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Kyouga's Legends

Rayquaza is one of the main three legends of Kyouga, created by Robin in the Core. Rayquaza is the longest of the three, resembling a serpent but is the only one able to fly, soaring above the world. Although it was created from the Core, the locals had a different legend for it and it states that a long time ago, the winds would never go the same way, resulting in constant tornadoes that would never die down. During these, it is said that Rayquaza was born in a cyclone, and used its airbending abilities to control the air currents, thus calming the storms.


Rayquaza is easily capable of airbending, forcing wind blasts with a flick of its long tail or powerful wind gusts from its roar. Rayquaza's unique ability is to remain in the air for as long as he lives, never having to touch the ground. This is similar to levitation to most people. A very special ability Rayquaza alone holds is to be able to travel in the vacuum of space, since it never has any desire to fall to gravity, and it's easier to watch over Kyouga from a space perspective. It resides in the Kyouga mountains, where the winds are the strongest and it's the easiest for him to operate the currents without flying around the world to do so. Its home, like Kyogre, probably wasn't meant to be if it wasn't for Groudon, who created the mountains in the first place.

Avatar: New Universe III

Rayquaza was shown as it was "born" in the core, after Robin thought out his legend creation for Kyouga. It was described in exact detail during its transformation. As soon as the design and name showed, Rayquaza disappeared, finding a home in the new world. It wasn't clear why it was chosen for airbending, as Robin never knew such a style in his life.

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