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Everything was passing by so fast. Feng was bolting through rocky terrain, carrying his four human companions on his back. "Where are we going next?" Rong asked, trying to make her voice heard over the wind.

"Our next stop is Omashu," Suki said, loudly.

"And judging by the distance between here and Gaoling, we are making great time," Ling added.

"Sweet, I've always wanted to go there!" Bo shouted.

"Have you guys ever heard that story about the two lovers?" Suki asked.

This caught everybody's attention. "No, I have never heard of it," Ling replied.

"It sounds interesting," Rong said. "Tell us the story."

"Well, long story short, there was a man and a woman who built secret tunnels underground in order to meet each other," Suki started.

"Why didn't they just meet each other in their little village?" Rong asked.

"Because, their villages were at war," Suki explained. "One day the man died and instead of having revenge, the woman united the villages and helped create Omashu."

"How do you know all of this?" Ling asked.

"Sokka told me about it, once."

At the mention of the Southern Tribe warrior's name, Bo became noticeably tenser.

Ling realized this and turned back to look at him. "Hey, are you alright, Bo?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Bo responded, quietly.

"Ever since we left Gaoling you haven't been yourself. What happened back there?"

"I guess those Zhimings just knocked the sunshine out of me."

Suki had guilt written all over her face. Not only that, but she could feel it rising inside her as well. She might have put her friendship with Bo in peril for good, because of one delirious moment. "We should be arriving at Omashu, shortly," she announced.

"I still can't get over how fast we can travel on this thing," Ling remarked.

"So, which route are we taking?" Hong Wu asked his teammate. "Surely we are not going up to the front gates?"

"No, of course not," Shun replied.

"Well, unless you know some other way inside, we are not getting in this city without a fight," said Hong Wu.

"Follow me," Shun ordered.

"You are not the boss of me," Hong Wu remarked.

"Just come on!" Shun called out.

"Be quiet! Do you want the guards out front to hear us?!" Hong Wu said in a hushed tone.

"There is a secret passageway through the sewers down here," Shun explained. "Now, let's hurry before Suki and her friends find us." With that, Hong Wu and Shun sneakily made their way to the sewers.

In about twenty minutes, Team Suki had reached Omashu and was approaching the gates that led inside. "Let me do the talking, guys," Suki advised.

"Why would we need to do any talking?" Rong asked. "They should just let us in. I've heard the people in Omashu are the friendliest in the world."

As soon as Team Suki approached the guards, the one in front raised a boulder over the group. Feng growled and everyone on board felt him tense up. "Easy, boy," said Suki. "That Earthbender is not going to hurt us."

"Not unless you pose some kind of threat to Omashu," said the lead guard.

"Hey, don't you guys know who I am?" Suki asked, hoping the guards would give her the answer she wanted. "I'm Suki. I am a member of Team Avatar."

"Right, sure you are," The lead guard taunted. "I know Team Avatar has quite a few members, but I've never heard of anyone named Suki."

The Kyoshi Warrior could not believe this. After all she had done for the world, she wasn't even recognized by anyone?

"Look, sir, your city might be in grave danger," Ling stated. "We need to speak to the King immediately."

"King Bumi has no time for you children. He is attending a meeting on a matter of great concern," the lead guard retorted.

"Look, whether you believe us or not, the Zhiming Assassins are on their way!" Rong said, raising her voice. "So, you can either let them take your city over or let us through!"

At the mention of the Zhimings, the guards' expressions changed. "Did you say the Zhiming Assassins?" One of them asked. "Yes," Rong replied.

"That is the subject of the king's meeting," The lead guard explained. He immediately Earthbent the gates open. "We shall let him know you are coming."

"Thanks," said Suki. "Alright, Feng, let's go."

Feng walked through the gates and carried Team Suki into Omashu.

"Alright, let's meet with King Bumi so we can get on to our next destination," Suki ordered.

"Wait, if the king already knows about the Zhimings, maybe we should move on to our next destination now," Ling suggested.

