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Great Sage
Raingeous and Bard (TLAT)
Biographical information

Raingeous': Creepy, Liege, Sir, Bard's: Weirdo, Poet, Toe Guy


Fire Nation (both)

Birth place

Fire Nation Capital City and Unknown


Fire Nation Capital City (both)


59 (stuck in Spirit World) and 54 (deceased)


861 and 856

Physical description

Male (both)


Stout, Strong. Tall, Normal.


5'7 and 6'1


190 and 176

Hair color

Gray and black/gray

Eye color

Gold and auburn

Personal information
Bending style(s)

Firebending, lightning generation. Firebending


Supreme level firebending, Supreme level lightning generation; Master level firebending


Assassins, Janitor, Head Assassin, Temple Guards (both). Amax (formerly)


Gatton, Finosa, Baizken, Sven, Amax, Smoke (both)

Chronological and political information

Sage (both)


Fire Nation, Assassins (both)


Amax and ???


Temple Students, Assassins (both)


Early life


Raingeous grew up in the lower district of the Fire Nation Capital; his family was rather poor, but cheerful despite their predicament. However, one day his parents were killed in an accident, which Raingeous was never told about, believing instead that they had gone away to get better jobs to support the family.

He was sent to live with his uncle, who gave him everything he needed. When he was 15, his uncle told him the truth about how his parents died. By this time he was a precise firebender, and burnt his uncle's house down in anger and confusion. However, his uncle was kind and comforted him about his loss.

When he was 20, Raingeous prepared to set off for the Fire Temple, when his uncle suddenly died. Devastated to lose another family member, he meditated for two weeks, spending the time in absolute isolation. He was found by Amax, who at that time was only an ordinary Fire Sage. The two trained together, developing such a close relationship that Amax decided to teach Raingeous his special technique, lightning generation. However, Raingeous misused the technique to kill a criminal, and the two parted ways.

It took several years, but the two eventually patched up their friendship, and Amax, who had become the head of the council, offered Raingeous a spot on the council. For many years they were great friends, but Raingeous became ever more controlling; however, in deference to their past friendship, Amax overlooked this. This all changed when Sven arrived. Amax began to favour Sven because of his gentle nature, angering Raingeous and destroying his relationship with Amax. He is currently plotting revenge against the Fire Nation.


Not much is known about the Bard's life before he arrived at the capital, age 13. He was always an odd turtle-duck, but his problems got worse after injuring his head in an accident. He claimed to have become enlightened, but this was probably just a result of the injury. He did almost anything people told him, and was often picked upon for him naïvety.

When he was old enough, he went to the Fire Temple to become a Sage. He trained hard, blocking out the teasing from others. He lived at the temple for decades before becoming a master, partly due to his unstable mental condition. Once he became a Fire Sage, he would spend much of his time meditating, shunning the company of others. This changed when he was approached by Raingeous, who offered to secure Bard a position on the council in exchange for his loyalty. He now assists Raingeous in his plot to overthrow the council.

Fall of the Sages




  • Raingeous underwent 4 name changes.
  • The leader of the Fire Council before Amax was not the one that visited baby Gatton.
  • The criminal Raingeous killed committed a robbery.
  • This page is merged like Li and Lo.
  • Bard is the Greek word for a singing poet.
  • Bard is crazy!

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