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Itsuka Rin Sanban
Biographical information

Rat Tail, Rat Tail Sanban, Dirty Rat, Iron Rat, Rattie


Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se, Upper Ring


Republic City




140 AG

Physical description






Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, Metal

Bending style(s)

Earthbending, Metalbending


Sanban Nobility, Luo Sanban


Triple Threat Triad, Agni Kai Triad, Republic City Police (formerly), Shady Shin, Lola


Red Monsoon Triad, Kerosene, Equalists

Chronological and political information
  • Gang Enforcer
  • Criminal Reconnaissance
  • Police Officer (formerly)
  • Mobster
  • Second Elite Triad Member
  • High class Earth Kingdom citizen
  • United Republic prisoner (formerly)

Toph Beifong, Lin Beifong, Unknown earthbender

Voiced by

Arielle Kebbel

A high pillar of the Triple Threat Triad, "Rat Tail" is more known for her muscles than her bending ability. Accompanied by her stoic poker face are her ever-present glowering eyes. She is one of her gang's lead information collectors, but she's playing for more than one team. No one is quite sure where her loyalties lie, which not only makes her a liability in House of Cards, but also makes her one of the most influential supporting characters.


140 AG, Year of the Dog: Itsuka Rin was born in Ba Sing Se to the noble Sanban family.

143 AG, Year of the Tiger: Itsuka's younger brother Luo Rei Sanban was born.

145 AG: Her wealthy family moved to Republic City following the discovery of their daughter's earthbending abilities.

146 AG: Her parents enrolled her at the Beifong Metalbending Academy.

153 AG: Avatar Aang dies.

157 AG: Upon completing her training, Itsuka enters the Metalbending Police Force at the entry level position.

160 AG: With Equalists popping up from under every rock, Itsuka is promoted to a patrol officer.

162 AG: Fed up with the Equalists, Itsuka lashes out and attacks under a vigilante title. Her superiors find out and Itsuka is removed from her post and placed under arrest for obstruction of justice, thirteen counts of non-bender oppression, and assault charges. Her parents begrudgingly pay bail and offer her the money she needs to pay the fines.

163 AG: Itsuka is caught in another rebellious (and violent) act against non-benders as she searches for a new job. She is once again placed under arrest. Further dishonored by their daughter's actions, Itsuka's family refuses to pay the bail and disowns her. Itsuka is offered a deal by a Triple Threat recruiter (Shady Shin) that will give her the money she needs if she agrees to join their gang. Itsuka takes the offer.

164 AG: The once noblewoman has found, rather quickly, that she likes the side of villainy better than law. Her ambitions for herself begin to entail dethroning Lightning Bolt Zolt and restructuring the Triple Threats into a more preferable shape. Itsuka begins working toward this goal by moving up in the ranks of the gang's hierarchy with her web of lies and careful scheming. Takes on the moniker "Rat Tail".

170 AG: There is finally a break in the line of power when the Elite Triad members lose their bending. Rat Tail attempts a bid for power, but instead works within the current framework of the gang to worm her way into the Elite Triad as the gang's Enforcer when Shady Shin takes the Leadership role. She modifies her goals to instead use Shin as a pawn for her own scheming by becoming his number one gal.

171 AG: Rat Tail didn't expect that she would actually end up with feelings for the sly ex-waterbender. That's unacceptable. Her current goal is to quickly accelerate her plans for dominating the gang. Second just isn't good enough anymore. Pawns were meant to be expendable anyway, right? ....right?


Rat Tail is always scheming and she's very attracted to that trait when she sees it in others. She's a keen observer and a quick thinker. While she's not the best when it comes to details, Rat Tail often has a clear vision of the "big picture", and she's able to spontaneously make adjustments to reach her vision. One of her downfalls tends to be her stubbornness. Rat Tail does not like to admit when she's wrong, and once she sets her mind to something she will get it done. She has a good intuition, but is a bit of a show off.

Rat Tail's ideas are very skewed and warped, and she tends to twist the truth around either to serve her own purposes or to deem her every corrupt action to be well-intentioned.

Personal Appearance

She has very thin hair and tends to keep it in either a fish tail or rat tail style, hence her Triple Threat moniker "Rat Tail". She has a very athletic build thanks to the painstaking hours of metal and earthbending training, but is still a little muscular for a woman. Due to the fact that she likes comfortable, slightly looser clothing, and if someone is not paying attention they might mistake her for a man on first meeting her.

Her eyes are narrow and her face is angular, like many of the Earth Kingdom nobility. Rat Tail had a training accident when she was younger that cut her left eyebrow in two places. While she doesn't have a scar, the hair on that eyebrow never grew back.

Rat Tail wears the standard greens in accordance with her Earth Kingdom heritage and, unlike the other gangsters of her level, doesn't like too much opulence—mostly because it reminds her too much of her heritage.


Rat Tail's skills repertoire includes her strategist ability and her brute force with earth and metalbending. She also has the gift of intimidation, which being an Enforcer of the Triple Threats definitely comes in handy. She has some ability for stealth, but has no filter for caution. She's a keen observer and listener, with good intuition/instincts.


  • Rat Tail still checks on her younger brother from time to time (hidden in the shadows, of course) because whether she admits it or not, she does care about him.
  • Rat Tail is estranged from her parents.
  • Rat Tail has a romantic interest in Shady Shin, but would betray him in a heartbeat if it would aid her on her quest for more power. She currently serves as his enforcer, confident, and recon girl.

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