"No, I still think at least one of us should warn the king, just in case there is something he does not know," said Rong.

"I agree, let's go," said Suki.

"About that," Ling started.

"We were thinking you could meet with King Bumi and maybe we could go sight-seeing?" Bo finished his friend's sentence.

"Don't you guys think you need to be a part of this?" Suki questioned.

"You're kind of the leader of the group. You can handle it on your own," Rong answered.

"Okay, have fun," Suki said before proceeding to the palace.

"So, what's first on the activities list?" Bo inquired.

"Whoa, somebody is in a better mood," Ling remarked.

"There isn't much do besides walk around and look at the city, is there?" asked Rong.

"Well, then let's get started on that," said Ling.

A door leading to a dimly lit room with green lights was opened and a man entered. "Sire," the servant started.

The sleeping King Bumi awoke on his throne. "What do you want? Can't you see I'm taking a nap? I need my beauty sleep, you know."

"My apologies, King Bumi, but this Kyoshi Warrior has requested to see you. She says she knows you," the servant explained.

"Hello again, King Bumi," Suki greeted her ally.

"Do I know you?" Bumi questioned.

"Yes, I'm one of Aang's friends. We have met several times before," Suki reminded him.

The old king stared intently at Suki for a minute, and then suddenly started laughing. "Oh, yes, I remember you," Bumi recalled. "So, what is it you want to talk to me about?"

"Hold on, I thought you were in a meeting."

"Eh, I decided to reschedule it. So, what exactly do you want?"

"Well, I have come to warn you about the Zhiming Assassins," Suki started.

"Oh, I'm well aware of that problem. I assure you I have everything under control," Bumi insisted.

"Just like you had everything under control when the Fire Nation invaded?" Suki remarked. The guards in the room were noticeably nervous at this statement.

King Bumi was silent for a few moments, and then started laughing again. "You got me there, no doubt about that. However, I think I know what is best for my city and I assure you I will do everything to prevent the Zhimings from taking this place over."

Suki saw there was nothing more she could do to change the king's mind. "Very well, then. Thank you for listening, King Bumi." Suki bowed and left the room.

Bo, Ling, and Rong had been walking around Omashu for quite a while, but had barely spoken a word to each other since they had started. Rong suddenly broke the awkward silence by gesturing to the mail slides. "Hey, check out those slides! I wonder what they are used for."

"Those are used to send people their mail," said a woman who had overheard their conversation.

"Oh, that is pretty cool," Rong said. The woman walked away and the friends continued walking.

"So, uh, Bo, what is it with you lately?" Ling asked. "What happened between you and Suki? You seem like you have been avoiding her ever since Gaoling."

"Nothing, nothing at all happened! Why would you think something happened?!" Bo blurted out, defensively. Ling and Rong quizzically stared at their friend for a few moments. "Sorry," Bo apologized.

Hong Wu and Shun were walking through the city wearing hooded robes to hide their identities. "Where are they?" Hong Wu asked, impatiently. "Why don't we just storm the palace and take the king hostage? Then we could send a ransom note and lure Suki and her team right to us."

"Always the aggressive one, aren't you?" Shun said.

"I just want to find the little brat!" Hong Wu retaliated.

"Well, even if I wanted to go through with your idea, it would never work."

"Well, then why don't you come up with a-"

"There they are!" Shun suddenly interrupted. The two Zhiming superiors spotted Bo, Ling, and Rong all at once.

"Let's take them now!" Shun ordered.

"Hold on, where is Suki?" Hong Wu wondered aloud.

"Don't worry, her friends will tell us," Shun responded. She blew off her robes and blew a wave of air at the three friends.

Bo looked over and saw the two comrades. "Look! It's Shun!" He shouted.

"And it looks like she brought a friend," Rong added.

"You three are not going to escape this time," Hong Wu declared. "Now, tell us where the Kyoshi Warrior is."

Hong Wu and Shun were then thrust forward and hit the ground with a thud. The knife thrower and the Air Nomad turned to see Feng showing his teeth and Suki striking a pose in front of him. "Were you two looking for me?"

