By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: The Revision continuity.
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100 AG

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Saberteeth, claws

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Firebending (lightning)




Vulkan, Aurora, Ursa, Team Avatar

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"(A:TR) Ep.11: Freedom Fighters"

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"(A:TR) Ep.20: Burning Snow PT2"

Raiu is a large saber-tooth spirit summoned by Ozai in order to help him rule the world. The beast was summoned to kill the Avatar, as instructed by Ozai.


Raiu is a cruel, sly animal with a type of seriousness a general would have. Raiu is loyal, but only to who summons it. When it's instructed to follow someone else's orders, it'll do so without hesitation. If this order isn't given, it'll basically guess if the person is worth listening to by their history. If it doesn't meet its standards, he'll just ignore whatever order is said. This kind of behaviour not only makes Raiu extremely dangerous, but also makes whoever summons it very powerful. However, Raiu takes some things too literally and can mess things up.



During the heat of the Hundred Year War, the new Firelord, Ozai, had found out about the first attempt at summoning an animal to aid in the war, but it was a failure (the animal being Vulkan). So in order to replace Vulkan, he found out how to summon Raiu and had done so, thus giving the Fire Nation a big advantage. Raiu stayed with the family for a while until Ozai sent it off to find and bring back the Avatar. However, Ozai didn't specify who the enemy was, so Raiu accidentally brought back Pathik instead. For the longest time, Raiu was left alone, the Fire Nation believing Pathik was the Avatar, until Zuko reported in the real Avatar. Realizing the mistake, Ozai ordered Raiu to remove Pathik. Again Ozai messed up, because instead of killing Pathik like he wanted, Raiu just dropped him off where he had found him.

It was during its trip back that it came across Vulkan. Raiu didn't like how Vulkan disagreed with him about the Firelord's choice and thus they fought. In the end though, Raiu lost and ran back to the Firelord, not telling him out of fear of banishment of sorts. Ozai showed Raiu the real Avatar through an updated wanted poster and, after making the right decision, it went off to find him.

Book 1: Water

Upon departure, Ozai send Zuko a message regarding Raiu's current mission. Raiu knew about the letter so it better understood the situation. It tracked down Aang to the Freedom Fighters camp. When given the right opportunity, it attacked and kidnapped Aang, leaving claw marks as evidence on doing so. Raiu went back to Zuko's camp, showing him it had the Avatar. But after some quick examination, it refused to hand Aang over, since it thought it should get the credit since it caught Aang. Before a decision was made, Ty Lee confronted Raiu to a challenge. Raiu agreed but was quickly defeated thanks to Ty Lee's chi-blocking.

The next morning, Raiu returned to get even with them. It chose to fight them despite Zuko's threat. As the fight began, Raiu immediately pinned Ty Lee down, saying he wouldn't fall for the same trick twice. It easily defeated Jet, Smellerbee, and Pipsqueak almost at once, even though Pipsqueak had a large log as a weapon. Raiu only jumped back when Longshot started to shoot at him. Raiu then tried going for Aang, but at the last second, it sunk its fang into Katara instead. Its fang got in Katara's chest, being frozen due to Katara's panic. Raiu shook like mad trying to get Katara off and eventually it managed, but its tooth grew very numb from that. In the end, Aang agreed to surrender and Raiu paralysed him. Before leaving, it paralysed the others too so they wouldn't follow it.

Later on, Raiu appeared again when Aang, Sokka, and Toph started to bail out. Raiu got in their way, but Toph just pinned it down and left it stuck.

After managing to get out of the prison, it later confronted Zuko and warned him of dire consequences if he didn't find Aang again by saying his face wouldn't be the only thing that would be burned. Raiu obviously didn't care too much about Zuko, so it didn't give him any sympathy. It went back to the soldiers after the repairs were made to the prison hold. Raiu told them that the "failure" had went off to find Iroh just before Zuko returned and explained to them what was really going on.

During the travel though, Raiu ended up going its own way in its search for the Avatar. It didn't mean to act like it ditched Zuko and got very mad at him when Raiu found out he was almost left behind, just making it onto Zuko's ship. It didn't bother with much introduction and ordered the soldiers to get moving so they could get on their way.

As the ship was heading for the tribe, Raiu explained his doubts over Zuko's plan, saying the waterbenders' strength came from the night, which apparently Zuko knew. Despite that, the plan still went underway and Raiu made a counter deal with Mai that, if worst came to worst, she could be famous for becoming the moon slayer, just in case Zuko's plan failed. That night, Raiu was found on deck already as Zuko and Mai joined him. It asked Zuko if he was ready to start up "the fireworks" to which the prince signaled the first attack on the Northern Water Tribe.

During the battle, Raiu fought alongside Zuko as they both tried to reach Tui and La. During this though, it ended up confronted by Aurora, almost immediately starting a fight. Raiu eventually won against Aurora, saying it should have stayed away, and went after Sokka and Zuko. When it did eventually find the Spirit Oasis, it began to fight the others until Zuko captured Tui. Raiu, however, wanted Zuko to kill Tui, despite being told not to. Getting annoyed, it ate Tu and shot a lightning bolt at Katara, though it hit Sokka instead. It grabbed Aang and ran off from there. As it was about to board the ship, it saw Mizuomo and tried to run away from it. Raiu eventually ended up captured and killed, which released Tui from Raiu's grasp.



Raiu is capable of using a bending style called lightning-bending, similar to that used by Azula. This deadly advantage allows it to paralyze its victims, so they're easy to capture and can no longer escape.

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