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Ravena is one of the The Phoenix Islands's most skilled warriors. An ideal antagonist, Ravena is cruel, sadistic, rude, smug, and dryly sarcastic. She maintains a good friendship with Jeong, and is his right-hand lieutenant.



Ravena was born to a loving middle-class family on the Phoenix Islands. She befriended her neighbor Jeong when she was just an infant. Ravena was not truly bad when she was an infant. Her mother had died in childbirth and her father was old. She grew up taking care of him and her younger brothers. When she was young, she was noticed as a skilled warrior, and was trained in the arts of war. When her nation was thrust into another civil war, she refused to ally herself with the former monarchy, and supported the new King. However, she became a stealth and assassination specialist, assassinating key people who were against the new Kingdom. Using the money she gained from the assassinations she paid her father's medical bills and took care of the household. However, when she was 16, her father died along with all of her remaining brothers, in a disastrous famine. Seeing no other alternative, she continued her work for the King. Through this mentality, she grew to hate peace, and more importantly the "old-fashioned" way other nations were led, believing it all to be a lie.

She, along with her friend Jeong, joined the Phoenix Army. Both rose high on the warrior hierarchy, being recognized by Generals and Commanders as their best warriors. After joining, Ravena developed her own small entourage of people, and used the to pillage certain Earth Kingdom lands in the name of the Phoenix King. For this deed, she was able to meet the King himself.

Phoenix War

Ravena fought less directly in the war, ironically, despite all of her support for it. She acted as Jeong's second-in-command, helping him lead his squadron of Protectors. Ravena finally got her chance to fight when Jeong gave her and their men orders to attack the members of Team Strike. Ravena decided to fight Princess Tia, noticing the girl's sarcasm and wit. She was nearly able to kill Tia, though she was thwarted and forced to retreat upon Avatar Mian's intervention.


It can be said Ravena wasn't a bad girl at birth, caring for her family, though she considered them a burden. When they all died, she became more self-centered, and focused on her rise to power. She has a war mentality, and despite not preferring it, she isn't afraid to kill for her beliefs. She grew to hate the way that nations were led, believing that the people should have more power, this eventually expanded to her hate for all nations except her own.

Ravena also has a major hatred for the Earth Kingdom Royal Family, for no obvious reason, opening a way of major animosity between her and Tia.


Ravena is an incredibly skilled swordsman. She is also very agile, and can dodge multiple ranges of attacks. Her warrior skills allow her to pose a threat to multiple individuals at once and defeat a single talented bender, such as Tia. She is most skilled with fighting Earthbenders and Earth Kingdom soldiers, as most of her military action has been directed to the Earth Kingdom lands.

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