"Ah, Suki, it has been some time since our battle on Kyoshi Island. You will not, however, escape me this time," Hong Wu proclaimed, getting back on his feet.

Suki skipped her pre-battle speech and thrust her right hand forward and let the back of it meet Hong Wu's right cheek. The knife thrower was blown back by the Kyoshi Warrior's assault and drew one of his blades. "Not very talkative today, are you?" Hong Wu said before throwing the knife at his arch-enemy.

Suki side-stepped the knife with ease and drew her Katana. She ran at Hong Wu and jabbed him with the hilt of the sword, knocking him down once again. "No, but you're still as talkative as ever," she replied.

Shun took action and unleashed an air slice directed towards Ling and Bo. Ling raised an earth wall to defend him and his friend, while Bo bent the water from his water skins and converted them into ice shards. Shun leaped into the air and landed perfectly behind Rong. The Firebender lashed out with a fireball which Shun dodged with incredible versatility. Bo and Ling prepared to make their next move against Shun, when something skimmed Ling's arm. The Earthbender yelled out in pain and clutched his arm. Hong Wu stood behind him, preparing to finish his opponent, when Bo water whipped him in the face. Suki threw down her katana and took a stance. Hong Wu pondered this for a moment then did the same with his blades. The two ran at each other before Hong Wu made the first move. He lashed out at Suki with a punch in the face, but the Kyoshi Warrior was not so easily swayed. She came back and dealt several blows to Hong Wu's face. The knife thrower was then grabbed by several liquid arms. In the octopus form, Bo pulled Hong Wu backwards, and thrust him into the sky.

Shun Airbent Ling and Rong to the ground. The two attempted to get back up, but could not. "Why can't we get up?" Ling questioned, amazed at what was going on.

"Because, I am bending the air above your bodies downwards, keeping you from getting up. It's a little something I like to call Gravitybending!" Shun elaborated. Suddenly, a fan struck Shun in the back of her head, making her lose her concentration. Ling weakly slammed his fist into the ground and created an earth wave, sending Shun into a nearby shop.

Hong Wu ran over to his comrade and took her by the hand. "Come on! We've got to get out of here!" He shouted.

"Let go of me, you fool!" Shun yelled as she got up and ran away.

"Oh, no you don't!" Suki grunted. She charged at the pair, but was blown back by an air column by Shun. By the time she and her friends got back on their feet, the Zhimings were gone.

"Aw, Monkeyfeathers!" Bo spat.

"Guys, Ling is hurt," Rong said, worried about her friend.

"Don't worry, I can help with that," Bo said. He took the water from his left pouch and covered his hands with it. He placed his hands on Ling's arm and the water glowed white. In a matter of seconds, Ling's arm was healed.

"I'm all better," Ling remarked. "Thanks, Bo."

"No, problem," Bo replied.

Suki and Bo awkwardly looked at each other. "Hey, thanks for having my back out there," Suki said.

"No problem," said Bo. "Look, can we forget about what happened in Gaoling and just be friends again?"

Suki smiled. "I would love that." She and Bo mounted on Ling and prepared to take off.

"I knew something happened!" said Ling. "Alright, I want details!"

"Come on," said Rong.

In a dark room, Yanshu led a man in and seated him in a chair. "My lord, by order of Hong Wu, I retrieved this man from Gaoling. He knows about Suki, her friends, and their whereabouts," Yanshu informed his leader.

"Well done, Yanshu," said Tai Kun. "Though, I was not aware Hong Wu sent you to Gaoling without my permission."

"I'm sure he meant no disrespect, my lord," Yanshu assured his leader.

Tai Kun decided to change the subject. "So, you are the mayor of Gaoling."

"What do you want from me, ya Zhiming scum?" Nabi demanded.

"You are going to tell me everything I want to know, or face the consequences," Tai Kun answered.

"You're outta your mind if you think I'm rattin' out those youngsters," Nabi replied.

"Oh, we shall see about that," Tai Kun responded, menacingly.

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