Rampage is the fourth chapter of Avatar: Aftermath.
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501st avatar fan

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November 22 2010

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-"Down there," said Toph, pointing down to an Earth Kingdom forest.

The rest of the team went to her side to see what she was talking about.

-"Will you guys ever learn?" she asked in a sarcastic tone.

But Sokka paid no attention to her. "There really is something down there," he said

-"It looks like a burned village," said Suki.

As they landed, a villager came up to them.

-"What happened here?" asked Aang as he landed on the ground.

-"A group of Fire Nation men on rhinos came through and ransacked our village," replied the man.

-"Colonel Mongke and the rough rhinos," said Zuko.

-"You mean those guys riding giant komodo rhinos?" asked Aang.


-"Are any of you hurt?" asked Katara.

-"A few. This way," said the villager.

As Katara went off to heal the injured civilians, the rest of Team Avatar tried to decide what to do.

-"Why did they attacked the village," asked Ty-Lee.

-"Who knows, they might think the war is not over yet," said Zuko.

-"In any case, we need to find them and capture them before reek more havoc," said Lee.

-"It's getting late," said Aang. "We'll start our search in the morning."

The next day, while Sokka, Suki, Ty-Lee, Mai, Toph, Katara and Lee where loading supplies onto Appa. Aang and Zuko where questioning all the villagers about the recent attack.

-"Do you know were the Rough Rhinos where headed after they attacked?" Zuko asked to a civilian.

-"That way," he pointed towards the north neck of the woods. "The only thing in that direction is our sister village, a few miles away."

-"Thank you," said Aang.

As the giant furry bison rose into the air, the group saw plumes of smoke in the distance.

-"What is that?" asked Suki.

-"The Rhinos have been at it again," said Zuko.

When they landed in the first village, they realized the extent of the damage. Houses where in smoldering ruins, bodies where sprawled everywhere, children were crying in the street and women were mourning over their husbands bodies.

-"We have to help them," said Katara.

-"Okay, but we can't stay long," said Sokka.

After they left, they came across ransacked village after ransacked village. After about 3 hours, they spotted movement in the brush.

-"What is that?" asked Mai.

-"It's them," said Aang.

Aang and Katara Waterbended all the liquid out of the leaves of the trees, bursting them and revealing the 5 Komodo rhinos and their riders.

The rhinos stopped in a clearing and Appa landed in front of them.

-"Why are you doing this? The war is over," said Zuko, jumping off Appa.

-"No it is not," said Mongke "The Fire Nation is superior to all the other nations, we received orders from Phoenix King Ozai to help end the Earth Kingdom."

-"Ozai is no longer in power, I am your new Fire Lord."

-"You're a banished prince who usurped his father's throne; you're a disgrace to our nation."

At this, Zuko hurled himself at Mongke, and then launched a massive fireball at him.

As the rest of Team Avatar was getting off Appa, Ogodei and Vachir attacked them. Ogodei swung a chain at Lee, Sokka and Suki. Lee easily evaded the chain but Sokka and Suki weren't so fortunate. The ball struck them in the chest, sending the two into a nearby bush, both of them out cold. As Lee drew one of his broad swords, Ogedei swung again at him but he easily cut through the chain, sending it into the brush. Lee drew his other sword and proceeded to attack the engineer.

Vachir shot 3 flaming arrows at Appa. Aang blew 2 of the arrows away with a gust of wind and Katara froze the last one. The Yu-Yan archer loaded 5 more arrows and shot them. Katara used a water whip to slice some of them and Aang raised an earth wall to block the remainder.

Yeh-Lu threw an explosive at Toph and since she couldn't sense it in the air, the grenade landed in front of her and sent her into a nearby tree.

Kahchi swung his halberd at Mai and Ty-Lee, who evaded it. Ty-Lee jumped in the air and landed on Yeh-Lu's rhino and jabbed at his shoulders, paralyzing him. No sooner had the bombardier hit the ground that the butt end of Kahchi's halberd struck her in the face, sending her to the ground.

Zuko formed two large fire whips and swung them at Colonel Mongke. Mongke disintegrated them and launched a fireball at Zuko. The Fire Lord blocked it and sent a fire arc at Mongke. The colonel ducked the arc but it burned most of his feather off. He sent a volley of blasts that sent the colonel back a few feet. Then Mongke launched a blast at Zuko's face and another at his legs. The Fire Lord blocked the first blast but then lost his footing.

When Mongke was about to throw a charged fire bomb at Zuko's face, the colonels sleeves got pinned to a tree behind him.

-"Mai!" said Zuko, getting up.

Mongke ripped his sleeves from the knives Mai had sent his way and assumed a fighting stance. Zuko created fire daggers and attacked his opponent at close range.

-"Aang, they are too strong," Katara said. "We have to... Aaaah" she screamed as a flaming arrow hit her leg.

-"Katara" Aang shouted, running towards her. He barely had time to make an air enhanced jump over 4 arrows passed where he was seconds earlier.

As Mai tried to attack Kahchi, Ogodei diverted his attack from Lee and struck Mai.

Lee, Zuko and Aang looked around in despair. All their friends were either injured or passed out and the remaining Rough Rhinos were closing in.

-"Time you rid the world of you, Avatar," said Mongke.

"Not today," said Aang as his eyes and tattoos glowed momentarily.

He shot a compressed air blast at Ogodei and Kahchi. Even though the rhinos withstood the attack, their riders turned them around and charged into the woods. Aang launched an immense earth wall at Yeh-Lu and Vachir, sending the 2 spooked rhinos out of the clearing, dragging their riders along with them.

-"We will meet Again Avatar, count on it," said Mongke as he retreated into the forest, dodging several compressed rock bullets.

-"Well, at least that's over," said Zuko.

Katara had healed herself and was healing Toph, Lee and Aang were helping Sokka and Suki up.

-"Now where are we going?" asked Suki.

-"As soon as everyone is better, were heading to the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba-Sing-Se," said Sokka.


This is the darkest chapter of Avatar: Aftermath

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