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"Not the 'I love you' thing again Giu! You've said that like, a million times!"
— Ray talking to Giu
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111 AG

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Ray is a nineteen year old deaf Waterbender, a member of Team Rebel, a former member of the Kein Forest Rebellion, and Avatar Chen's Waterbending instructor. She was born in the Fire Nation, as her Water Tribe ancestry was concealed.

At the age of eighteen, Ray left the Fire Nation and met the leader of the Rebel City, Kambi. She decided to join the city, and while there, mastered the art of Waterbending and met a boy named Giu, whom she became close friends with. Because of her skills in Waterbending and military tactics, Kambi made Ray his top adviser. After her city was nearly conquered, ray met former slave Mina, weapon specialist Kaila, and Avatar Chen. She voluntarily became the Avatar's Waterbending trainer.

Despite being deaf, Ray can Waterbend by sensing water in her environment, therefore she is able to decipher people talking despite her deafness.



Ray was born in the Fire Nation to a family of upper-middle class citizens. As Ray grew older, she discovered that her ancestors were the few Southern Water Tribe civilians who escaped General Yi's ruthless attack. Opposite to her family, who wanted to blend in with the Fire Nation, Ray was proud on her ancestry and wanted to revolt against the Fire Nation. When she told her parents, they were shocked and restricted her to never speak again about revolting.

When she was 17, she still felt the same way about the Fire Nation and decided to leave her parents' house and search for fellow rebels. She scurried across the Fire Nation, and eventually landed in the Earth Kingdom. When she was traveling trough the Earth Kingdom, she met a warrior named Kambi, who had the same ideas about the Fire Nation. He told her of Kein Forest and the rebels. After hearing this, Ray was excited and she agreed to travel with Kambi to Kein Forest.

Eventually, she arrived in Kein Forest, one year after she left her home, and she and a boy named Giu became good friends with each other and Kambi, and became very well-respected in a short period, each masters of their respective elements. Kambi saw the skills and leadership of Ray and Giu, and soon made them his closest advisers, officers and friends.

Battle at Kein Forest

Katara attacks Jet

Ray fights in the Battle at Kein Forest

Before the battle, Ray was called in to heal a bleeding scout who had just reported a massive armada of airships and warships heading toward the city. Although she couldn't save the man, she could still keep him alive long enough so that the scout could give some valuable information. When the battle started, she fought on the front lines, though it was not ling before the rebel's barricade broke. Ray held off the attackers for a long time, but when Kambi gave the order to retreat, she blocked the entrance and fled to the second level. There, Air Ships begin to bomb the place, but Ray, together with Giu, managed to stop them.

After defeating many Fire Nation soldiers with Giu, Mina turns up and asks Giu for a favor. Meanwhile, Tam Mee is causing much damage to the rebel soldiers, and Giu offers to fight her, but Ray says she'll do it. Tam Mee, however, surprises her, blocking her chi and taking away her bending. Ray can barely escape with a smoke bomb, and later reports the failures of the battle to Kambi. Kambi then decides to surrender himself, to which Ray greatly opposes. Ray later sees Chen entering the Avatar State, and is shocked, just like everyone else as Chen repels the troops and wins the battle.

Time in Kein Forest

Training the Avatar

When Chen awakens from his sleep, Ray is the first face he sees. Ray takes him out to Mina, Kaila, Giu, and Kambi. The six of them sit around a fire, though Chen eventually leaves in frustration, believing no one understands what he's going through. Later on, Chen overhears Ray and everyone else talking about how he's weak, and his connection to his past lives are greatly dampened. However, after receiving a dream in which Avatar Aang and Yin Lee talk to him, Chen accepts who he is, and asks Ray to teach him Waterbending, making her smile.

Katara wringing her hair

Ray bends the water off of herself after putting her clothes on

After a few days of relaxing, Ray finally decides to teach Chen Waterbending. The two travel a long distance, in which Ray stays in perfect shape throughout the journey, as opposed to Chen. Finally, the two make it to the springs. Ray tells Chen that because Water is the opposite of fire, he'll have a lot of trouble. Ray then tells him his first exercise is pushing and pulling water into waves. Much to Ray's surprise, Chen performs the task amazingly. Ray is amazed, and eventually comes to the conclusion that he is so good because he is such a soft Firebender.

