By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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100 meters


500 tons

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Fireproof, breathe underwater


Team Avatar, Teen Titans, Spirit Council, Colossi

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Final Countdown

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Final Attack

Raviente is a gigantic serpent and the largest monster of all. The creatures of Altonia fear him more than the other worlds since it used to be his homeworld. He is too strong for any mortals to fight with. Legend goes that he can only be defeated by gathering the "great one's power". But before the story off-screen, Raviente has managed to remove the powers from the spirit council, thus making the summoning potentially pointless.


As legend goes, close to the dawn of time, his reign of terror over the universes made was relentless. But as time went by the Spirit Council had enough, so they used all their powers to seal him away. But he had saw it coming so before he was sealed away, he had created another demonic being to carry on his legacy (though his legacy only went out to the Teen Titans universe). When he came back though he didn't want to conquer like he used to. Now he just wants to destroy the universes he sees as "too good for surviving".

S.F.C Arc

His first appearance he made sure was a big one. Before he even arrived, Toph and Bat sensed his vibrations. He exploded outta the ground and stretched out onto the arena. Raviente Was mainly trying to keep the teams from leaving by blocking their main exit. Despite his attempts, they ended up escaping. He gets very close in killing them though numerous times, especially with Kyoushiro, when he came inches close to eating him in one bite.

Final Arc

he was waiting on his island, himself now being powered by the Azarath gem, when the team arrived to confront him. He starts off the final fight with a sudden blast off from the earth, and starts attacking. The fight lasts for a while, him actually holding up his own, but however in the end, the powers of the combined ultimate form had removed his demonic attribute and made him turn into a small snake, making him no longer a threat to anything or anyone again.

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