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"My father...he hated me. He forced my mother into marrying him and...I came into the world"
— Raven talking to Kyoushiro about her father Trigon
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Demonic father (Trigon), unnamed mother


Teen Titans, Team Avatar

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Raven is a half-monk, half-demon cross that was born in the underworld. She was born in a forced marriage between Trigon, a demon king and her mother and to assure her safety, she left Raven upon the steps of the Azarath monks. They took her in and she grew up in their care instead of her true parents.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

Like much of her friends, she was transported into Altonia by a trick and she was met up by Kyoushiro. She woke up earlier than he did and was doing levitation meditation when Kyoushiro found her. She turned to him and asked who it was and they both had a brief conversation. Raven was abut annoyed with Kyoushiro when he asked where he was, saying aloud that of all the people it had to be him she had to be stuck with. Before Kyoushiro can leave, Raven decided to go with him, saying she had nothing else to do or no where else to go.

She and Kyoushiro decided to stop at a river to rest later that night. She then tells Kyoushiro about her friends when he brought the subject up, mainly thinking someone like him won't believe her. The subject turned to family and she explained upon how she came into the world through a forced marriage and how she was raised by Azarathian monks. After realizing that she and Kyoushiro went through similar trouble, they went off walking again.

When they reached Elthen, Raven tried to get Kyoushiro to stop yelling for Whoever's here saying that this is a ghost town. But right before she can go, she turned and saw a young girl all alone. She decided to go and help her and told Kyoushiro that shell be back tomorrow, and she walked away with the girl alongside.

She doesn't show up again until later on when she shows at Nyuu's home meditating. She went through brief conversation with the others and agrees to go with the Diclonius to the championship.

S.F.C Arc

Raven and her friends arrived to where the champion was supposed to be. For much of the arrival, including meeting Weed, Delath and Arriety, she didn't say very much.

Before the fight can begin she goes through a motivational speech on after retrieving their friends then they can all try to find a way home. But during the event of Raviente, she mainly tried to keep the serpent at bay before going with them inside the portal.

Colossi Arc

After given directions by Xerneas, she flew off to meet with her colossi Kuromori. Before she can find him, she met her other colossi Percatus, and got her chakra orb after finding out about her fathers death. After a few days she did find Kuromori and gains her ultimate form. Unlike the others though she didn't like hers, since it made her more demonic. But thanks to Marage, she got over it.

Final Arc

When the final battle came, she was the only one whom didn't bother to change into her given ultimate form, still thinking that it made her more demonic, and tries to refuse when her friends question her behavior. During the fight though, she finally changes into her true ultimate form she had before the story, and given them the power to defeat Raviente.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 1

Raven appears later on with her team back in her home world Jump City. Her team was called in for a robbery by the H.I.V.E Students. When they are confronted, suddenly Porygon-Z used a sonar ping that only affected her, Jinx and Kyd Wykkyd. She was trapped later and then Slenderman confronted her, giving her the option to join the S.C.P. But she refuses, and was instead tossed in some random portal.

The portal however tossed her to the Cooper World with Ty to the same time period. They introduced each other and they both travel off to the nearby village. When it started to rain though, she follows her to Rioichi's cave, where they find Rioichi himself. After figuring things out, she agreed to help and succeeds in helping Rioichi gain his Sushi shop back.

Avatar: New Universe III

Raven hardly does much for the longest time, occasionally talking and overall a side character until they reached Groudon. When they found out Groudon was being hypnotized by Anti-bending, Raven got the idea for using the light to break Groudon free. She flew out and distracted Groudon until she got into position, tricking it in blasting off the ceiling so the sun can reverse the effects.

After that, a celebration was made for her, although she wasn't all that up for it. She went on out to a balcony to clear her mind and look out to the sunset when Katara showed up. They talked for a while until it came time to go to sleep. She got to her room first before BB and makes a comment on how he should have stopped stuffing his face. When she tries to go to sleep, however, she was beginning to get rather active due to the moon and night outside, and in the end returns to the same balcony from before. She ends up finding Aang and they talk for a bit until she accidentally brings up her being a demon. She denies this and refuses to tell Aang about it and she goes back to sleep.

When Starfire leaves them, she was one of the group who decides to go with Robin to find Starfire.

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