Seeing how Chen is such a prodigy in the art, Ray has him due a much more complex exercise: walking on water. Ray tells him that it is all about bending the water under your feet. If you lose concentration for just a moment, you fall into the water. Ray demonstrates, and performs the move flawlessly. Chen then attempts to also do so, and ends up falling in the burning water. Ray laughs, and then leaves Chen to attempt the move on his own. Finally, after many tries, Chen finally gets the move down. Ray, however, is not present, at the time, as she decides to take a bath in the springs.

Unknown to her, Giu is watching her bathe through the bushes. Giu eventually drags Chen behind them to you. The minute Ray walks out, she senses Giu and Chen behind the bushes, and quickly whips them with the steaming hot water. Ray is a bit upset with Chen, saying she did not expect him to do something like that. Chen tries to protest, but he gives up. He then asks Ray how she saw them. Giu nearly tells him, but Ray shuts Giu up. Giu tells her, however, that Chen has the right to know. As Giu leaves, Ray gives in and tells Chen her big secrets.

She starts by telling him she's deaf. Chen is amazed, and asked her how she can participate in their conversations. Ray responds by saying she has s sixth sense, in which she can feel the water around. She explains to Chen that she can read lips very well by feeling the moisture on them and it's movement, and that she can sense the presence of humans, despite not seeing them, as she can sense the body-shaped water (as humans are mostly water). Chen asks to learn the technique, and Ray is at first reluctant, though she decides that he might as well know it. She makes it clear however, that he will never master the technique as much as she has. The two of them then travel back to the city.

Other Adventures

Katara fighting Mai

Ray attempts to hold Yi back

After witnessing her friend Giu save a little girl, Ray, caught up in the moment, passionately kisses him. Upon telling her friends about her and Giu's new relationship, Ray is infuriated when Kama ends up believing that she is pregnant. Much to Ray's dismay, after she and Giu decide to just be friends, Kama is still under the impression that she is pregnant. Ray tries to argue, but eventually gives up.

A day later, Ray, Giu, and Kambi leave the Rebel City temporarily to go to a fortress selling armory. On their way, however, they run into Yi himself. Without knowing how to stop Yi's technique, Kambi and Giu are quickly defeated, leaving only Ray left. She tries to fight the general, though he is too strong, and Ray finds herself trapped. Just before Yi, can exterminate her, however, Ray is saved by Kama, who throws a grenade at Yi. The grenade detonates, and Yi is shot all the way into a tree. Ray is then assisted by a number of guards, who also retrieve a slightly bruised Giu and Kambi from the river. Upon Ray's return to the Rebel City, Mina tells her how to stop Yi's secret skill.

Ray also helps organize Chen and Kaila's date, which is interrupted by Kambi's nephew Saito. Eventually, after Kaila and Chen leave, Ray decides to take her anger out on Giu, and proceeds to beat him up. The next day, Ray is called over to Kama's room, where she finds the old woman very ill, apparently with Purple Fever. When Kambi says that the only cure can be found in Roki Forest, Ray, along with Kambi, Giu, Chen, and Mina, readily volunteers. They depart the next day, and Kambi bids them a temporary farewell.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest

Katara ready to strike

Ray fights Quanlee

Unfortunately for Ray and the rest of Team Rebel, Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee enter the city under a fake rebel persona immediately following their departure. As Mitsuki begins her conspiracy, Ray and the other members of Team Rebel begin to become angry and tired on their long journey, with little to no water or food to satisfy their empty stomachs. Matters are made much worst when a man named Gian shows up at the scene, revealing that he was the one who had Mina taken to the Fire Nation Detention Facility. Ray is shocked, though she, like everyone else, does not at all take Gian seriously when he says he is going to apprehend Mina. Gian, however, has a secret weapon against them: thirty highly skilled bodyguards.

