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Eyes of Katara

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New Friend, Old Memories

During the Hundred Year War

Kazei was first seen as he enforced double taxation on Haru's mother. He's quite a conniving individual, with his sights only set on bettering his wealth. Due to this nature, he doesn't bear much loyalty towards anyone besides himself, including the Fire Nation. He is quite the mastermind, able to conceptualize and carry out well laid plans, but he finds it the most beneficial when others' are not made aware of this as it makes his wily crafts easier for him to maintain.

He served as an enforcer under the Warden of the prison rig, always remaining near town and keeping the law. He was both a feared and respected individual by other Fire Nation soldiers, capable of skilled Firebending feats through well timed discipline and fervor. Even those that were not under his command typically followed his orders, sometimes due to blackmail as it was not beyond him to know the goings' on around town for both citizens and soldiers.

After Tyro returned with the rest of the prisoners of war, Razei was caught by surprise attack and commanded a brief counter-attack in attempt to hold the town. Seeing the failure in his attempt, he secretly fled the scene leaving his subordinates to take the fall. It has not yet been made known what has came of him since.


  • He would occasionally overtax individuals, not reporting this to the Fire Nation and claiming the money as his own.
  • During the events we see, Len never paid up for his last supposed debt to Razei.
  • His name is pronounced Rah-Zeye.

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