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The She-Wolf, The Crescent-Wolf


Fire Nation/ Southern Water Tribe

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Fire Nation naval base

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Alov (brother), Suruk (maternal grandfather), Uluk (uncle)


Fire Nation


Omashu, Southern Water Tribe, Order of the White Lotus

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The Wolves

Ralyn is a waterbending mercenary of mixed heritage. Born and raised in the Fire Nation, Ralyn has a complicated past from her family.


Ralyn's mother was the daughter of then-Chief of the Southern Water Tribe, Suruk. She ran away with a Fire Navy Commander who was on shore leave. Ralyn was born and raised in the Fire Nation. Ralyn was born a waterbender like her mother, but Suruk claimed that his daughter was kidnapped. So Ralyn was trained how to waterbend on the islands of the Fire Nation. Ralyn has great prowess and potential and has learned quickly.

At seven, her parents gave birth to a son, Alov. Alov was a firebender just like their father. It was then that Suruk relented to his hunt so that he could see his grandchildren. The family moved to the Southern Water Tribe where her father took a diplomatic position.

Ralyn continued in waterbending but quickly surpassed her peers; training with masters was required. But no matter what, she was an outcast. Because she was raised in the Fire Nation, her attitude was opposite, and she was just like her father. Her father kept away from the main city to avoid a scene with Suruk. Suruk vented all his distrust onto Ralyn and catered to Alov. Ralyn left for the Northern Water Tribe to get away and train under new masters.

Ralyn returned to the Southern Water Tribe at seventeen, a true waterbending master. Alov was soon going to turn ten, which his parents intended to return to the Fire Nation. The departure was hastened when Alov burned an older boy in a fight the day before his birthday.

Ralyn began traveling soon. She soon became a mercenary of the 'Seasons' company, but decided that an all waterbender company was a profitable idea. She began training a corp of waterbenders by herself and called them the Wolves. The Wolves had to master the element and train a war animal like the Wolves from the North Pole.

Ralyn has been hired by the Black Dragon in order to protect his impostor and wife, Lira. Ralyn met and fought the Avatar and Air Nomad Hava Jinora. She was able to hold off both of them in an airship during the Solar Eclipse that left Lira powerless. As the chase continued, Tala out maneuvered Ralyn and hit her with a piece of metal to knock her out. When she came to, the eclipse was over. She joined the firebenders to attack the Avatar and her master. Tala and the Nomad fled before the presence of both Ralyn and the firebenders.

Ralyn and her company, the Wolves, were soon hired to fight on the full moon and bloodbend against the leaders of the defense of Omashu so as to capture them. Ralyn, as the most powerful, was given the task to capture the Avatar.

The plan went off perfectly as the enemy attacked, Tala went off into the battle alone with her Eel Hound, Ralyn was able to ambush them and bloodbend the Avatar into submission. However, the used a technique of psychic earthbending to repel her. A duel ensued in which the Avatar fled to avoid being bloodbent again. Her hound swung his tail, knocking Ralyn down and ran for the city palace.

Ralyn pursued her through the city. Before she could engage the Avatar again, General Suun, King Urri's brother intervened to save the Avatar. Aiding Suun was Grand Lotus Kuel. Despite the earthbending and firebending prowess, they still were subdued by the bloodbender with ease. Ralyn captured them saying they would have to substitute for the Avatar.

After the success of the battle, Ralyn was to be given another task. Soon after meeting with the Grand Marshal, she began sabotaging equipment of the Fire Nation military. She was forced to run and fled to the city of Omashu. Just as she was escaping the enemy and into the defense lines, Rishu fired lightning at her. The blast incapacitated her and put her in a coma. She has been in a coma for a month and a half.


Aang conjures a water spout

Ralyn has mastered all forms of waterbending.