Horribly outnumbered, Ray and the others still fight, though it is not long before she, Chen, Kaila, and Giu are all captured. Mina takes matters into her own hands, and, instead of fighting the bodyguards, attacks Gian instead. Afraid of being killed, Gian orders his guards to stand down. Ray and the others are released, and they immobilize the guards. A day after the battle with Gian, the team finally reaches Roki Forest. Ray and the others are furious, though, when they learned that Kama only had a cold, and that she thought they were the same things. Kaila is clearly furious, though Kama is still unable to see the difference in the two illnesses. As the team prepares to return to the forest, Kama departs, saying she wants to return to the Spartan Islands. Ray is the only one of the children that is seemingly happy at the news, likely because of Kama's consistent misinterpretations that she is pregnant.

When Ray and the others return to the city, they are shocked to see that neither Kambi nor his officials are present. Ray stops the scorch marks, and comes to the conclusion that someone unwanted may be in the palace. Still unbeknown to them, Mitsuki has arrested Kambi and all of his advisers by holding Kambi hostage, releasing the imprisoned Fire Nation soldiers, and by stealing the city's master-plans. They are even more shocked when they spot a small armada of airships heading toward the palace, led by Yi himself. Ray tells Mina, Kaila, and Chen to stay outside, while she and Giu find Kambi. Instead, much to their surprise, they find Tam Mee and Quanlee instead of Kambi.

Ray briefly duels Quanlee, though she is quickly pinned to the wall by the gothic heiress. She is very much annoyed with Giu when she sees him flirting with Tam Mee. Despite their dagger trap, Ray and Giu are able to escape. As they leave the palace, they find Mina, Kaila, and a severely injured Chen. Ray proposes that they leave the city immediately, for Chen's sake. The kids, and Ray leaves with Mina, Kaila, Chen, and Giu on a riverboat behind the palace. After attempting to heal Chen, Ray says that the only way they can save him is to seek medical help in the city of New Ozai. The children agree, and leave their precious city behind, while Ray continues attempting to heal Chen.


Ray is a smooth and serious, yet somewhat sassy person. Although she has a serious personality, she often likes to play jokes on Giu, and often gets annoyed by his womanizing nature, but as she says, she sees him as her "little brother", and deeply cares about him. In battle, Ray is very determined and can greatly cooperate with Giu. Even as a kid, she wanted to rebel against the Fire Nation, which eventually caused her to join the Kein Forest Rebellion. Ray enjoys life, but unlike Giu, who lives from day to day and doesn't really think about the future, Ray is a good planner and always thinks two steps ahead, which is why Kambi chose her to be his personal adviser.


Katara at the Council of Five

Ray is a very skilled strategist


Ray is a very good Waterbender and is considered to be a master. She has shown the ability to bend very large amounts of water and then freezing them, performs tricks while in mid-air, and has the special ability to heal people. In the Battle at Kein Forest, she has exhibited the ability to be able to fight many opponents with little effort. Ray has also shown the ability to walk on water with little concentration.

Ray also has a very rare sixth sense: she can sense the water around her. Because of this sense, she is able to know what people are saying, despite her deafness, as she is able to detect the moisture on lips and it's movement, ergo she can read lips no matter how confusing it is to an average person. Ray, much like Toph Bei Fong could with Earthbending, is able to sense when humans are near her and their exact location, even when they are out of her sight, as humans are made of mostly water, and she can feel the water taking a body-like shape.

Other Skills

Ray has shown a basic understanding of weaponry. She also has a clear mind and is a good planner and strategist, which lead to Kambi taking her in as one of his personal advisers.

Non-canon Appearances

Ray appears in the non-can on crossover, Clash of Worlds, debuting in Part 2. When Kaila asks where Giu is, Ray suggests that he is in another world (since the day has been so weird). Ray's guess is correct, and later that night, she finds Giu soaking wet on the outskirts of the city. Giu forgets where he has been, though he tells Ray he made cookies out of some special flour (which was actually crack-cocaine), in which Ray takes a cookie herself.

Ray later appears in Part 3, in which she seems to have recovered from the crack she recently ate. She, along with all the other rebels and heroes, is sucked by a mysterious portal, ending up in the world where Avatar Mian lives. It is not long before the portal sucks them up again, and lands her and everyone else in the Spirit World.

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