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Raven Rose 2013-03-14

The Sister Sword, the last Greater Ish Kash known to exist.

The Raven Rose is a greater Ish Kash forged in a Daisho along with the Black Soul. This Ish Kash reflects the user's emotions and can improve speed and agility of the wielder.


Created by Muramasa, the witch-forger, the Black Soul and Raven Rose were given to the most powerful human warrior, Kuro to fight against Spirits. Kuro returned to his village but was ambushed by a spirit named Tsume. Kuro was disarmed of his wazikashi, the Raven Rose.

Kuro's wounded brother, Akira took the short sword and amputated his mangled arm, cauterizing it. He then attacked the Spirit, distracting it long enough for Kuro to finish it off. Akira kept the weapon as his village was slaughtered and he was crippled.

After much training, he became one of the most infamous warriors among humans, called the Snake for his behavior. He would turn the tide of battle based on his mood and strike with relentless fury.

The weapon survived throughout the war and was kept by the one-armed warrior. However, when a strange monster called the Devil's Hand began attacking and killing Ish Kash warriors and witches, the veterans returned to fight the beast that was once Kuro. Akira successfully killed his brother with the short sword.

After this, Akira left for other lands, no longer fighting. It would be over ten millennia later when the weapon would be discovered amongst the treasures of the Fire Nation's Royal Vault. The weapon was taken by Rishu, cousin of the present Fire Lord.


The Raven Rose is an Ish Kash, meaning it has magical properties imbued on its creation. The sword is incredibly sharp and light. As a Greater Ish Kash, the Raven Rose can affect the emotions of targets as well as exhibit physical powers. This short short has the power to reflect its user's emotions, both positive and negative and force them on opponents and/or allies. This actually makes the weapon versatile as it can adapt to whatever is needed of it. Its physical power is a reflection of its mental power. If the user can commune with the weapon, it can give the user incredible speed and agility. It's enhancement rivals that of a Nifrin witch.

It also had another physical power, the ability to impair the movements of enemies. However, this ability could only be accessed when the Raven Rose was used in conjunction with it brother sword, the Black Soul.

Like any of the Ish Kash, Nifrin spells and elemental attacks can be combined with the blade to enhance power of the attack.

Deed Names

The Raven Rose inherited several names for its actions and attributes.

  • Mortal Blade- Named for its famed lethality.
  • Follow Blade- Often held by a warrior who followed the command of another.
  • Night Blade- Named for its dark color and silver glow.
  • Sister Sword- Named for being part of the Daisho with the Black Soul.
  • Spell Breaker- Named for use in defeating Lenet's tree demons.
  • King Slayer- Named for killing King Urri.
  • Defiler
  • Winter Slayer
  • Wind Slayer
  • Kin Slayer- Named for being used to break the Black Soul.
  • Snake's Fang- Named for its most infamous user, Akira.
  • Dosh Kyotar- Given for slaying a Dosh Rak.


  • The Raven Rose is often the most underestimated of the Ish Kash, mostly because it is the smallest of them.
  • The Raven Rose is considered feminine.

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