Reading Katara's Mind
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Long Feng



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November 10, 2009

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One Box Missing!

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Long Feng's Final Journey

Reading Katara's Mind is the sixteenth chapter of Long feng.


Before they could kill Long Feng and give him peace, Haru and his friends had to track him down. Katara thought she could be able to discover where he was hiding. "I have an idea." stated Katara.

Ever since Katara drank Long Feng's blood, he could "speak" to her just by thinking. She asked Haru to hypnotize her, he could be able to find out what Long Feng was thinking.

Long Feng could be on board a ship. Katara was delighted, surely she would be safe now, if Long Feng had left Ember Island?

No! Haru explained grimly that Katara was still in danger. Unless they could kill Long Feng while she was still alive, she would stay undead, a vampire, forever. "We must find him!" exclaimed Haru.

Hearing this dreadful news, Katara fainted.

The friends tried urgently to find out which ships had just sailed toward Ba Sing Se. Newspapers reported that there was only one, the Fire Lady Ilah. "He is clever, he´s so clever!" commented Haru.

As fast as they could, they hurried to the Ember Island docks. A docker told them that a tall, pale man boarded the Ilah, taking a big, heavy box as cargo.

They also heard that the Ilah was late leaving port because a mysterious fog delayed it. The fog appeared when the captain argued with the tall, pale men......but vanished when the big box was loaded. Then the tall man disappeared. The dockers didn't know why, but Haru understood, Long Feng was on board the Ilah, hiding in his last box of Earth.

The friends had to follow Long Feng to keep him from reaching his castle. Haru warned that Katara could not know their plans, Long Feng's power over her mind could make her betray them. "We must get ready!" stated Haru.

Haru saw worrying changes in Katara every day. Her teeth were sharper, her eyes looked fierce, her scar would not heal. The men were almost ready to leave when she asked to travel with them. "I must go with you," said Katara.

Katara still needed protection from Long Feng's power, but she still hoped she could help them. She made all the men promise to kill if she started behaving like a vampire.

Before they left for Ba Sing Se, Katara asked Aang to read the Burial Service to her. For him, it was unbearably sad, but she found it comforting.

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