By Skybender101 Part of the Legend of Mei Lien continuity.
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Earth Kingdom


30 years old

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The avatar, The Earth King

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Top General, Leader of the Earth Kingdom Military


Earth Kingdom Military

Ranu is the main antagonist to the fanon Legend of Mei Lien, written by Skybender101.


Ranu was born 15 years before Mei Lien was born. He was an excellent Earthbender, growing up. As an adult, Ranu was promoted as top general by the Earth King, after working in the Earth Kingdom military for 13 years. Since he was a child, Ranu wanted to control the Earth Kingdom. Once he was an adult, he decided that wanted to control the 4 nations.

Ranu realized that it would take him awhile to reach his goal of ruling the world. He set up a plan with his assistant Mailo. The first thing on their list was to destroy the bender of all four elements, the Avatar.

Appearance and Traits

Ranu has long brown with a uni-brow on his forehead and a puffy beard. Ranu appears tall and muscular. His eyes are a bright green that has an evil gleam. Ranu wears a traditional Earth Kingdom general outfit.

Ranu is evil and sinister. He will try anything to get what he wants. He does not give up easily and will keep working until he gets something right. Ranu can think of brilliant plans because he is intelligent, after years of schooling as a child.


Aside from being an Earthbender and the top general, Ranu has a lot of abilities.

For one, he is an excellent planner. He is a skillful reader and writer. Ranu knows mostly about the military and spends a lot of his time with military affairs.


Ranu is a prestigious Earthbender in Ba Sing Se. He created tons of advanced moves for Earthbending. When he was young, he participated in the "Earth Rumble Six." Ranu was the champion for five years in a row.

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