By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
Sister Iio and Air Nomad children
Rayquaza Nation
General information

Kyouga mountains


Serve and help Rayquaza

The Rayquaza Nation is a group of airbenders similar to the Air Nomads in the Avatar World who follow Rayquaza, created by Aang. These people are more peaceful than the other tribes are, mostly made of monks and peacekeepers. Rayquaza, as the legend says, had summoned them to the mountains to help the flow of the great air currents, and since then had remained in the mountains to help Rayquaza when needed.

Since they were created by Aang, his customs were created within the Rayquaza Nation, including the unique light blue body tattoos of arrows. Although they're overall the same as Air Nomads, there are a few differences. One example is that instead of using gliders to fly, they use their airbending to remain afloat. They also do special rituals and celebrations that are different from regular nomads.

Being such peaceful people, they dare not to start any conflict among other tribes. If one does start, they usually try to find a solution to benefit both sides instead of being one-sided in any argument. This goes among confrontation of their own people too.

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