Ralyn is the most powerful waterbender alive in her time. She has learned every style of waterbending but is considered the greatest practitioner of Southern Style. She first learned Southern Style from her mother in the Fire Nation. She then continued it the South Pole when her family moved there. Soon after, she was a master and headed north to learn from the North Pole. After mastering the Northern Style, she went to both Republic City and the Foggy Swamp to learn their forms. By the time she was seventeen, she had learned all forms but would spend another four years mastering all of them.


Young Tarrlok bloodbending animals

Ralyn taught herself to bloodbend due to its status as a dark art.

Ralyn has spent time in secret learning the dark art of bloodbending. Using principles from all the forms, it was easy for her to teach herself using water manipulation of Foggy, chi paths learned in the north, and resourcefulness from the south. Ralyn is an urivaled master of her time, but is nowhere near the level of the prodigy Amon, whom she wishes she could have learned from. Ralyn theorizes that any waterbender of a certain caliber can bloodbend so long as the moon is present, but hasn't succeeded thus far.

As a testament to her power, she was able to hold off both Avatar Tala, and Hava an airbending master in his own right. She skillfully used the enclosed space of the airship to keep them together so that she did not have to fight two angles. While momentarily bested by Tala, the Avatar and the Nomad decided not to fight against both her and Lira.

Ralyn is cold and tough, combined with her bending, she is only predictable in the sense that she strikes to kill.


Ralyn has simple and complicated relations with people across the world that she has met.

Alov: Ralyn and her younger brother have an icy relationship stemming from their extended family. Ralyn left the South Pole to learn more while her brother was just a child. They have since grown apart as he became a soldier in the navy while she became a mercenary.

Doyus: Doyus is Ralyn's wolf. A fierce and dangerous animal. She took him from the North Pole as a pup and trained him to be her personal war pet. Doyus is distinguishable from his kind not only for his slightly larger size but also his black fur instead of grey and white. He has a tuft of white fur on his chest also. Doyus is loyal to Ralyn and stayed by her side while she was comatose.

Tala: Avatar Tala was at first Ralyn's enemy by contract. She fought the Avatar and her airbending master as part of the ruse to trick and hopefully trap the Avatar. After Ralyn fled the Fire Nation she turned to Omashu where Tala asked her to teach her waterbending. It was a cold relationship at first as they didn't trust each other. But soon after her family's past was revealed, Ralyn was the only person who could sympathize with a difficult family history. Ralyn provided an outlet for new thoughts for the Avatar.


  • Ralyn was introduced as a minor character in Book I but will be a very important character in Book II.
    IMG 20121130 153048

    Ralyn sketch

  • Ralyn has mastered all styles of waterbending: Northern Style, Southern Style, Foggy Swamp Style, and even Urban Style. But she is clearly the most famous practitioner of Southern Style, using resourcefulness and aggressive strikes to win.
  • Arkoda's lieutenant, Uluk, is Ralyn's uncle. Interestingly, they are about the same age, showing a huge gap between his birth and his older sister's. Uluk believes that Ralyn's father kidnapped his sister, but this is erroneous; she did in fact run away with him.
  • While a young child in the Fire Nation, Ralyn made the mistake of challenging other kids to Agni Kai, this is a problem as only firebenders can participate in an Agni Kai, as its a fire duel. Ralyn would get embarrassed and angry when reminded of the mistake.
  • Ralyn is considered the most powerful waterbender alive at this time, something that has brought into question the recruiting methods of the Order of the White Lotus, especially Master Lotus Liman, a powerful waterbender in his own right.
  • Ralyn's brother, Alov, is Grand Admiral of the Navy. Despite this great achievement, the two are very distant and seem to have no opposition to fighting each other.
Wolf armor

The Wolf Armor of the Southern Tribe was the inspiration for Ralyn's mercenary company.

  • Ralyn wears armor very similar to the wolf armor of the Southern Water Tribe warriors as does her company, the Wolves.
  • While Ralyn is most known by the name the She-Wolf, she has a more professional name as the Crescent Wolf in regards to her crescent moon designs on her armor. Professional clients, contractors, and contacts know her by this name.

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