you just used us- all of us for your goals?" Her expression was a mixture of rage and disappointment. "No, Amon. You don't need to explain anything."

She turned to walk away.

"Iesen, where are you going?"

She turned around to give him an angry look. "Wherever I want to, Amon! That is nothing you should bother yourself with! But there is one thing I'm sure of, I'm not coming back here!"

Iesen turned again to leave, but she couldn't. Something stopped her. Something terrible. It started as a tingling, and when she tried to take a step, pain overflowed her body, her every muscle screamed in agony, like ten thousand needles were stung into every centimeter of her skin, a scream escaped her as she recognized the feeling, that feeling she didn't feel for ten years.


Amon tightened his grip, forcing her to turn around. His expression was panicked, like he couldn't believe what he just did.

Iesen wined in pain. "You're going to kill me, Amon?" she said furiously. "After everything I did for you?"

"I'm not going to kill you, Iesen. I'm just warning you not to ever say this to anyone," he said, a panicked expression still on his face.

Amon loosened his bloodbending grip, allowing Iesen to break free. She rose to her feet catching her breath, and immediately turned to leave, this time running.

"Iesen, stop! You can't leave! You swore to be loyal to the revolution!" Amon shouted after her.

Iesen turned her head one last time before leaving the hall. "I swore to be loyal to the revolution, Amon. Not to you. Not anymore."

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