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"Why would anyone find a rainstorm romantic?"

"I guess it's the idea of two people getting to snuggle with each other, keeping each other warm despite the cold weather."

"Well that's stupid. Nobody does that in rainstorms. All you do is get wet."

Zuko and Mai stood discussing underneath the awning of a small shop, sheltering themselves against the thunderstorm. They were afraid if they attempted to leave, they'd get soaked.

"I hate the rain." Mai sighed

Lightning flashed overhead, and the rain began to fall more violently. The shopkeeper then came out and invited the two teens in. Once they were inside, he turned around and saw Zuko's scar.

"Prince Zuko! Sir, I didn't know, oh my!" The shopkeeper began to panic, but Zuko calmed him down.

"It's fine. As long as the storm is here, just treat me and Mai as if we were normal teens."

"Well the least I could do is to get you some blankets, maybe I could set up a fire in the fireplace?"

"No, it's fine." Zuko said. "If anything, would you mind getting my girlfriend and me an umbrella so we could walk home together?"

"Of course, sir." And the man returned with an umbrella in his arms. "I'm sorry, but I only have one."

"That's fine, we can share." Zuko said, and the couple left the little shop.

The two began the walk home, huddled closely together, hoping to prevent getting wet.

"It's so cold." Mai said, and Zuko wrapped his arm around her. The two then leaned in and began to kiss. After their embrace, the two teens smiled and began to head home.

About halfway through the trip, the rain cleared up, and slowly a rainbow became painted across the sky. Zuko lowered his umbrella and looked up in admiration.

"Y'know maybe rainstorms aren't so bad." Mai said.

"Yeah, I did get to spend a whole day with you." Zuko agreed.

"But I still don't like getting wet." And then the two began to smile, and finished the walk home.

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