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Ratana, sometimes known as Ratana of Gaipan, is the protagonist of the fanon story Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes. A lifelong earthbender and a native of the Earth Kingdom, Ratana served in her nation's army with distinction during their fight against the Fire Nation.

History Edit


The "never-ending war" had already been raging for several decades when Ratana was born in to Lady Rang Xue and the Dorunian Warrior Roshune in the City-State of Munn in the Northern Earth Kingdom. After being discovered as an earthbender, Ratana was trained by Rang Xue in the basic fundamentals. Even though she did not get everything right away, Ratana was a persistent student and Rang Xue was a patient instructor.

Ratana rarely spoke of her early years in Munn later in life.

Encountering BrawkiEdit

After leaving home, Ratana wandered about the Earth Kingdom for several weeks before arriving at a military outpost right outside the village of Gaipan in the Western Earth Kingdom, which was not yet under the control of the Fire Nation at the time. Inside the outpost, she found a collection of advanced earthbending scrolls that portrayed the motions of moves that she had never sought to perform before. For a long while, Ratana continued to snatch the scrolls when no one was around to practice with in the nearby woods. Whenever she finished with one of the scrolls, she would return it to the outpost and pick out a new one to practice with.

This state of affairs did not last long, however. Brawki, the caretaker of the outpost, began to notice the disappearance and reappearance of the scrolls. One day, he caught Ratana in the act and berated her for stealing Earth Kingdom army property. When she tried to point out that she was borrowing and not stealing, Brawki told her never to return to the outpost again, and an earthbending duel broke out. Despite her practice of advanced techniques, Brawki restrained Ratana in the end and informed her that despite her self-training with the scrolls, it was not the same as learning under the tutelage of a true master. Ratana proceeded to ask Brawki to train her. After pondering the prospect, Brawki accepted, despite his frustration with Ratana and her attitude at the time.

The Terra TeamEdit

Eventually, after mastering many more earthbending forms, Ratana left Gaipan behind and joined the army. She was one of few well-known female soldiers in the Earth Kingdom, and the first woman to be accepted into the Terra Team, an elite platoon of earthbenders stationed near Ba Sing Se.
Ratana and June

Ratana in the Fire Nation.

It was here that she was partnered with Tooru, another former student of Brawki's who would become one of her closest friends. They served together under Colonel Quan Jing and General Sung, the latter of which Ratana did not think much of.

The Great MissionEdit

One day, Ratana was summoned by General How of the Council of Five, who gave her a special secret mission to perform, for which she was sent into the Fire Nation under a false identity.

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