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"New Generation"

Rakka is a waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe, he is a founder of the Water Tribe. He has four children and a third and a fourth twin.

History Edit

Build a Water Tribe Edit

Kya adventure and Rakka form Water Tribe in the North Pole begins by creating a village for him and his family lived, they made a village called village water, which eventually had to have offspring and establish a Water Tribe called "Northern Water Tribe".

1fter making the race, she and her children learn waterbending together, and became a master at the same time the first waterbender.

Journey to the South Pole Edit

Southern Water Tribe ships

Rakka and her children were grown up in the south pole

Some people from the Northern Water Tribe wants to find new areas for their stay, and they will go to the South Pole to find a new life and make a descent there, and made ​​the first village which they named "southern village".

Southern Water Tribe waterbenders

Her daughters are taught more about waterbending.

After reaching the South Pole, he made ​​the city and teach young boys to make the Southern Water Tribe warrior, while the women, taught waterbending further in order to become a master waterbenders.

Not known exactly what causes the death of Rakka, and because he was the founder of the first tribal water before his wife, Kya, she was historic in the Water Tribe, and he was immortalized with a statue in the Southern Water Tribe.

Later Life Edit

Having taught his sons everything, he finally died and was buried in place of origin, Northern Water Tribe, most of the men who drove him there, after success, he immortalized the first to visit him once a year.

Services for the Water Tribe truly historic, her spirit is reincarnated into two koi fish, La and Tui, which became the center of waterbending.

Appearance Edit

The Legend of World

Book One: Water

  • 1. New generation
  • 2. New animals
  • 3. The First Elemen
  • 4. Created Transportations
  • 5. Waterbending Master
  • 6. Neighbors State
  • 7. Advanture to the South Pole
  • 8. Waterbending Scroll
  • 9. The Northern and Southern Water Tribe
  • 10. The Water Tribe

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