Colorful fire
Rainbow Fire
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February 26, 2012

Water, earth, fire, air.

At this time, the world is at peace thanks to Avatar Aang. People had thought he had vanished, but he had run away from home. All of his friends didn't want him to be on their team when they played airball, because his team would have an advantage. His Airbending teacher, Monk Gyatso, asked him to throw fruit pies, and he temporarily felt better. He ran up to his room, packed up, got on his sky bison, Appa, and headed to the Water Tribe. On the way, he was caught in a storm he froze himself in an iceberg.

A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the Avatar, an Airbender named Aang. I grabbed my brother's club and banged again and again on the iceberg; it cracked, and I shook the boy. He woke up and looked pleased and hungry. I went to take him to our village; he said, "Hi I'm Aang." I took him to our village, and he fell asleep. I washed his clothes, and set them by his bed. I sat outside the room when I heard a yawn. I went in. I noticed his arrows, and said, "you're an Airbender."

I showed my village, and he met Gran Gran. We went penguin sledding, and that's how we came across a Fire Nation ship. "This ship has haunted our tribe since my Gran Gran was little." I said. Aang went in, and called me in too. I went in, but I hesitated. Aang and I had set of a trap, and here came the Fire Nation Prince and his uncle and crew. They came two by two; Zuko and Iroh in back, surrounded with men.

In the meantime, we had banished Aang from the Southern Water Tribe. My brother struck Zuko with his club, however, Zuko spun sideways, and from his feat came the most beautiful fire in rainbow colors; who knew that something so beautiful was so dangerous. "Where is the Avatar?" the prince said. He grabbed Gran Gran and said, "Someone about his age," he released Gran Gran.

Out of nowhere Aang came "If you have me, will you leave them alone?" They took Aang and drove away.

To Be Continued.

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